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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Amal Murkus : Amal [2ooo]

Track List:

01 Hikaye
02 Hulum
03 Taalu
04 La Ahada Yalam
05 Tamahali
06 Risalatohu L'akhira
07 Ya Oud
08 Asfur
09 Alouf Mashaal
10 Ya Ba La La
11 Dunia Lwan
12 Yaumiat Jorh Falastini

Amal Murkus - Ya Oud

Niña Pastori - Joyas Prestadas [2oo6]

Track List:

1. Burbujas De Amor
2. Vivir Sin Aire
3. Lo Eres Todo
4. Maria De La O
5. Angelitos Negros
6. Mediteraneo
7. Pajaros De Barro
8. Cuando Nadie Me Ve
9. Todavia
10. Hoy Igual Que Ayer

Niña Pastori - Joyas Prestadas


DYLAN is a career-spanning retrospective of Bob Dylan's music. This definitive Bob Dylan collection chronicles the artist's four decades of groundbreaking studio recordings, as well as his unparalleled influence on popular music and culture. DYLAN serves as both a comprehensive introduction for new fans and an expansive, cherished overview for long-time Bob Dylan devotees. The 3 CD deluxe version is housed in a red cloth covered box with a magnetic hinged lid. The DYLAN logo is debossed on the outer lid, and the inside is covered in black velvet fabric with the Columbia logo gold foiled on the inside of the lid. Each CD is housed in an individual inner and outer sleeve. The outer sleeve art is iconic Dylan imagery while the inner sleeves are replica classic Columbia LP sleeves. The CDs themselves are replica vinyl discs. The 40 page booklet is perfect bound and contains extended liner notes and rare photos. Finally each box includes 10 limited edition postcard lithograph prints focusing on pivotal moments in Dylan's career.

Track List:

CD 1:

01. Song to Woody
02. Blowin' in the Wind
03. Masters of War
04. Don't Think Twice, It's All
05. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
06. The Times They Are A-Changin'
07. All I Really Want to Do
08. My Back Pages
09. It Ain't Me, Babe
10. Subterranean Homesick Blues
11. Mr. Tambourine Man
12. Maggie's Farm
13. Like a Rolling Stone
14. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
15. Positively 4th Street
16. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
17. Just Like a Woman
18. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
19. All Along the Watchtower

CD 2:

01. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
02. Lay, Lady, Lay
03. If Not for You
04. I Shall Be Released
05. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
06. On a Night Like This
07. Forever Young
08. Tangled Up in Blue
09. Simple Twist of Fate
10. Hurricane
11. Changing of the Guards
12. Gotta Serve Somebody
13. Precious Angel
14. The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar
15. Jokerman
16. Dark Eyes

CD 3:

01. Blind Willie McTell
02. Brownsville Girl
03. Silvio
04. Ring Them Bells
05. Dignity
06. Everything Is Broken
07. Under the Red Sky
08. You're Gonna Quit Me
09. Blood in My Eyes
10. Not Dark Yet
11. Things Have Changed
12. Make You Feel My Love
13. High Water (For Charley Patton)
14. Po' Boy
15. Someday Baby
16. When the Deal Goes Down

Phineas Newborn - C Jam Blues

Track List:

1. C Jam Blues
2. Night in Tunisia
3. Champ
4. Body and Soul
5. Take the "A" Train
6. Harlem Blues
7. Sophisticated Lady
8. Bye Bye Blackbird

PASS: phineas

Jimmy Smith: Portuguese Soul


Candy Dulfer - Big Girl


PASS : chekei

Charlie Watts Quintet - From One Charlie [1991]

Track List:

1. Practising, Practising, Just Great
2. Blackbird - White Chicks
3. Bluebird
4. Terra De Pajaro
5. Badseeds - Rye Drinks
6. Relaxing At Camarillo
7. Going, Going, Going, Gone.

Charlie Chaplin - The Essential Film Music Collection

Track List:

CD-1 (by Charles Chaplin)

01 - The Reel Chaplin (part 1).mp3
02 - Suite.mp3
03 - Pay Day.mp3
04 - The Gold Rush.mp3
05 - The Circus.mp3
06 - City Lights.mp3
07 - Modern Times.mp3
08 - The Great Dictator.mp3
09 - Paris Boulevard.mp3
10 - Bitter Tango.mp3
11 - Mandolin Serenade.mp3
12 - Weeping Willow.mp3
13 - A Countess from Hong Kong.mp3
14 - The Reel Chaplin (part 2).mp3

CD-2 (by Carl Davis)

01 - The Floorwalker.mp3
02 - The Fireman.mp3
03 - The Vagabond.mp3
04 - One a.m.mp3
05 - The Count.mp3
06 - The Pawnshop.mp3
07 - Behind the screen.mp3
08 - The Rink.mp3
09 - Easy Street.mp3
10 - The Cure.mp3
11 - The Immigrant.mp3
12 - The Adventurer.mp3

Alfred & Medicine Beat, Jerry - Etsi Shon (Grandfather Song)

Track List:

1. Generation Hand Down
2. The Warrior Song
3. Caribou Stick Gambling Song
4. Taan Mun / Lake Laberge
5. The Grandfather Song / Etsi Shon
6. Mac Millan River Love Song
7. Beginner Gambling Song
8. The Watchmen
9. Salaw
10. A Love Song
11. Towhata Lake

Folk Rock,Native American


PASS: elmali

Brian Simpson - Above The Clouds [2oo7]

Track List:

1. What Cha Gonna Do? 3:59
2. Juicy 3:38
3. From The Hip 4:53
4. Let's Get Close 4:31
5. One More Time 4:52
6. The Last Kiss 3:41
7. Fiona's Song 4:30
8. Bali 4:35
9. Above The Clouds 4:11
10. Memories Of You 1:21
11. That's Right

Smooth Jazz, Jazz Instrument

A Story Of Jazz Ballads [2oo7]

Track List:

1. the miles davis nonet - boplicity 2:59
2. john coltrane - just friends 6:15
3. thelonoius monk - round midnight 3:10
4. chet baker - but not for me 3:02
5. stan getz - these foolish things 3:00
6. freddie hubbard - gypsy blue 6:25
7. bill evans and jim hall - my funny valentine 5:21
8. gerry mulligan - the song is you 3:22
9. dexter gordon - i'm a fool to want you 6:43
10. herbie hancock - watermelon man 7:05
11. sonny rollins - tune up 5:42
12. paolo fresu - in viaggio 4:26
13. wayne shorter - adams apple 6:48

Instrumental Jazz


Pitch Black - Rude Mechanicals [2oo7]

Pitch Black return with their fourth and possibly their best album so far. “Rude Mechanicals” embraces all that is good about dance music and electronica, spiced up by the trademark Pitch Black blend of echoes, delays and deep, fat basslines.

The band have always been avowed fans of music in general (as opposed to any one style in particular), and it certainly shows here: the album kicks off with the lush “South of the Line” before dubbing it up, year 3000 style, with “1000 Mile Drift”. “Sonic Colonic” kicks the tempo up a gear as the only real four-to-the-floor stomper on the album. “Bird Soul” reminds one that Paddy Free spent years producing Salmonella Dub, as it takes their guitar driven drum and bass style and wraps it in an ambient dub envelope.

“Harmonia” is an exquisite piece of electronica, reminiscent of Speedy J or Black Dog. It is followed by “Rude Mechanicals”, which marks a departure from the norm for the boys, featuring rapper KP from the infamous Sunshine Soundsystem, who waxes lyrical about the destruction being wrought on the planet by our environmental ignorance and general greed. “Fragile Ladders” provides some much needed breathing space before “Please Leave Quietly” destroys what is left of the bass speakers”!

Rude Mechanicals is a genre busting excursion in sound, heaving with warm basslines and complex rhythm’s, topped up by haunting melodies and, for a change, cutting social commentary. To adapt a previous quote about them, this album is like “Underworld meets King Tubby”, in all the best ways possible……

Track List:

1.South Of The Line (6:58)
2.Rude Mechanicals (5:58)
3.Bird Soul (7:50)
4.Sonic Colonic (Live At Minikami) (9:35)
5.Fragile Ladders (5:24)
6.Harmonia (6:38)
7.1000 Mile Drift (5:55)
8.Transient Transmission (Fig 2) (5:48)
9.Please Leave Quietly (6:54)

Electronic, Dub, Downtempo, Ambient

New Zealand


Chiller Vol.1 [2oo7]


We’ve been recently little post-less in the music category so here is
some nice music info for all of you. Chiller Vol 1 is a great compilation of
easy, ambient music, which is perfect for after-party time or just some chilling
stage. Coming from popular Chillcode music label, this is the chillout at its

After listening to a big selection of trax and after a long time
of carefully selection, Chillcode Music proudly presents the 3rd compilation
consisting of fresh, crispy, marvellous downbeat from wellknown chillcode
artists as well as chillcode newbies, who presents the best of their latest
works on this new compilation series. Light, warm and soft ambient music in
diversified styles. Multilayered, colourful and spaced sounds with an ethnic
touch. High quality chillout for high quality music lovers. Be a chiller,


Track List:

01. Kick Bong - Pure Love 06:03
02. Kuba - The Place It Starts 05:52
03. Enterprise - Rocket Light 07:16
04. Entheogenic - Kashmir Day Trip (Kuba Rmx) 07:13
05. Kuba - Road To Find Out 07:15
06. Entheogenic - Sideways (Jong Rmx) 09:20
07. Zero Cult - 500 Seconds 08:18
08. Enterprise - Eniac 07:52
09. Zero Cult - Air 07:28
10. Saafi Brothers - Under The Stars 06:26

Carmen Mota's FUEGO

07.11.2007 Çarşamba 21:00
08.11.2007 Perşembe 21:00
09.11.2007 Cuma 21:00
10.11.2007 Cumartesi 15:00
10.11.2007 Cumartesi 21:00
11.11.2007 Pazar 15:00

“FUEGO!” Müthiş bir dans showu.. İspanyol dansının köklü, enerjik ve ihtiraslı ritmlerini, 21.yüzyılın modern dans görkemiyle birleştiriyor.. 18 hayranlık uyandırıcı dansçının oluşturduğu “FUEGO!” İstanbul’u İspanyol ateşiyle kasıp kavuracak!

“FUEGO!” İspanyolca’da “ateş” anlamına geliyor. Gerçekten de, Carmen Mota’nın olağanüstü İspanyol dansı zarif, modern ve klasik unsurların Akdeniz ritimleriyle birleşmesinden meydana gelen ateşli bir kutlama; güç, tutku ve cazibenin birleşimidir.

“FUEGO!” usta dansçıların, yetenekli şarkıcıların ve müzisyenlerin varlığı ile İspanyol ruhunu sahnelere taşımaktadır. Gösteride, canlı Flamenko tınıları, Dire Straits’in “Private Investigations”ı ve Carl Orff’un “Carmina Burana”sıyla büyük bir zarafetle birleşmektedir. Gösterinin sade ama güçlü koreografisi, sanatçıların göz alıcı kostümleri ve çok etkileyici performansları “FUEGO!”yu sıradışı bir gösteri haline getirmektedir. Fransa, Kore, Avusturya, Macaristan, İsrail, Katar, Almanya, Hollanda, Rusya, Kanada, Lübnan, İsviçre ve İngiltere'de sayısız turnelere çıkan ve dansla görselliğin, eski ile yeninin ateşli birleşimi olan "FUEGO!" Türkiye'de ilk kez TİM-Maslak Show Center'da!

Ön bilgi

- 6 yaş ve üstü bilete tabidir. 6 yaş altı etkinliğe alınmayacaktır.
- Fotoğraf Makinası ve Video Kamera vs. içeriye alınmayacaktır.

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1.Kategori: 120,00 YTL
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4.Kategori: 50,00 YTL

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