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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Bob Marley and The Wailers - Roots Rock Remixed [2007]

01 04:04 Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix)
02 04:07 Lively Up Yourself (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix)
03 04:29 Duppy Conqueror (Fort Knox Five Remix)
04 05:09 Sun Is Shining (Tes King Remix)
05 04:36 Soul Rebel (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix)
06 04:03 African Herbsman (King Kooba Remix)
07 04:40 Dont Rock My Boat (Stuhr Remix)
08 04:50 Small Axe (Paul and Prince Remix)
09 04:20 Rainbow Country (DJ Spooky Funk Remix)
10 04:53 Trenchtown Rock (Trio Electrico Remix)
11 06:29 400 Years (Jinpster Remix)
12 05:18 One Love (Cordovan Remix)

When it comes to Bob's music I am pretty reserved about remixes and remakes of Bob's stuff. Nothing is like the orignial and nothing will ever be. I have heard some attempts at remixes, dubs and remakes and with the exception of Stephen Marley's work on "Chant Down Babylon" none of them have really hit the mark. This album is in my opinion a huge leap forward in the right direction. The tracks are really groovy and while a few tracks come close to Dubs it's not really a Dub by raw definition. The tracks also flow together really well up untill the last 3 tracks, and are lackluster in their feel and sound. They sound like album fillers. If you are looking for some good lounge/groove music this is a great CD and for Marley Collectors and fans such as myself I would recommend it.

I have been a big fan of Bob Marley for quite awhile now and I am always skeptical of any "remixes" of his works. Marley's songs are so perfect and beautiful that I usually feel that they should never be touched.

So while I've been burned in the past on previous reworkings of Marley's music, this "Roots, Rock, Remixed" is actually really good! The songs are basically left intact and are not cut up/sliced & diced to the point where they're unrecognizable. All of the songs have basically been updated with better beats.

If you're a fan of dub, downtempo, chillout you should enjoy this. The remixers did a great job of not making the beats sound too modern/ futuristic to the point where they don't go well with the original songs. Overall a really great remix album that does justice to Bob's songs. It's good for hanging out/ chilling out/ relaxing/ de-stressing.

VA - Italian Hits & 1000% Italian 2007

VA - Italian Hits Ciao, ciao, Bambina

01. Gianni Morandi - In giocchio da te (03:23)
02. Rita Pavone - Datemi un martello (02:56)
03. Adriano Celentano - Azzuro (03:49)
04. Rocco Granata - Marina (02:50)
05. Domenico Modugno - Ciao, ciao, Bambina (03:09)
06. Tony Renis - Quando, quando, quando (03:10)
07. Gianni Morandi - Non son degno di te (03:06)
08. Gianni Morandi - Se non avessi piu te (02:57)
09. Marino Marini - Come prima (02:44)
10. Bobby Solo - Una lacrime sol viso (03:14)
11. Gigliola Cinquetti - Alla porte del Sole (03:46)
12. Edoardo Vianello - Guarda come dondolo (02:32)
13. Little Tony - Cuore matto (02:44)
14. Gianni Morandi - Si fa sera (02:48)
15. Peppino Di Capri - Roberta (03:24)
16. Bobby Solo - Cristina (02:27)
17. Il Santo California - Tornero (04:05)
18. Domenico Modugno - Nel blu, dipionti di blu (03:41)
19. Jimmy Fontana - Melodia (03:23)
20. Domenico Modugno - Piage il telefono (04:04)
21. Nini Rosso - Il silenzio (03:09)

VA - Italian Hits

VA - Italian Hits

Track List of 1000% Italian 2007

1. Adriano Celentano - Soli
2. Al Bano & Romina Power - Felicita
3. Ricchi & Poveri - Piccolo Amore
4. Toto Cutugno - Italiano
5. Nino D'angelo - Vai
6. Riccardo Fogli - për Lucia
7. Al Bano & Romina Power - Ci Sara
8. Tozzi Mazandi Ruggieri - Si Piso Dare Di Piu
9. Ricchi & Poveri - Mama Maria
10. Adriano Celentano - Il Tempo Se Ne Va
11. Pupo - Sud Noi
12. Riccie E Poperi - Come Vorrei
13. Ricchi & Poveri - Voulez Vous Danser
14. Al Bano & Romina Power - Liberta
15. Eros Ramazotti - Cose Della Vita
16. Toto Cutugno - Soli
17. Ricchi E Poveri - Sara Perche Ti Amo
18. Pupo - Celato Chocolato
19. Toto Cutugno - Solo Noi
20. Nino D'angelo - Chiara

1000% ITALIAN 2007

1000% ITALIAN 2007

PASS : hope

Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert

Keith Jarrett (born May 8, 1945 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American pianist and composer.

His career started with Art Blakey, Charles Lloyd and Miles Davis. Since the early 1970s he has enjoyed a great deal of success in both classical music and jazz, as a group leader and a solo performer. His improvisation technique combines not only jazz, but also other forms of music, especially classical, gospel, blues and ethnic folk music. Read More...

Track List of Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert :

1. Part I – 26:02
2. Part II A – 14:55
3. Part II B – 18:14
4. Part II C – 6:57
@224 Kbit/s mp3

Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert

Duvar - [The Wall] [SOUNDTRACK]

Duvar - [The Wall]

Yilmaz Guney was born in 1937 in a village near the southern city of Adana. Read More..

Director & Writer:Yilmaz Güney

Duvar - [The Wall] [SOUNDTRACK] [1983]

Duvar - Yilmaz Guney - Youtube

Xavier Cugat - Mambo

Track List of Xavier Cugat - Mambo :

CD 1

01. Maracaibo
02. Anything can happen-mambo
03. Cerezo Rosa y Manzano Blanco
04. Mambo O.K
05. Park Avenue Mambo
06. Jamay
07. Mambo gallego
08. El Marijuano
09. Mambo nº5
10. Strangers in the dark
11. Mambo ay ay ay
12. Mondongo
13. Mambo gitano
14. Mambolette
15. Carnival in Uruguay
16. Que rico el mambo
17. Uuuh!
18. Mambo at the Waldorf

CD 2
01. Riviera Mambo
02. Humpty Dumpty
03. Yo Quiero Un Mambo
04. Mambo Gordo
05. Society Mambo
06. The Peanut Vendor
07. Mambo Mania
08. El Americano
09. Cuca
10. Mambo No. 8
11. Donde Estabas Tu
12. Mambo Retozon
13. Flute Nightmare
14. Mambo Negro
15. Mi Prieta
16. Africano Soy
17. Sun Sun Babe
18. Mambo En Espana

Xavier Cugat - Mambo - 1
Xavier Cugat - Mambo - 2
Xavier Cugat - Mambo - 3
Xavier Cugat - Mambo - 4

Jimmy Bosch - El Avion de la Salsa

Jimmy Bosch (c. 1960, aka "El Trombon Criollo", is an Afro-Cuban jazz and Salsa trombonist and bandleader born in Jersey City, New Jersey. Having performed since age eleven, by age thirteen he was playing in several local Latin music bands. While at Rutgers University studying classical music at age eighteen, he met Manny Oquendo and joined his band. He played with Manny in some capacity for over two decades, and also later joined forces with Marc Anthony performing in the horn section. In 1996 he founded his own band "The Master", and has recorded two albums with them.

Track List of Jimmy Bosch - El Avion de la Salsa

01. El avión de la salsa
02. Barreras ninguna
03. El Embajador
04. Vengo a cantar
05. Medicina no!
06. Que bonito es soñar
07. Mama y Papa
08. Mi cuerpo tiembla
09. Que alivio
10. Cocosito
11. Llego la hora

Jimmy Bosch - El Avion de la Salsa

Jimmy Bosch - El Avion de la Salsa

External links
Official website of Jimmy Bosch
Video interview with Jimmy Bosch on Salsa Central

LA POMPE - Rue De Thoiry

Track List of LA POMPE - Rue De Thoiry :

01. Mercredi
02. Le Succès
03. Cartoon Swing
04. Un An Après
05. Mégalolo
06. Valse Stra
07. Rue De Thoiry
08. Paisiblement
09. Caïga La Lluvia
10. Simple Swing
11. Boléro d'Arnaud
12. C'est La Guerre
13. Recado

LA POMPE - Rue De Thoiry [2007]

Gerard Vandenbroucque : Violon
Benjamin Pavageau : Guitar
Arnaud Bouquin : Guitar
Fabrice Nours - Evain : Bass

Mr. Bongo - Jack Costanzo and His Afro Cuban Band

Jack Costanzo (born September 24, 1922 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American percussionist.

Costanzo is best known as a bongo player, and was nicknamed "Mr. Bongo". He visited Havana in the 1940s and learned to play Afro-Cuban rhythms on the bongos and congas. He toured with Stan Kenton from 1947-48 and occasionally in the 1950s, and played with Nat King Cole from 1949 to 1953. He also played with Peggy Lee, Perez Prado, Harry James, Charlie Barnet, Pete Rugolo, Betty Grable, Harry James, Judy Garland, Jane Powell, Ray Anthony, Martin & Lewis, Frances Faye, Dinah Shore, Xavier Cugat, Frank Sinatra, and Eddie Fisher. Costanzo formed his own band in the 1950s which recorded and toured internationally.

Track List of Jack Costanzo and His Afro Cuban Band – Mr Bongo:

01. Coco May May
02. Viva Tirado
03. La La La
04. El Resbaloso
05. Chopsticks Mambo
06. Melado De Cana
07. Abaniquito
08. Cu Cu Ru Curu
09. Goza Negra
10. Pata Pata
11. Just One of Those Things
12. La Bamba
13. Caravan
14. Chicken and Rice
15. Guantanamera
16. Bongo Festeris

Mr. Bongo - Jack Costanzo and His Afro Cuban Band

Mr. Bongo - Jack Costanzo and His Afro Cuban Band

Booker Ervin - Exultation!

Booker Telleferro Ervin II (1930 – 1970) was an American hard bop tenor saxophone player. He was perhaps best known for his association with bassist Charles Mingus. Read More...

Track List of Booker Ervin - Exultation! :

1. Mooche Mooche
2. Black and Blue
3. Tune In
4. Just in Time
5. Just in Time
6. No Land's Man
7. No Land's Man
8. Mour

Booker Ervin - Exultation! [1963]

Booker Ervin - Exultation! [1963]

Booker Ervin - Structurally Sound [1966]

Funkee Boy - Rise

Track List of Funkee Boy - Rise :

01. Body Music
02. When You're Mad
03. Close The Door
04. I Wish
05. Ain't No Stopping Us Now
06. StickWitU
07. Soul Dance
08. Too Hot
09. Harbor Lights
10. Spanish Girl
11. Feel Like Making Love
12. Rise
13. Brazilian Rhyme

Funkee Boy - Rise [2008]

Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart

Melody Gardot is an American musician in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was disabled at 19, after being struck by a car while atop her bicycle. This event, though tragic, led to her recognition as a remarkable musician. Read More...

Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart :

1. Worrisome Heart
2. All That I Need Is Love
3. Gone
4. Sweet Memory
5. Some Lessons
6. Quiet Fire
7. One Day
8. Love Me Like A River Does
9. Goodnite
10. Twilight

External links
Official site
MySpace page
Melody Gardot hits New York at

Art Farmer - From Vienna With Art

Arthur Stewart (Art) Farmer (August 21, 1928 – October 4, 1999), was the son of a steelworker born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, who went on to become a distinguished jazz trumpeter and flugelhorn player. He also played flumpet, a trumpet/flugelhorn combination designed for him by David Monette. Read More...

Track List of Art Farmer - From Vienna With Art:

01. Cascavelo
02. The Day After
03. Con-Fab
04. The Gap Sealer
05. Cocodrilo
06. Whole Tone Stomp

Art Farmer - From Vienna With Art

Evan Parker - Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Drawn Inward

Track List of Evan Parker - Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Drawn Inward :

01. The crooner
02. Serpent in sky
03. Travel in the homeland
04. Spouting bowl
05. Collect calls
06. Aka Lotan
07. Reanascreena
08. At home in the universe
09. Writing on ice
10. Phloy in the frame
11. Drawnlnward

Evan Parker - Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Drawn Inward

Evan Parker - Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Drawn Inward

The Twisters - After The Storm

One of the finest jumpin' swing bands around, the music of Vancouver's Twisters has been dubbed "blues-a-billy”. The Twisters have been rocking it up with their brand of West-Coast party blues for almost a decade. 2003 Juno Nominees and Canadian Independent Music Award winners for "Best Blues Album of the Year" for their second release “Long Hard Road”, The release of their third CD “Live at Harvest Fest” was met with much critical acclaim. Read More...

Keith Picot - Bass Fiddle
Matt Pease - Drums
Brandon Isaak - Guitar, Vocals
David Hoerl - Harmonica, Vocals
Offical Site

Youtube Video:
The Twisters blues band playing at the BlueFeather Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon

Track List of The Twisters - After The Storm :

01. I'm Your Man
02. When Your Memory Goes Away
03. Thick Or Thin
04. She's Krazy
05. Second Wind
06. Honest To Goodness
07. Harp Player
08. Going, Goin', Gone
09. Button Up
10. Where's The Woman
11. Nobody
12. Bye Bye Bird

The Twisters - After The Storm [2007]

The Twisters - After The Storm [2007]

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Booker Ervin - Structurally Sound

Booker Telleferro Ervin II (1930 – 1970) was an American hard bop tenor saxophone player. He was perhaps best known for his association with bassist Charles Mingus.

Ervin was born in Denison, Texas and after teaching himself tenor saxophone while in the United States Air Force moved to the Boston area and studied at Berklee College of Music. His tenor playing was characterised by a strong, tough sound and blues/gospel phrasing, perhaps inspired by growing up in the south. Read More...

Track List of Booker Ervin - Structurally Sound :

01. Berkshire Blues
02. Dancing In The Dark
03. Stolen Moments
04. Franess
05. Boo's Blues
06. You're My Everything
07. Deep Night
08. Take The A Train
09. Shiny Stockings
10. White Christmas
11. Franess
12. Deep Night

Booker Ervin - Structurally Sound [1966]
Booker Ervin - Structurally Sound [1966]

Chet Baker & Art Pepper - Picture of Heath

Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker Jr. (December 23, 1929 – May 13, 1988) was an American jazz trumpeter and singer.Read More...

Art Pepper (September 1, 1925–June 15, 1982) born Arthur Edward Pepper, Jr. in Gardena, California, was an American cool jazz alto saxophonist. He began his musical career in the 1940s playing with Benny Carter and Stan Kenton. In the 1950s Pepper became one of the leading lights of West Coast jazz along with Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Shelly Manne, and others.Read More...

Track List of Chet Baker & Art Pepper - Picture of Heath :

01. For Minors Only (J. Heath) 3:59
02. Minor Yours (A. Pepper) 6:40
03. Resonant Emotions (J. Heath) 5:41
04. Tynan Time (A. Pepper) 5:31
05. Picture of Heath (J. Heath) 6:43
06. For Miles and Miles (J. Heath) 6:24
07. C.T.A. (J. Heath) 5:09

Chet Baker & Art Pepper - Picture of Heath [1956]

Sonny Clark - Sonny's Crib [1957]

Conrad Yeatis "Sonny" Clark (July 21, 1931 – January 13, 1963) was an American hard bop pianist. An underappreciated jazz artist during his time, Clark's work has become much more widely known after his death. Strongly influenced by Bud Powell, Clark is known for his unique touch, sense of melody and complex, hard-swinging style. Read More...

Track List of Sonny Clark - Sonny's Crib :

1. With A Song In My Heart
2. Speak Low
3. Come Rain Or Come Shine
4. Sonny's Crib
5. News For Lulu
6. With A Song In My Heart (alt take)
7. Speak Low (alt take)
8. Sonny's Crib (alt take)

Sonny Clark - Sonny's Crib [1957]

Sonny Clark - Sonny's Crib [1957]

External links
Sonny Clark Discography at Jazz Discography Project
Lee Bloom & Michael Waters' Sonny Clark Project
Lee Bloom's Sonny Clark Discography

Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain

George "Buddy" Guy (born July 30, 1936) is a five-time Grammy Award-winning American blues and rock guitarist and singer. Known as an inspiration to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and other 1960s blues and rock legends, Guy is considered an important exponent of Chicago blues. He is the father of female rapper Shawnna and son Michael. Read More...

Track List of Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain :

1. She's A Superstar
2. I Go Crazy
3. Feels Like Rain
4. She's Nineteen Years Old
5. Some Kind Of Wonderful
6. Sufferin' Mind
7. Change In The Weather
8. I Could Cry
9. Mary Ann
10. Trouble Man
11. Country Man

Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain

Youtube - Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain

External links
Buddy Guy: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee
Buddy Guy: Official Website by Jive Records
Buddy Guy: Billboard Magazine’s Century Award
Buddy Guy: All Music Guide biography
Buddy Guy: Tribute Site

VA - The Essence of Cuban Music

Track List of VA - The Essence of Cuban Music

01. Los Compradres - Cuando El Rio Suena
02. Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto- Cangrejo Fue A Estudiar
03. Orquesta Belisario Lopez - Prueba Mi Sazon
04. Trio Matamoros - Malanga
05. Ibrahim Ferrer con Chepin y su Orquesta Oriental - Monte Adentro
06. Guillermo Portabales - Al Vaiven De Mi Carreta
07. Celia Cruz con la Sonora Matancera - Yembe Laroco
08. Chano Pozo y su Conjunto - Seven Seven
09. Sexteto Habanero - Tribilin Cantore
10. Mariano Merceron y su Orquesta - Pare Cochero
11. Roberto Faz con el Conjunto Casino - Mambo Con Cha-Cha-Cha
12. Miguelito Valdés con la Orquesta Casino de la Playa - Adios
13. Cuarteto Machin - Suavecito
14. Conjunto Modelo - Guaguanco En La Habana
15. Cascarita con la Orquesta Casino de la Playa - La Ultima Noche
16. Orquesta Almendra - Almendra
17. Perez Prado y su Orquesta - Alekum Salem
18. Arcano y sus Maravillas - Mambo
19. Nico Saquito y sus Guaracheros de Oriente - Adios Compay Gallo
20. Benny More con Perez Prado y su Orquesta - Mangolele
21. Nelo Sosa y su Conjunto Colonial - Ya No Puedo Creerlo
22. Tito Gomez con la Orquesta Riverside - Ahora Si Tengo Un Amigo
23. Graciela con Machito y su Orquesta - Si Si, No No
24. Pio Leiva con Compay Segundo y su Grupo - La Mujer Del Peso
25. Rene Alvarez y su Conjunto - Aguanta Ahi



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The Essence of Cuban Music

The Essence of Cuban Music

Ebtesam - Men Elakher

Track List of Ebtesam - Men Elakher :

01.Elly BastaghrabLoh (ambiguous )
02.3amel Ley Tayyeb (you're acting like kind)
03.Men El Akher (From The last)
04.Karamty Ma Tesma7leesh (i can't)
05.Ense7aby (go a way)
06.Nos ElA7zan (Half of Sadness)
07.Kam Yoam (Many days)
08.Ma Bet7ennesh (don't you miss it)
09.Ya Me3arrefny Bethaty (you let me know)
10.Alby Khayef (my heart is frightened)
11.Mosta7eel (impossible)
12.Enta Ba2a Yes3ab 3alaik (It's hard for you)
13.Mafeesh Tafahom (No understand)
14.Ma3ak Ana (i'm with You)
15.Bas Wesh 3alaihom (Enough)
16.Men Ghairah (who eithe him)

Ebtesam - Men Elakher

Chet Baker - Chet Baker And Crew

Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker Jr. (December 23, 1929 – May 13, 1988) was an American jazz trumpeter and singer.

Specializing in relaxed, even melancholy music, Baker rose to prominence as a leading name in cool jazz in the 1950s. Baker's good looks and smoldering, intimate singing voice established him as a promising name in pop music as well. But his success was badly hampered by drug addiction, particularly in the 1960s, when he was imprisoned. Read More...

Track List of Chet Baker - Chet Baker And Crew :

1. To Mickey's Memory
2. Slightly Above Moderate
3. Halema
4. Revelation
5. Something For Liza
6. Lucius Lu
7. Worryin' The Life Out Of Me
8. Medium Rock
9. To Mickey's Memory (alternate take)
10. Jumpin' Off A Clef
11. Chippyin'
12. Pawnee Junction
13. Music To Dance By
14. Line For Lyons

Chet Baker - Chet Baker And Crew [1956]

Chet Baker - Chet Baker And Crew [1956]

Essential Dance Class Hits - I Love Salsa

Track List of Essential Dance Class Hits - I Love Salsa

01. Africando - Tierra Tradicional
02. Johnny Polanco – La Receta
03. Choco Orta – Y Que De Mi
04. Grupo Niche – Etnia
05. Melcochita – Rumbera Mayor
06. Tolu - Animo Y Aliento
07. Carlos `Patato' Valdes – Descarga En Faux
08. Africando – Aicha
09. Willy Chorino – El Manisero
10. Chichi Peralta & Son Familia – Procura
11. Bomba Medley / Oriza / A Bailar Mi Bomba / El Bombon De Elena
12. Yeska – Fideo
13. Proyecto Uno – El Tiburon

VA - I Love Salsa - 2003 - PART 1

VA - I Love Salsa - 2003 - PART 2

PASS: kzd

Trilok Gurtu - Arke String Quartet - Arkeology

Track List of Trilok Gurtu; Arke String Quartet: Arkeology :

01. Balahto
02. Nanda
03. Kermansah
04. Dea
05. Fes
06. Taranta Suite
07. Yoragathupaga
08. Folded Hands
09. Skopje
10. Sveva

Trilok Gurtu; Arke String Quartet: Arkeology

Trilok Gurtu; Arke String Quartet: Arkeology

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