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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Enrique Chia | Cachao - Sones y Tradiciones

Track List:

01. Suavecito + En Nanzanillo se Baila el Son
02. Isora Club
03. Olvido + Hoy la Rumba
04. Patricia
05. La Negra Tomasa
06. La Vida Es un Sueno
07. El Que Siembra Su Maiz + Echale Salsita
08. Tres Lindas Cubanas
09. Songo le Dio a Borondongo + Quimbara, Quimbara
10. Veinte Anos + Juramento + Aquella Boca
11. Lola (eran las tres de la tarde ...) + La Ola Marina + El Volumen de Carlota
12. Pare Cochero + Olga la Tamalera
13. Congas y Comparsas

Enrique Chia - Ritmos de Mi Cuba

Track List: (Click on song title to hear an audio clip. Windows Media player is required)

1. Lagrimas Negras
2. La Sitiera / Junto Al Palmar Del Bajio
3. Manisero
4. Mentiras Criollas / La Mujer De Antonio / Bururu Barbara / Si Me Pides El
5. Noche Cubana
6. Paran Pan Pan / Sabrosona / Cosita Linda / Caminito De Guarena / Besitos De Coco
7. Babalu
8. Papa Montero / El Bobo De La Yuca / Maria Cristina / Y Si Vas Al; Cobre
9. El Bimbo / Mgdalena
10. Los Aretes De La Luna / Plazos Traicioneros
11. Frutas Del Caney
12. Danzonete
13. Mata Siguaraya / Bonito Y Sabroso
14. Guantanamera
15. Conga

Jazz, International, Latin, Spanish, Latin Jazz, Easy Listening



Miki Gonzalez - Inkaterra Cafe -

The Andean and black music from Peru mixed with electronics, this is the first album of Miki Gonzalez, a real milestone breaking the tabus of the "purity" of traditional and folk music.

Track list:
1. Danza del Agua - Tusuy Puquio
2. Premonición Tuquito en tu Puerta
3. Munaq (el amante)
4. Altiplano - Modesto Sicuri
5. Divinidades Andinas - Apuyaya
6. Canción de Cuna
7. Fiesta de la Abundancia - Qanchi
8. Lágrimas de Madre


Umm Kalthum - Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie de la Musique Arabe [1933-35]

Track List:
01. Yalli Techki Melhawa (Ahmed Rami - Zakaria Ahmed)
02. Fine Elouyoun (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)
03. Leh Ya Zaman (du film WIDAD (1935)(Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)
04. Ala Balad Elmahboub..du film WIDAD (Abdou Sarrouji - Riad Sombati)
05. Ya Tir Ya Ayech Assir..du film WIDAD (Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)
06. Yalli Widadek Safa Li du film WIDAD (Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)
07. Ya Bachir Elouns..du film WIDAD (Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)
08. Ayouha Arraïhou..du film WIDAD (Charif Erradi - Zakaria Ahmed)
09. Ya Lil Nougoumek..du film WIDAD (Ahmd Rami - Zakaria Ahmed)

Umm Kalthum - Oum Kalsoum - Lessa Faker [=Do You Still Remember] [1960] - Oum Kalsoum - Lessa Faker [=Do You Still Remember] [1960]

World Ethnic, Arabic Music


Umm Kalthum - Oum Kalsoum - We Maret El Ayam [=And The Days Have Gone By] [1970]

Called by some kawkab al-sharq (star of the East) and by others 'empress of Arab tunes,' Umm Kalthum, with a voice powerful and clear, can still be heard daily on radio stations in the multitudes of coffee shops and taxis all over the Arab world. Even though she died over three decades ago, her love lyrics, national odes and religious chants continue to affect millions of people. Her audience, as if on cue, hums along or cries in despair in reaction to her range of pitch, filled with nostalgia and yearning, touching the very Arab soul.Labeled "indisputably the Arab world's greatest singer" by World Music: The Rough Guide, Egyptian singer Umm Kalthum (alternately spelled Kalthoum or Kalsoum) is regarded as a treasure of Middle Eastern culture. In a career that lasted more than 50 years she became known as "the voice and face of Egypt" with a voice powerful enough to shatter glass but that was used more often to capture the emotional depth of the poems she set to music. Her importance to Egyptian music in particular and Middle Eastern music in general prompted her biographer, Virginia Danielson, to write on the All Music Guide website: "Imagine a singer with the virtuosity of Joan Sutherland or Ella Fitzgerald, the public persona of Eleanor Roosevelt and the audience of Elvis and you have Umm Kulthum, the most accomplished singer of her century in the Arab world."

World Ethnic, Arabic music

Joe Louis Walker - Great Guitars

Track List : (Click on song title to hear an audio clip. Windows Media player is required)

1. Low Down Dirty Blues
2. First Degree
3. Mile-High Club
4. Fix Our Love
5. Every Girl I See
6. Cold And Evil Night
7. Hop On It
8. Nighttime
9. Sugar
10. In God's Hands
11. High Blood Pressure




Abstract Latin Lounge Vol 1

Track List:

1. That Latin Rhythm
2. Los Jivaros [Tribal Mix] - Louie Guzman
3. Keep on Movin [Carlito's Groove]
4. Latin Ritual [Louie's Dance Ritual Mix] - Groove Box
5. Vibe PM [Masters at Work Remix] - Mondo Grosso
6. Come to Me [Seductive Elements Original Mix] - Myra
7. Blvd. East [Funky Organ Edit] - Second Floor Collective
8. Casa Forte [Joe Claussell's Spiritual Life Samba Remix] - Liliana Chachian, Snowboy
9. HSG - Yukihiro Fukutomi
10. Você É O Meu Amor [Club Mix] - Baccara, Fluide
11. Fin del Verano - Soul Movement

Latin Lounge


Abstract Latin Lounge Vol 2

Track List:

1. Doremifa Girl (Ananda Project Experience) - Snooze
2. Thousand Years [Sunrise Vocal Edit] - Julius Papp, Gina Rene
3. Life - Paula Lima, Mondo Grosso
4. Te Quiero - Julius Papp
5. Spanish Hustle [Lord G's Latin Hustle Mix] - Malawi Rocks, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
6. Aurora [Album Mix] - Chari Chari, Kaoru Inoue
7. Escravos de Jo [Robust Horns Mix] - Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Jerome Sydenham
8. Tone Therapy - The Ananda Project
9. Greatest Thing (Carlito's Way) - Matthias Heilbronn, ,
10. N'Digo - Soul Movement
11. Come to Me [Ricanstruction Unplugged] - Myra

Miles Davis - Water Babies

Track List : (Click on song title to hear an audio clip. Windows Media player is required)

1. Water Babies
2. Capricorn
3. Sweet Pea
4. Two Faced
5. Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process
6. Splash (Bonus Track)




Me'Shell NdegéOcello - The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams

Track List: (Click on song title to hear an audio clip. Windows Media player is required)
1. Haditha
2. The Sloganeer: Paradise
3. Evolution
4. Virgo
5. Lovely Lovely
6. Elliptical
7. Shirk
8. Article 3
9. Michelle Johnson
10. Headline
11. Solomon
12. Relief: A Stripper Classic

New Age, Soul, Alternative Pop, R&B, Funk


Rabih Abou-Khalil - Between Dusk & Dawn

Track List: (Click on song title to hear an audio clip. Windows Media player is required)

Jazz,World Fusion


Nicholas Gunn - Afternoon in Sedona

Track List:

1.Afternoon In Sedona
2.The Traveler
3.Sedona Rising
4.Medicine Wheel
5.Michelle's Theme
6.Eye Of The Vortex
7.Dance Of The Eagle
9.Voyage Of The Butterfly
10.Fading From Existence
11.Endless Flight
13.Swept Away

New Age,Instrumental



Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - World Anthem

Track List:

01-Requiem For A Sinner
02-Hey Little Lover
03-Broken Heart Blues
04-In My Ways
05-The World Anthem
06-Look At Me
08-Try For Freedom



Blues Fest: Modern Blues Of The '90s [1995]

By the 1990s, the face of blues had changed immensely and this 18-track collection attempts to chronicle those changes. While old-timers like Buddy Guy, Charles Brown, and Etta James were still making new, groundbreaking music, second-liners like Billy Boy Arnold, Smokey Wilson, Willie Kent, and R.L. Burnside had moved up through the ranks to take their place in the blues firmament. Equally explosive tracks from new names like William Clarke, Rod Piazza, Larry McCray, Lucky Peterson and John primer make this a modern-day compilation well worth investigating.

Track List :

01. Damn Right, I've Got The Blues - Buddy Guy
02. Don't Cloud Up On Me - Lucky Peterson
03. Nobody Never Hurt Nobody With The Blues - Larry McCray
04. Don't Burn Down L.A. - Smokey Wilson
05. Pawnshop Bound - William Clarke
06. In The Dark - Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers
07. Wet Match - Etta James
08. Too Late - Charles Brown
09. Your Love Is Real - Robert Ward/The Black Top All-Stars
10. Two Bit Texas Town - Angela Strehli
11. Squeal Like An Eel - The Holmes Brothers
12. Move On Down The Road - Billy Boy Arnold
13. I Want You - Satan & Adam
14. Blues Ain't Nothin' - Taj Mahal
15. Ain't It Nice - Willie Kent
16. Inflation Blues - John Primer
17. Old Black Mattie - R.L. Burnside
18. See See Rider - Lonnie Pitchford

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - 3 Hours Past Midnight (1986)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson was an American musician whose long career influenced the development of blues, soul music, rhythm & blues, funk and rock music. When ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons sings "with my New York brim and my gold tooth displayed" on "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide," he might well be describing the legendary Johnny "Guitar" Watson, whose 14-karat smile and natty, pimped-out image sometimes overshadowed his monstrous musical talent. Watson came up in the fertile Houston, Tex., music scene of the 1950s and was heavily influenced by the swinging sounds of T-Bone Walker and Gatemouth Brown. After starting out as keyboard player, guitar became his primary instrument and he earned his nickname with his dazzlingly mercurial technique. In 1960s Los Angeles, he worked as a leader as well as a sideman, often with singer Larry Williams. When Watson reemerged in the mid-1970s with his "gangster of love" persona, his new sound combined hard Funk and soulful ballads. He became hugely successful on R&B charts in the U.S. and around the world. He died on stage in Japan in 1994.

Track List:

01. Hot Little Mama
02. Ruben
03. I Love To Love You
04. Someone Cares For Me
05. Too Tired Listen
06. Oh Baby
07. The Bear
08. One More Kiss
09. Those Lonely Lonely Nights
10. She Moves Me
11. Give A Little
12. Ain't Gonna Hush
13. Motor Head Baby
14. I'm Gonna Hit That Highway
15. Love Me Baby
16. Three Hours Past Midnight



Phil Collins - Love Songs A Compilation... Old And New [2007]

Track List (CD 1)

01. Tearing and Breaking
02. Do You Remember?
03. One More Night
04. Against All Odds
05. Can’t Turn Back The Years
06. Groovy Kind Of Love
07. Everyday
08. Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
09. Please Come Out Tonight
10. This Must Be Love
11. It’s In Your Eyes
12. Can’t Stop Loving You

Track List (CD 2)

01. Testify
02. True Colours (rehearsal)
03. You’ll Be In My Heart
04. If Leaving Me Is Easy
05. I’ve Been Trying (Previously Unreleased)
06. I’ve Forgotten Everything
07. Somewhere (Previously Unreleased)
08. Least You Can Do
09. Two Hearts
10. Separate Lives (Live)
11. My Girl (live)
12. Always (live) (Previously Unreleased)
13. The Way You Look Tonight (live)


PASS: zinhof

Ali Campbell - Running Free [2007]

Track list
01. Running Free (featuring Beverley Knight)
02. Hold Me Tight
03. I'll be Standing By (featuring Lemar)
04. Don't Go
05. Would I Lie To You (featuring Bitty McLean)
06. I Want One of Those
07. Hallelujah Time (featuring Smokey Robinson)
08. Don't Try This At Home (featuring Katie Melua)
09. Flex
10. Being With You (featuring Mick Hucknall)
11. Gotta Get Away
12. Devoted To You (featuring Robin Campbell)
13. Village Ghetto Land (featuring Aston Barrett and Don Yute)
14. Cold Around My Heart

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