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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Alamuhan - Chinese Folk Songs

Track List:

01: Alamuhan (Uigur)
02: Gesang Zhuoma (Tibet)
03: Awariguli (Uigur)
04: Flowers and Youths (Hui tribe)
05: The Babbling Stream (Yunnan)
06: At the Faraway Place (Qinhai)
07: Love Song of Kangding (Sichuan)
08: Senjidema (Inner Mongolia)
09: Farewell My Love (Northeastern China)
10: Jasmine in June (Taiwan)
11: Waiting for You throughout the Night (Xinjiang)
12: Duldal and Maria (Kazakh tribe)

Beautiful Dreamer

Track List:

01: Bright Eyes
02: Heidenroslein
03: Solvejgs Lied
04: Silver Threads among the Gold
05: Oh! Susanna
06: Believe Me If all those Endearing Young Charms
07: Beautiful Dreamer
08: La Paloma
09: Mammy Please Don't Be Angry!
10: Merry Widow Waltz
11: Die Lorelei
12: Nelly Bly
13: Serenade
14: Heidenroslein* [Heaths of Flaxen Rose]


PASS: jozzie121


Track List:

01: Childhood
02: Song of Splashing Water
03: Moving on in High Spirit
04: Little Flower Hat
05: You Who Shared the Same Desk with Me
06: Pen-hu Beach
07: The Arch Moon
08: Western Wind's Words
09: Malan Girl
10: In the Bamboo Chamber
11: Come Back My Girl
12: Lu-Bing Flower

Chinese Lullabies

Track List:

01: You-You-Zha (Mandarin)
02: Clear Moon, Quiet Winds (Northeastern China)
03: Hammock Hanging Between Betel Trees (Guangdong)
04: Puyuma Lullaby (Taiwan)
05: Tu-Jia Lullaby (Hunan)
06: A-Ni-Qie-Er (Hani Tribe, Yunnan)
07: Kitty, Stop Meowing (Anhul)
08: Li Lullaby (Hainan)
09: Lullaby Of The Fisherman's Family (Guangxi)
10: Tibetan Lullaby (Western Tibet)
11: My Brother, Pu-Ru-Lai (Inner Mongolia)
12: A-Lai, Ba-Lang-Mu (Ulgur)

Lullabies from around The World

Track List:

01: Lullaby [Mozart] (Austria)
02: Lullaby [Brahms] (Germany)
03: Lullaby (Italy)
04: Children Are Asleep (Russia)
05: Autumn Night (England)
06: Sleep, Darling Baby (Mexico)
07: Lullaby [Schubert] (Austria)
08: Lullaby (America)
09: Flow Gently Sweet Afton [J.E. Spilman]
10: Lullaby (Japan)
11: Yi-li Yi-li (Philippines)
12: Lullaby (France)
13: Lullaby (India)

PASS: jozzie121

My Happy Paradise

Track List:

01: Little Road in the Country
02: Catching the Mudfish
03: A Happy Paradise
04: Aeolian Bell Grass
05: Little Friends who Love to Dance
06: Listen to the Spring
07: The Orchid Grass
08: Boddhi Tree
09: A Turkey in the Hay
10: By the Sea
11: Eight Little Geese
12: Beautiful Night of the Prairie
13: Good-bye My Plain
14: The Big Sea is My Home

Brahms & Stravinsky - Violin Concertos - Hilary Hahn, Marriner & Academy of St Martin


D P 1

D P 2

D P 3

D P 4

D P 5

DP 6

Miao Xiao Zheng - 12 Girls Of The Red Chamber


Guangdong Music - Lu Wecheng

Traditional Cantonese Music, Instrumental



Guangdong Music - Zhu Hai

Traditional Cantonese Music, Instrumental

Guangdong Music - Luo Jin

Traditional Cantonese Music, Instrumental

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