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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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The Doors - Box Set of 4 CD [1998]

Disk 1: Without A Safety Net (l3 songs);
Disk 2: Live in New York (13 songs);
Disk 3: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (15 songs);
Disk 4: Band Favorites (15 songs).

1. Five To One - (live)
2. Queen Of The Highway - (alternate take)
3. Hyacinth House - (demo)
4. My Eyes Have Seen You - (demo)
5. Who Scared You
6. Black Train Song - (live)
7. End Of The Night - (demo)
8. Whiskey, Mystics And Men
9. I Will Never Be Untrue - (live)
10. Moonlight Drive - (demo)
11. Moonlight Drive
12. Rock Is Dead
13. Albinoni's Adagio In G Minor

1. Roadhouse Blues
2. Ship Of Fools
3. Peace Frog
4. Blue Sunday
5. Celebration Of The Lizard, The
6. Gloria
7. Crawling King Snake
8. Money
9. Poontang Blues / Build Me A Woman / Sunday Trucker
10. End, The

1. Hello To The Cities - (live)
2. Break On Through - (live)
3. Rock Me - (live, with Albert King)
4. Money - (live, with Albert King)
5. Someday Soon - (live)
6. Go Insane - (demo)
7. Mental Floss - (live)
8. Summer's Almost Gone - (demo)
9. Adolph Hitler - (live)
10. Hello, I Love You - (demo)
11. Crystal Ship, The - (live)
12. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind - (live)
13. Soft Parade, The - (live)
14. Tightrope Ride
15. Orange County Suite

1. Light My Fire
2. Peace Frog
3. Wishful Sinful
4. Take It As It Comes
5. L.A. Woman
6. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
7. Land Ho!
8. Yes, The River Knows
9. Shaman's Blues
10. You're Lost Little Girl
11. Love Me Two Times
12. When The Music's Over
13. Unknown Soldier, The
14. Wild Child
15. Riders On The Storm

For those under 17 or for those whose knowledge or impressions of the Doors were formed by AM radio play of the band's singles, early hits compilations (especially 13), or the shorter and poppier songs from the band's albums, this four-CD set is probably not something they want to own, or a place that they should go -- not yet, anyway. The Doors Box Set was a long time in coming, promised for years by the surviving bandmembers and Elektra Records, and when it finally arrived in the fall of 1997, it left all but the most serious devotees at something of a loss. As it turned out, this box -- which could be subtitled "The Ultimate Adult Guide to the Doors" (complete with a warning sticker for content) -- was the group's gift not to the tens of millions who knew "Light My Fire" or "Touch Me," but to those more rarefied dedicated fans, the listeners who'd looked beyond the most popular hits and behind the music and the poetry, hung on the stories and the histories, and had usually worn out one or more copies of -No One Here Gets Out Alive. In essence, this was the group's own musical story told the bandmembers' way, without regard to technical perfection or record label (or corporate, or middle-brow) sensibilities with regard to taste or mass appeal, a perfect sweep-away-all-the-bullsh*t audio account of who and what they were. In the process, in the sheer power of the music and the presentation here, they not only leaped far beyond the boundaries of any of the video documentaries dealing with their history (aimed, as those were, at the widest possible audience) but also reduced the Oliver Stone movie to a piece of self-indulgent fiction.

Where their singles depicted them as an edgy, aggressive band that sometimes pushed the envelope of what was acceptable pop radio fare, The Doors Box Set has them crossing the line of social acceptability on virtually the first note of its opening track on disc one ("Without a Safety Net"), the raw and raucous version of "Five to One" from the notorious 1969 Miami concert where lead singer Jim Morrison was later arrested and charged with indecent exposure. From the singer's exhortations to the crowd about rebellion and sex (which tells you how on edge he must've had the Miami cops at that show from the get-go), the disc moves on through tracks that cover various components of their sound and songs that reflect aspects of their musical and personal lives: "Queen of the Highway" and amazing demos of "Hyacinth House" and "My Eyes Have Seen You," the Soft Parade outtake "Who Scared You?," and an amazing live cut of "Black Train Song" that takes "Mystery Train" into wholly new psychedelic territory. The latter is almost worth the price of admission by itself, and listeners haven't even gotten to the juxtaposing of the demo and finished versions of "Moonlight Drive" or the 16-and-half-minute jam/rap (including a reference to "Mystery Train") from the Morrison Hotel sessions, entitled "Rock Is Dead," where, fueled on wine and good food, they let the tape roll on this astonishing extended musical moment. Here, Morrison's singing, two years beforehand, gets fully at the raw, bluesy sound it would acquire for the subsequent L.A. Woman album.

Disc two, designated "Live in New York," contains a complete show from New York's Madison Square Garden from 1970 that has to be the best concert document left behind by the group. Despite some technical flaws, the performance and content are the best of any complete show released, with spellbinding renditions of "The Celebration of the Lizard" and "The End," "Roadhouse Blues," "Peace Frog," "Crawling King Snake," and "Money," and performances of "Gloria" and the complete "Build Me a Woman," all containing a few sonic moments that would earn an R or X rating in a movie. Indeed, anyone who might have seen an installment of Donahue circa 1984 (with Tipper Gore a guest on the program) in which a mother unknowingly referred, horror-stricken, to hearing a radio broadcast of the then recently released Doors rendition of "Gloria," complete with Morrison's exhortations to "wrap your legs around my neck," would have to laugh listening to the "Gloria" version here -- he goes a lot further, so much so that the same woman might have blasted her radio with a shotgun on hearing what he says (except that the Congress, run by those God-fearing Republicans, sort of blew any pretensions to censurable material when it held the Clinton impeachment hearings...which then calls to mind the image of Jim Morrison and Bill Clinton high-fiving each other when they meet in the Great Beyond, while the tormented souls of Henry Hyde et al. cringe from their vantage point way, way below). Put simply, this show blows Absolutely Live, Alive, She Cried, etc., right out of the water for relevancy and intensity, and is essential listening.

Disc three, designated "The Future Ain't What It Used to Be," assembles various live performances and demos dating between 1967 and 1970, essentially giving listeners a composite of their best and most honest moments on stage and television (including "The Soft Parade" from WNET-TV in New York in May of 1970); it's the perfect companion to the single live show from the prior disc. The blues numbers, especially Muddy Waters' "Rock Me," are worth the price of the disc, and the authorized tracks from the 1967 Matrix show speak for themselves. What makes all of these live performances vital listening, incidentally, is not just that Morrison is so often "on" and on target with he does, but that the band is amazing -- Robbie Krieger's slide work on "Money" is exceptional, and that's just one place out of two dozen where he shines, and Ray Manzarek and John Densmore are never far behind, if behind at all. Even Manzarek's keyboard bass work deserves at least grudging respect.

Disc four is the one concession to a slightly wider array of fans, on which the surviving members each choose their five favorite Doors tracks for a kind of personal best-of array -- what you end up with is the perfect FM radio profile of the group, with numbers like "Peace Frog" and "Shaman's Blues" replacing pieces like "Touch Me." The mastering was state of the art for 1997 and holds up in the 2000s -- the volume is good and loud, the textures rich and close, and the accompanying booklet, with comments by Manzarek, Densmore, and Krieger, plus essays by Tom Robbins, Michael Ventura, and late producer Paul A. Rothchild, is one of the best of its kind in the box set format, with enough content to be the start of a legitimate freestanding book. And as for the stuff that isn't here, like "People Are Strange" and "Touch Me," they're included on other, somewhat wider-focused collections for those who miss them. That said, this isn't the only Doors release that anyone should own, but it may be the most challenging that can be purchased, and the one essential collection beyond the group's original albums or one of the truly comprehensive best-ofs out there.

Dona Ivone Lara - A Música Brasileira Deste Século Por Seus Autores e Intérpretes [2003]

Coming from a poor family, she spent childhood in a boarding school and studied music with Villa-Lobos’ wife, eventually singing in a choir conducted by the maestro. Later, she learned to play the cavaquinho, and in the 40s, Ivone moved to Mangueira, where she met samba musicians. Learn more about Dona Ivone Lara

Track List of Dona Ivone Lara - A Música Brasileira Deste Século Por Seus Autores e Intérpretes

Sonho Meu
Minha Verdade
02. Marcha Do Ameno Resedá
03. Vejo Em Teus Lábios Risos
04. Pot-pourri
Serra Dos Meus Sonhos Dourados
Prazer Da Serrinha
05. Os Cinco Bailes Da História Do Rio
06. Não Me Perguntes
07. Voltei À Serra Querida
08. Agradeço A Deus
09. Axé De Ianga (Pai Maior)
10. Sem Cavaco Não
11. Outra Você Não Me Faz
12. Andei Para Curimá
13. Pot-pourri
Candeeiro Da Vovó
Pagode De Pai Joaquim
14. Tiê

Dona Ivone Lara - A Música Brasileira Deste Século Por Seus Autores e Intérpretes [2003]

Cesaria Evora - Cafe Atlantico [1999]

1. Flor Di Nha Esperanca
2. Vaquinha Mansa
3. Amor Di Mundo
4. Paraiso Di Atlantico
5. Sorte
6. Carnaval De Sao Vicente
7. Desilusao Dum Amdjer
8. Nho Antone Escaderode
9. Beijo De Longe
10. Roma Criola
11. Perseguida
12. Maria Elena
13. Cabo Verde Manda Mantenha
14. Terezinha

Cesária Évora is a Cape Verdean folk singer. Nicknamed the "barefoot diva" for her preference of performing without shoes, Évora is perhaps the best internationally-known practicioner of morna — a local genre related to Angolan landu, Portuguese fado and Brazilian modinha, with a sensibility often compared to the blues. Cesaria Evora - Vikipedi

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [10 CDs]

Édith Piaf (19 December 1915—10 October 1963) was a French singer and cultural icon who is widely accepted as the country's greatest pop singer.[1] Her singing reflected her tragic life, with her specialty being the poignant ballad performed in a heartbreaking voice. Among her famous songs are "La vie en rose" (1946), "Hymne à l'amour" (1949), "Milord" (1959), and "Non, je ne regrette rien" (1960). A filmed biography on her life, titled La Môme (shown as La Vie En Rose in Britain and the United States), and starring Marion Cotillard (who won the Academy Award for Best Actress for portraying Piaf), was released in June 2007. Learn more about Édith Piaf

Product Details
Audio CD (April 4, 2006)
Original Release Date: April 3, 2006

Track List of Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs
1. A L'enseigne De La Fille Sans Coeur
2. Bal Dans Ma Rue
3. C'etait Une Histoire D'amour
4. Dans Ma Rue
5. J'suis Mordue
6. Ernest a Reussi
7. Jezebel
8. La Fête Continue
9. Le Chevalier De Paris
10. Les Deux Copains
11. On Danse Sur Ma Chanson
12. Madeleine Qu'avait Du Coeur
13. Pleure Pas

See all 123 Tracks List

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 1]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 2]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 3]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 4]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 5]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 6]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 7]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 8]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 9]

Édith Piaf - 100 Great Songs [BOX SET] [CD 10]

External links
Edith Piaf at the Internet Movie Database
Édith Piaf photos
Édith Piaf songs - MP3
Song Lyrics

Michael Jackson - Dangerous [1991]

Michael Jackson's 'Dangerous' album once again rocketed the global superstar to mega-platinum success! 'Dangerous - The Short Films' captures the visual and musical hightlights of his string of hit singles from the 'Dangerous' album. As well as extensive behind the scenes profiles of the making of Michael Jackson's state-of-the-art short films.

Track Listing:

01. Jam
02. Why You Wanna Trip On Me
03. In The Closet
04. She Drives Me Wild
05. Remember The Time
06. Can't Let Her Get Away
07. Heal The World
08. Black Or White
09. Who Is It
10. Keep The Faith
11. Give In To Me
12. Will You Be There
13. Gone Too Soon
14. Dangerous

Personnel includes: Michael Jackson, Heavy D, Christa Larson (vocals); Teddy Riley (guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, drums); Paul Jackson, Jr., Tim Pierce, David Williams, Slash (guitar); Larry Corbett (cello); Jai Winding (piano, keyboards, programming, bass); David Paich (keyboards, synthesizers, programming); Steve Porcaro (keyboards, synthesizers, programming); Rene Moore, Greg Phillinganes (keyboards); Bryan Loren (Moog synthesizer, drums, percussion); Abraham Laboriel (bass); Jeff Porcaro (drums); Wayne Cobham (sequencing, programming); Paulinho Da Costa (percussion); Siedah Garrett, Shanice Wilson, The John Bahler Singers, The Andrae Crouch Singers (background vocals).

Producers: Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Bruce Swedien, Bill Bottrell.

Engineers include: Bruce Swedien, Teddy Riley, Matt Forger.

Principally recorded at Record One Studios & Larrabee Studios, Los Angeles, California. Originally released on Epic/Sony (45400).

Digitally remastered by Bernie Grundman (Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, California).

After a lengthy gap of nearly five years, Jackson had to pull something out of the bag. BAD was, after all, a difficult act to follow, and the press were trying to prove he was bonkers. This was a pretty decent attempt and fell in with the hard dance beat of the early 90s. "Heal The World" was much like the old melodic Jackson, and it became a major hit. "Black Or White" was the best of the rest, a well-constructed song in which he attempted to repeat "Ebony And Ivory" in the context of 90s dance music.

Michael Jackson - Bad [1987]


01. Bad | 04:07 |
02. The Way You Make Me Feel | 05:00 |
03. Speed Demon | 04:01 |
04. Liberian Girl | 03:54 |
05. Just Good Friends | 04:08 |
06. Another Part Of Me | 03:55 |
07. Man In The Mirror | 05:20 |
08. I Just Can't Stop Loving You | 04:25 |
09. Dirty Diana | 04:52 |
10. Smooth Criminal | 04:19 |
11. Leave Me Alone | 04:39 |

Wouldn't you have hated to be Michael Jackson around 1986 to 1987? You're fixing to release your 3rd solo album and the official follow-up to the most successful album ever in Thriller. The resulting work would be Bad which would sell around 20 million or roughly half what Thriller sold. Bad would be the first album ever to have 5 #1's on it. However, in my opinion unlike Off the Wall and Thriller in which every track was good there were some forgettable tracks on Bad. This would start an alarming pattern for Jackson as his following albums after Bad would be uneven at best. I really feel that he was never the same after Bad and alot of that had to do with the unrealistic expectations he had in topping Thriller. The best tracks in my opinion on the album are as follows:

1) Bad -- A great up-tempo song, it was a smart choice to kick off the album.

7) Man in the Mirror -- One of my all-time favorite MJ songs. It may be his greatest ballad as only She's Out of my Life gives it any competition. Great background vocals by MJ, Siedah Garrett (who co-wrote the song), the Winans, and the Andrae Crouch Choir (who MJ would use on other songs in the future).

8) I Just Can't Stop Loving You -- A song that I swear that I do not remember hearing when it first came out. MJ's vocals sound alot like his partner's, Siedah Garrett.

9) Dirty Diana -- A great rockin' track that was sort of the sequel to Beat It. Steve Stevens, who was Billy Idol's guitarist, gives a great performance here and he tells one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. In a book on Billboard #1 hits, he tells how Quincy Jones has all these unusual sayings including the classic, "Steve, could you put a little more custard in your cone, man?" (Q meant that Steve was playing behind the beat).

10) Smooth Criminal -- Great overall feel to this song as MJ sings the vocals in machine gun like fashion.

11) Leave Me Alone -- A bonus track, I just like the overall feel of this song. However, I did not like the video. It (the video) sorta enhanced MJ's weirdness.

IMHO, Bad was the last great Michael Jackson album. I really feel that since Bad he has put out mediocre material.

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