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To support our uploads please download the below Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera" as a free user.

Yüklenen dosyalarin linklerinin canli kalmasi için aşağıda Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera" şarkısını ücretsiz kullanıcı olarak indirin bize destek olun

Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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How to get Winrar Full Version

How to get Winrar Full Version

Download and Install WinRAR

Download and Install WinRAR

How To Unpack WinRar Files

Learn how to unpack files from WinRar

How to use WinRAR

How to use WinRAR

Sometimes we need to share large file to our colleages or other parties..., the file size may be over 10MB. It is very troublesome to share such large file. Even we do compression on it, the file size may not be reduced much. If we split the file into small pieces and send email out one by one, we may got problem too. The recipient's mailbox may be "boomed" by these emails.

You can use WinRAR to reduce your files to upload with uploader sites something like Rapidshare, sharbee, bagondo, megaupload etc.

How to use WinRAR:

1.1. You will have to rar your files with Winrar, assuming you have Winrar, right click on all the files you want to put in your rar and hit add to archive.

1.2. You will see a box come up for the options you can rename to whatever you want try to use a non-suspicious name for movies and stuff Uploader, would delete (ex. instead of What Happens in Vegas... put WHiV).

1.3. You will have to split the files to 100mb parts if its bigger than that you wil have to put 100,000,000 into the split to volume box, after you do it once it will be in the drop down box for good.
1.4. The other drop down box will compress your files for you this will save time uploading

Here is a basic guide what setting you should compress your files at

PC GAMES - good or best (they compress well)
PS2 XBOX PSP - good or best (they compress well)
Movies - Store (waste of time to compress movies it takes longer and doesn't compress much)
Music - Store (most cds are under 100mb anyways)

PS: Even though compressing your files will save time uploading and will be less files that also means less links and less premium points. Although if your file is 4gb you should compress because free users don't want to download 40 links because of the waiting times for free users.

1.5. In the advanced tab you can set a password for your files.

1.6. In the comment tab you can put in txt so that people will see any important install notes or anything related.

-You can also save a txt file anywhere on your system and load that in and it will show all the txt in that file instead of typing it in every time

1.7. When you have your rar file complete you are ready to upload just open up your uploader site.

WinRar is a powerful archive manager. Click to know about WinRAR:

Buy WinRAR archiver

Buy WinRAR and shareware CD

Buy FAR 1.70 file manager

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Winrar v3.70 Beta 7 FULL (Kullanıcı Rehberi / User Guide)

How to Use WinRar

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