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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Nana Mouskouri - Falling in Love Again - Great Songs from the Movies [1993]

Nana Mouskouri (in Greek, Nάνα Μούσχουρη), born as Ioanna Mouskouri on October 13, 1934, in Chania, Crete, Greece, is a singer of Greek origin. She was known as Nana to her friends and family as a child. She has recorded in many different languages, including Greek, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, among others. She is also known to be The Best Selling Female Recording Artist Ever. Wikipeadi - Nana Mouskouri

Track List of Nana Mouskouri - Falling in Love Again - Great Songs from the Movies

1. A Day In The Life Of A Fool 3:42
2. The Wind Beneath My Wings 5:01
3. Autumn Leaves 5:06
4. Over The Rainbow 3:45
5. How Do You Keep The Music Playing 3:49
6. The Summer Knows 3:36
7. My Own True Love 3:09
8. Falling In Love Again 3:02
9. The Way We Were 3:34
10. Smile 3:05
11. As Time Goes By 3:29
12. Laura 3:29
13. Beauty And The Beast 4:13
14. The Windmills Of Your Mind 3:42
15. High Noon 4:54

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Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company [2004]

Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company [2004]

1. Here We Go Again 3:58
2. Sweet Potato Pie 3:46
3. You Don't Know Me 3:54
4. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 3:57
5. Fever 3:29
6. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? 4:33
7. It Was A Very Good Year 4:58
8. Hey Girl 5:14
9. Sinner's Prayer 4:23
10. Heaven Help Us All 4:31
11. Over The Rainbow 4:53
12. Crazy Love 3:44
13. Ary my love 4:13

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V.A. - Before The Blues: The Early American Black Music Scene, Vol. 1 [1996]

Before the blues? If you take Webster's first definition--"Low spirits: melancholy"--well, then we're not talking pre-W.C. Handy. We're going back to Eve and the Apple. But, for Yazoo's three-disc Before the Blues series, it's safe to assume the anthologists worked off of the second definition: "A song of lamentation characterized by 12-bar phrases [and] 3-line stanzas in which the words of the second stanza repeat those of the first, and continual occurrence of blues hones in melody and harmony." That works. The 23-song first set in the series offers up a vastly entertaining assortment of rags, breakdowns, and shuffles. Some names may ring a bell with noncollectors (Henry Thomas, Mississippi John Hurt), and a few tunes have become a part of America's musical landscape (notably the eerie "Pretty Polly"). Most of what's found here, however, is unfamiliar, and fascinating.

Track List of Before The Blues: The Early American Black Music Scene, Vol. 1 [1996]

1. Bamalong Blues Andrew & Jim Baxter 3:10
2. Run Mollie Run Henry Thomas 2:53
3. Lonesome Road Blues Sam Collins 3:05
4. Jackson Stomp Mississippi Mud Steppers 3:10
5. On Jordan's Stormy Banks We Stand Seventh Day Adventists Choir 2:37
6. Mississippi Jail House Groan Rube Lacy 3:22
7. Forked Deer Taylor'S Kentucky Boys 2:44
8. Bye Bye Baby Blues Little Hat Jones 3:07
9. Pretty Polly B.F. Shelton 4:25
10. Soft Steel Piston Weaver & Beasley 3:04
11. Two White Horses In A Line Evans & McClain 2:51
12. Jamestown Exhibition Bayless Rose 2:46
13. Dupree Blues Willie Walker 3:30
14. France Blues Papa Harvey Hull 3:01
15. Dying Mother And Her Child Rev. Gates & Congregation 3:42
16. John Hardy Buell Kazee 3:04
17. Wayward Girl Blues Lottie Kimbrough 2:53
18. Newport Blues Cincinnati Jug Band 2:57
19. Tom Sherman's Barroom Dick Devall 2:40
20. Stack O' Lee Blues Mississippi John Hurt 2:57
21. Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues Teddy Darby 3:07
22. I'll Go With Her Blues Robert Wilkins 3:06
23. Christian Soldier Denson Quartet 2:47

V.A. - Sabor Flamenco - [2001]

Track list of V.A. - Sabor Flamenco

01.Ya No Quiero Tu Querer
José El Francés Con Niña Pastori Y Vicente Am
03.Cartita De Amor
Niña Pastori
04.Alegría De Vivir
La Barbería Del Sur
05.No Hay Luz Sin Día
Maíta Vende Ca
06.Cachivache (Bonito Bonito Eres)
Yolanda Ramos
07.Un Okupa En Tu Corazón
Raimundo Amador
Antonio Flores
Dieguito El Cigala
10.La Telita
11.Me Duele, Me Duele
Marina Heredia
12.Toma Este Puñal Dorao
Carmen Linares
13.Caído Del Cielo
Pepe Luís Carmona
14.Sólo Quiero Caminar
Paco De Lucía
15.Tres Notas Para Decir Te Quiero
Vicente Amigo

CD 2

01.Te Roza Y Te Quema
José Mercé
02.La Leyenda Del Tiempo
03.Volando Voy
Kino Veneno
04.Turú, Turai
Remedios Amaya
05.Frío Sin Tí
Navajita Plateá
Paco Ortega
08.Escucha Primo
11.Tienes La Cara
Enrique Morente
Radio Tarifa
14.Puerta Del Príncipe
Manolo Sanlúcar
15.El Anillo (Chibuli)
El Lebrijano

Nina Pastori - Maria [2002]

Track List of Nina Pastori - Maria [2002]

1. Amor de San Juan
2. Aire de Molino
3. Dulce Canela
4. Color del Agua
5. Dime Quién Soy Yo
6. De Boca en Boca
7. De Mil Colores
8. Quién Te Va a Querer
9. Tú Dime
10. Gira y Que Gira
11. Válgame Dios

Niña Pastori - De Boca en Boca

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Omar Sosa - Promise - 2007

LATIN/JAZZ | MP3 256 Kbps | 90 MB

01.Eleggua En Do
02.Two Afreecanos
04.A Moment
05.Afreecanos West
06.Weekend Soft

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