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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Jazzamor - Travel [2006]

Jazzamor are: Bettina Mischke: Vocals - Roland Grosch: Piano, Rhodes - Special Guests: Joerg Dudys: Guitar, Carlos Serrano del Rio: Percussion, Jorge Galbassini: Bandoneon, Bambi Kibuuka: Vocals, Cordula Wildenhain: Violin, Potty Peeler: Percussion assistant, Juan Peso: Voicing Effects, Bluebridge Chamber Strings conducted by/Orchestral Arrangements: Helfried Wildenhain Read more - amazon

Track List of Jazzamor - Travel [2006]

1. Before Too Long
2. Nuit Magique
3. Hidden Treasure
4. Song for Maggie
5. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
6. Travel in Order Not to Arrice
7. Song of Silence
8. Icy
9. Encore
10. Easy Game
11. Caught in the Middle
12. Nothing Lasts for Long
13. Wann Ist Es Liebe
14. Tibet

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Nina Pastori - Eres Luz [1998]

Niña Pastori is a Spanish flamenco singer (cantaora). She was born María Rosa García García in San Fernando (Cádiz) on 15 January 1978. The youngest of five siblings and only daughter of a military man (José) and gypsy flamenco singer La Pastori, she started her artistic career at a young age. At the age of six she accompanied her mother in the flamenco tablaos of her neighborhood, "el Boquete" and a year later won a contest in San Fernando.

Track List of Niña Pastori - Eres Luz :

01. Eres Luz
02. Cartita De Amor
03. Vivo Un Sueño
04. Como Tu Ninguna
05. Que Pena
06. Dos Que Se Quieren
07. En Una Canasta
08. De Carmelo
09. Morao [Nuera Version]
10. Gitanito Canastero
11. Nunca Acabaré De Conocerte
12. Genios

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Charlie Parker & Miles Davis - Blue Bird Legendary Savoy Sessions [2000]

Compiled by experts on Parker, this CD issue contains six sessions by Parker’s vintage 1945-1948 band, featuring two young musicians who were his best and most efficient collaborators (Miles Davis & Max Roach), plus two pianists who left their mark on the evolution of Bop (Bud Powell & John Lewis). The first session also features Dizzy Gillespie playing piano. Read More - Amazon

Track List of Charlie Parker & Miles Davis - BlueBird: Legendary Savoy Sessions

1. Billie's Bounce
2. Now's the Time
3. Meandering
4. Donna Lee
5. Chasin' the Bird
6. Cheryl
7. Buzzy
8. Milestones
9. Little Willie Leaps
10. Half Nelson
11. Sippin' at Bells
12. Another Hair-Do
13. Blue Bird
14. Klaunstance
15. Bird Gets the Worm
16. Barbados
17. Ah-Leu-Cha
18. Constellation
19. Parker's Mood
20. Perhaps
21. Marmaduke
22. Steeplechase
23. Merry-Go-Round

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Govinda - Erotic Rhythms from Earth [2001]

If the afterworld includes a red-light district, Erotic Rhythms from Earth would qualify as its soundtrack. The third recording from Austin, Texas programmer/multi-instrumentalist Shane O'Madden beckons you into an off-focus world of amorphous boundaries, one that hovers somewhere between eternity and soft-core carnality. Read More...

Track List of Govinda - Erotic Rhythms from Earth [2001]

1. Tu M'aimes
2. City Of Pleasures
3. Union Of Body And Sound
4. Organic Beauty
5. Move Me Slow
6. Mind Mysterium
7. Le Zephyr (Ecstatic Mix)
8. Two Become One
9. Synthetic Beauty
10. Falling From Grace
11. Clear With Fantasy

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Amalia Rodrigues - The Best of Fado

Amália da Piedade Rebordão Rodrigues , (July 1, 1920 – October 6, 1999) was a Portuguese singer and actress. Born in Lisbon, official documents give her date of birth as July 23, but Rodrigues always said her birthday was July 1, 1920. She was born in the rua Martim Vaz (Martim Vaz Street), freguesia of Pena, Lisbon. Her father was a trumpet player and cobbler from Fundão who returned there when Amália was just over a year old, leaving her to live in Lisbon with her maternal grandmother in a deeply Catholic environment until she was 14, when her parents returned to the capital and she moved back in with them. Read More...

Track List of Amalia Rodrigues - The Best of Fado

CD 1
1. Triste Sina
2. Ceu Da Minha Rua
3. O Namorico Da Rita
4. Conta Errada
5. Fadista Louco
6. As Rosas Do Meu Caminho
7. Fado Marujo
8. Fado Das Tamanquinhas
9. Fado Da Adica
10. Raizes
11. Bailaricos
12. Fado Alfacinha
13. Job
14. Anjo Inutil
15. Quando Os Outros Te Batem, Beijo-Te Eu
16. Fado Final

CD 2
1. Esquina Do Pecado
2. A Chave Da Minha Porta
3. Tentacao
4. Sem Razao
5. Fria Claridade
6. Campinos Do Ribatejo
7. La Porque Tens Cinco Pedras
8. Ave Maria Fadista
9. A Minha Cancao E Saudade
10. Disse Mal De Ti
11. Fado Amalia
12. Fado Do Ciume
13. Cansaco
14. Que Deus Me Perdoe
15. Aquela Rua
16. Fado Lisboeta

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Jazzamor - Lazy Sunday Afternoon [2003]

Jazzamor is a German musical duo which consists of Bettina Mischke and Roland Grosch. Their music combines elements of lounge music, jazz and bossanova.

The love for jazz from the 60s led Bettina Mischke and Roland Grosch together. With the concept to create a new sound with their own arranged cover versions, they toured with their jazz quartet halfway around the world. Always having Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz, Sergio Mendes or film music from Henry Mancini and Ennio Morricone in their suitcase. Jazzamor - Offical Page

Track List of Jazzamor - Lazy Sunday Afternoon :

01. Way back - 4:32
02. Childhood dreams - 4:08
03. Berimbou - 3:18
04. Story of elaine - 4:22
05. Things we do for love - 4:36
06. Save the night - 4:31
07. Around'n'around - 3:06
08. Summertime - 4:58
09. Mar de paixao - 3:38
10. Callin' venus - 4:50
11. Sometimes - 3:57
12. Caminho - 3:29
13. Fly me to the moon - 3:15
14. Rastos na areja - 3:57

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