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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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V.A. - MAMBO [2008]

V.A. - MAMBO [2008]
MP3 | 107,09 MB | 320 Kbps | RS | Various Artists | Booklet | Mambo | RS
01 Bongo Fiesta - Machito
02 A Burujon Punao - Tito Puente
03 Chi - Bim - Bam, Boom - Edmundo Ros
04 Ole Mambo - Edmundo Ros
05 A La Savoy - Machito
06 Cuban Mambo - Tito Puente
07 Manhattan Mambo - Ted Heath
08 Cherry Pink - Xavier Cugat
09 I Love To Mambo - Edmundo Ros
10 Ispo Mambo - Celia Cruz
11 Mambo Mucho Mambo - Machito
12 Mambo No 5 - Francisco Cavez
13 Refran - Celia Cruz
14 Moonlight Fiesta - Duke Ellington
15 The Peanut Vendour - Stan Kenton
16 Mambo No 8 - Xavier Cugat



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Dario Moreno - Dario Moreno'suz 40 yıl [2008]

Darío Moreno (April 3, 1921 – December 1, 1968) was a Turkish polyglot singer of Jewish origin, as well as an accomplished composer, lyricist and guitarist, who was born in İzmir, Turkey, in 1921, and who attained fame and made a remarkable career centered in France which also included films, during the fifties and the sixties.

Dario Moreno - Dario Moreno'suz 40 yıl [2008]
MP3 | 134,58 MB | 320 Kbps | RS | Turkish, Italian, Spanish, French |
1. Her Akşam Votka,Rakı ve Şarap (Sarhoş) (Y'a du Travail)
2. Deniz ve Mehtap (Aşkımız Bitti) (Les Mouettes de Mykonos)
3. Hatıralar Hayal Oldu (Seul)
4. İstanbul'un Kızları (Les Filles d'Istanbul)
5. Mesut Ol Sen (On Ne Peut Jamais Savoir)
6. Olam Boyun Kurbanı (Toi, Par Dessus Les Toits)
7. Kalenin Bedenleri (Ninanay)
8. Canım İzmir (C'Etait Une Nuit Bleue)
9. Sarı Kanaryam (C'Est Ça Que J'Aime)
10. Canım Adanalı
11. Canım İnci'cim
12. Y'a du Travail (Her Akşam Votka,Rakı ve Şarap (Sarhoş))
13. Les Mouettes de Mykonos (Deniz ve Mehtap (Aşkımız Bitti))
14. Seul (Hatıralar Hayal Oldu)
15. J'Ai Ma Tete Qui Tourne (Dünya Dönüyor)
16. Les Filles d'Istanbul (İstanbul'un Kızları)
17. On Ne Peut Jamais Savoir (Mesut Ol Sen)
18. Toi, Par Dessus Les Toits (Olam Boyun Kurbanı)
19. Ali (Entarisi Ala Benziyor)
20. Doucement Les Amis (Yavaş Yavaş)
21. Kalenin Bedenleri



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13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere [1967]

13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere [1967]
MP3 | 192 Kbps | 58,63 MB | RS
1. Slip Inside This House
2. Slide Machine - 13th Floor Elevators, Saint John, Powell
3. She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)
4. Nobody to Love - 13th Floor Elevators, Sutherland, Stacy
5. It's All over Now, Baby Blue - 13th Floor Elevators, Dylan, Bob
6. Earthquake
7. Dust
8. I've Got Levitation - 13th Floor Elevators, Hall, Tommy
9. I Had to Tell You
10. Pictures (Leave Your Body Behind)

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Love - Da Capo [1967]

Love - Da Capo [1967]
MP3 | 192 Kbps | 58,25 MB | RS
1. Stephanie Knows Who
2. Orange Skies
3. ¡Que Vida!
4. Seven & Seven Is
5. The Castle
6. She Comes in Colors
7. Revelation
8. Seven & Seven Is (Tracking session)

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Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold as Love [1967]

Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold as Love [1967]
MP3 | 192 Kbps | 54,42 MB | RS |
1. EXP 1:55
2. Up From The Skies 2:56
3. Spanish Castle Magic 3:02
4. Wait Until Tomorrow 3:01
5. Ain't No Telling 1:48
6. Little Wing 2:25
7. If 6 Was 9 5:33
8. You Got Me Floatin' 2:47
9. Castles Made Of Sand 2:47
10. She's So Fine 2:38
11. One Rainy Wish 3:40
12. Little Miss Lover 2:21
13. Bold As Love 4:12

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Paul Mauriat Collection

Paul Mauriat Collection created by André Emílio.
Thank you very much Andre. Great Job! [4Shared]

I have all the discography of the conductor and then send them to another group of downloads. 577 songs are from 1959 until 2007 and 25 videos of the shows of 82, 90, 96 and 98. I hope you enjoy! André Emílio.

PAUL MAURIAT 01 - 1997 - 2007 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Twilight serenade
Live - 9ª Symphonie Of Beetoven
Live - Gymnopedie
Live - Intro, January Chil, l March Awakening & Okinawa
Live - My heart will go on
Live - Penelope
I Love Breeze
I Will Follow Him
Remix - Penelope

PAUL MAURIAT 02 - 1997 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Prelude from La Traviata
Pathetique symphony
March flowers
Loving you by my whole life
Intermezzo to act III from Carmen
If cloud knows
Grande valse brillante, op.18
Entracte from L'Arlesienne
Andante from Piano Concerto No.21

PAUL MAURIAT 03 - 1996 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Rio forever
Live - To C&A
Live - Sabre dance
Live - Medley (a), Ne me quitte pas (b), My way
Live - Manhã de carnaval
Live - Don rhapsody No.2
Live - Building the groove
Live - Autumn ballad
Live - Agora (avec Jean Bernard)

PAUL MAURIAT 04 - 1995 - 1996 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Cri d'amour (Instrumental vs)
Cri d'amour (French vs)
Sunshine tomorrow
Schindler's list
Quartet for Kobe
Lara's theme
I will always love you
Conquest of paradise
Colors of the wind
Chariots of fire
Calling you

PAUL MAURIAT 05 - 1994 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Yah yah yah
To C&A (part 3)
To C&A (part 2)
To C&A (part 1)
To C&A
Some day
Say yes
Now and then
Now and forever

PAUL MAURIAT 06 - 1994 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Miaou (Nekonandamon)
Love is blue
Konya chottosa
Koibito wa wine-iro
I will follow him
El bimbo
Boku wa bokunari no
Big tree

PAUL MAURIAT 07 - 1993 - 1994 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Beauty and the beast
All for love
A whole new world
Space race
So they say
Rain and rainbows
On wings of music
A little music at the court of Versailles

PAUL MAURIAT 08 - 1992 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Take five
Stormy weather
Night and day
My funny valentine
In the mood
Dream a little dream of me
Blue rondo a la Turk

PAUL MAURIAT 09 - 1991 - 1990 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Building the groove
You don't know me
Try to remember
Towards the spring wind
Tomorrow will be better
The girl from Ipanema
Quizas quizas quizas
PM eastern (Love's theme)
My future is not my dream
Live - Bows
Live - Licha

PAUL MAURIAT 10 - 1990 - 1989 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Just the way you are
I left my heart in San Francisco
Fly me to the moon
Begin the beguine
About winter
Iberia, siempre Iberia

PAUL MAURIAT 11 - 1988 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

What now my love
Une belle histoire
Sous le ciel de Paris
She (Tous les visages de l'amour)
Pearl fishers
Parlez-moi d'amour
Last summer day
La vie en rose
La reine de Saba
La mer
If you go away (Ne me quitte pas)
El bimbo

PAUL MAURIAT 12 - 1988 - 1987 - 1986 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Cerisiers roses et pommiers blancs
The spring (1st movt.) - The four seasons
Prelude (Asturias)
Etude in E
Etude in a new form
Cantata No.147 (Jesus, joy of man's desiring)
Anitra's dance
You are my world
That's what friends are for

PAUL MAURIAT 13 - 1986 - 1985 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Semiramide (Overture)
Saving all my love for you
Rhapsodie Hongroise no.2
Carmen (Habanera)
Aria (Air for the G string)
Air de Cherubin (Les noces de Figaro)
5e Symphonie
You're the inspiration
When the rain begins to fall

PAUL MAURIAT 14 - 1985 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Toccata et fugue en Re mineur
Sonata Pathetique
Reve d'amour (Liebestraum no.3)
Prelude en Do majeur
No time
No more lonely nights
Like a virgin
Le barbier de Seville (Ouverture)
La Traviata (Prelude)
La pie voleuse
Hymne a la joie

PAUL MAURIAT 15 - 1984 - 1985 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Easy lover
Danse Hongroise no.5
C'etait le premier rendez vous (com Mireille Mathieu)
All life long
You flew into my life
Total eclipse of the heart
Think of Laura
The seven seas

PAUL MAURIAT 16 - 1984 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Say say say
Sad songs
Piano ballade
Only you
Medley (a), So bad (b), Pipes of peace
Making love out of nothing at all
I like Chopin
I can wait forever
Fairy Minuet (avec Berdien Stenberg)
Baroque cantabile
Against all odds
A chance for heaven

PAUL MAURIAT 17 - 1983 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

You are
Woman in you
Up where we belong
Tema de amor para Gabriela
Sunset opening
Simples Carinho
She works hard for the money
One on one
Never gonna let you go
I guess that's why they call it the blues
Flashdance... what a feeling
Avant toi
All right

PAUL MAURIAT 18 - 1982 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Tout pour la musique
The green lake variation I
Taste of the sixties
Paris ballade
On my own
Morning hunt
Medley (a), Tug of war (b), Take it away
Medley (a), One of us (b), When all is said and done
Love and love again variation II
Live - Best of France

PAUL MAURIAT 19 - 1982 - 1981 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

I've never been to me
Hard to say I'm sorry
Festa do interior
Even the nights are better
Endless love
Empty garden
Ebony and ivory
Blue eyes
Alone (The green lake)
The green lake
The best of times

PAUL MAURIAT 20 - 1981 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Pour le plaisir
Morning train (9 to 5)
Mon fils ma bataille
Medley (a), The winner takes it all (b), Super trouper
Made in France
Love on the rocks
I don't need you
First to fly
Donner pour donner
All those years ago

PAUL MAURIAT 21 - 1979 - 1981 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Romantic laser
Pop horn
Mania de voce
Estrada do sol
Elie Upa
Comecar de novo
Chromatic dreams
Ballade orange
You're the one that I want
Toujours la
Too much heaven
The logical song

PAUL MAURIAT 22 - 1979 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Song for guy
Part time love
My life
Monday Tuesday... Laissez-moi danser
Mizuiro no ame
MacArthur park
Lonely corner
Le coeur grenadine
J'ai tellement de choses a dire

PAUL MAURIAT 23 - 1978 - 1979 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

After the love has gone
You can do it
Wonderful world
We are the champions
The joy of you
Sur un air de Vivaldi
Somos todos iguais nesta noite
Soca and so on
Querelas do Brasil
Pra que chorar

PAUL MAURIAT 24 - 1978 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Power jam (part 2)
Power jam (part 1)
Overseas call
O que será (A flor da terra)
N. Y. one
Mull of Kintyre
Lifelong dream
Lettre a Helene
How deep is your love
From Jupiter with love

PAUL MAURIAT 25 - 1977 - 1978 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Foi assim
Elle m'oublie
Danza ritual del fuego
D. João
A noite vai chegar
Vis ta vie
Toccata (piano solo)
So louco
Sem acucar
Sabia marron
Sabia marron (c Alcione)
Qualquer coisa

PAUL MAURIAT 26 - 1977 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Piano star
Percival street
Pavao mysteriozo
Ou sont les femmes
Nocturne (piano solo)
Nobody does it better
Nao deixe o samba morrer
Mulheres de Atenas
Juizo final
If you leave me now
I feel love

PAUL MAURIAT 27 - 1976 - 1977 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Hymne a l'amour
C'est la vie
Another star
Viens faire un tour sous la pluie
Toi, la musique et moi
There's a kind of hush
Dolls and dreams
Penelope (Disco version)
Love is still blue (4th version)
Let there be light
La reine de Saba

PAUL MAURIAT 28 - 1975 - 1976 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

I'm not in love
I will follow him
Do you know where you're going to
Can't give you anything
Boules de neige
At seventeen
All by myself
36 North 140 East
Only yesterday
Mon amour je viens du bout du monde

PAUL MAURIAT 29 - 1975 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Medley (a) Over the rainbow (b), Singin' in the rain
Love will keep us together
Los gitanos
Le sud
Jolie baby blue
Have you never been mellow
Guitar - Only you
From souvenirs to souvenirs
Et bonjour a toi l'artiste
Entre dos aguas
Elle arrive aujourd'hui (avec John Gabilou)
Deine Spuren Im Sand

PAUL MAURIAT 30 - 1974 - 1975 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

C'est mieux comme ca
Angie baby
Until the end of my song
The way we were
The entertainer
Rock the boat
Retalhos de cetim
Oracao da mae meninha
O show ja terminou
O moco velho
Naquela mesa
My only fascination

PAUL MAURIAT 31 - 1974 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Les villes de solitude
Les vieux maries
Le piano sur la vague
Le couple
Lady Lay
La fete
Joanna Francesa
Je pense a toi
I won't last a day without you
I got a name
Folhas secas
Feel like makin' love

PAUL MAURIAT 32 - 1973 - 1974 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Alia Souza
A flower's all you need
14 ans les Gauloises
You are the sunshine of my life
Yesterday once more
Voce abusou
Vado via
Sleep walk

PAUL MAURIAT 33 - 1972 - 1973 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Pearl fishers
Morning after
Live - Introduction and Etude in form of rhythm & blues
Live - Hello Dolly
Les matins d'hiver
Last tango in Paris
Killing me softly with his song
Fio Maravilha
Contigo mi vida (Piano concerto No.21)
Chant... comme si tu devais mourir demain
Casa no campo
Une belle histoire
Sur ma vie (Believe in me)
Summer of 42

PAUL MAURIAT 34 - 1972 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Summer memories
Soleil, soleil
Rendez-vous au Lavandou
Les plaisirs demodes
Le lac majeur
Day by day
Il fait beau, il fait bon
I don't know how to love him
Ebb tide
Ce n'est rien
Last summer day
A summer place

PAUL MAURIAT 35 - 1971 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

We shall dance
Un banc, un arbre, une rue
Tonta gafa y boba
Ticket to ride
The fool
Sound of silence
Smic smac smoc
My sweet Lord
Lonely days
Les rois mages
I will wait for you
La lecon particuliere
La bikina - (avec Caterina Valente)
La bikina

PAUL MAURIAT 36 - 1970 - 1971 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Here's to you
Etude en forme de rhythm et blues (edited version)
Etude en forme de rhythm et blues
El condor pasa
Donne ton coeur, donne ta vie
Black Harlem
Valse Grande brillant - opus 18
Valse en Si mineur - opus 69 no.2
Valse brillante - opus 34 no.3
Valse - opus 70 no.1
Sunshine and seashore
Raindrops keep falling on my head

PAUL MAURIAT 37 - 1969 - 1970 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Ma maison et la rivière (2nd version)
Let it be
In the summer time
C'est la vie... Lily
Bridge over troubled water
All kinds of everything
Sweet charity
Silver fingertips
Que je t'aime
Oh, happy day
O sonho
My girl
Midnight cowboy
Love child

PAUL MAURIAT 38 - 1968 - 1969 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Lontano dagli occhi
Let the sunshine in
Je t'aime moi non plus (2nd version)
Je t'aime moi non plus (1st version)
I'm gonna make you love me
I want to live (Plaisir d'amour)
I heard it through the grapevine
Get back
De musique en musique
Abraham, Martin & John
You keep me hangin' on

PAUL MAURIAT 39 - 1968 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Wonderful world
When a man loves a woman
Unchain my heart
Those were the days
This guy's in love with you
The ballad of Bonnie and Clyde
Summer samba
Rain and tears
Puisque tu m'aimes
Pata, pata
Natural woman

PAUL MAURIAT 40 - 1968 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

My way
Mrs. Robinson
Le ruisseau de mon enfance
Last night
Lady Madonna
J'ai peur, je t'aime
It's a man's man's man's world
In the midnight hour
I say a little prayer
I never loved a man
Hey Jude
Granada (avec Caterina Valente)
Eleanor Rigby
Cent mille chansons

PAUL MAURIAT 41 - 1967 - 1968 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Apres tout
Vivre pour vivre
Un monde avec toi - (avec Mireille Mathieu)
Try to remember
This is my song
There's a kind of hush
Un monde avec toi
The last waltz
Ta, ta, ta, ta
Somethin' stupid
Seuls au monde
Seuls au monde - (avec Mireille Mathieu)
San Francisco
Penny lane
Trois anges sont venus ce soir

PAUL MAURIAT 42 - 1966 - 1967 (mp3 vbr 224-320):

Peuple fidele
Les anges dans nos campagnes
Il est ne le divin enfant
Entre le boeaf et l'ane gris
Love is blue
L'important c'est la rose
La reine de Saba
A banda
Concierto de Aranjuez
A Marselhesa - (avec Mireille Mathieu)
Un homme et une femme
Reach out
Paris en colere (avec Mireille Mathieu)
Paris en colere

PAUL MAURIAT 43 - 1965 - 1966 (mp3 vbr 224-320):
My love
Love me please love me
Somewhere my love
I'll go on loving her (avec Charles Aznavour)
I'll go on loving her
I waited for you
Black is black
Une petite cantate
The song from Moulin Rouge
Sous les ponts de Paris
Seuls au monde (avec Mireille Mathieu)
Parlez-moi d'amour

PAUL MAURIAT 44 - 1962 - 1963 - 1964 - 1965 (mp3 vbr 128-320):
Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant (avec Mireille Mathieu)
Les feuilles mortes
La vie en rose
La mer
La goualante du Pauvre Jean
La Boheme - (avec Charles Aznavour)
La Boheme
It's not unusual
I know a place
C'est si bon
Entrecote story
Douliou-douliou saint tropez
Samba en preludio (avec Baden Powell)
Prelude (avec Baden Powell)
Adagio (avec Baden Powell)
Voila voila
Sur un marche persan

PAUL MAURIAT 45 - 1959 - 1961 - 1962 (mp3 vbr 128-256):
Les amants sapares (More)
Hallali twist
Mon homme (avec Henri Salvador)
Medley (a), Menilmontant (b), Paris je t'aime (c), La goualante
Medley (a), En avril a Paris (b), L'aime des poetes
Hit the road jack
Dum dum
Rendez-vous au Lavandou (avec Henri Salvador)
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Prelude 59 - LIVE - 1982 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Iberia siempre Iberia - LIVE - 1990 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Just the way you are - LIVE - 1990 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Malaguena - LIVE - 1990 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - My way - LIVE - 1990 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Ne me quitte pas - LIVE - 1990 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Recuerdos de la Alhambra - LIVE - 1990 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Serenade - LIVE - 1990 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Autumn ballad - LIVE - 1996 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Building the Groove - LIVE - 1996 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Gipsy - LIVE - 1996 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Manhã de carnaval - LIVE - 1996 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Nocturne - LIVE - 1996 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Sabre dance - LIVE - 1996 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - To C and A - LIVE - 1996 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Yah yah yah - LIVE - 1996 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - 9 Symphonie Of Beetoven - final - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):

PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Caravan - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):

PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Czardas - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):

PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Gymnopedie - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):

PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Hungarian dance No.5 - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):

PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Intro - Space race - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):
PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - My heart will go on - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):

PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Penelope - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):

PAUL MAURIAT - VÍDEO - Toccata and fugue in D minor - LIVE - 1998 (mp4):



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