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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Benny Velarde y Super Combo - Viva Velarde [2003]

Track List of Benny Velarde y Super Combo - Viva Velarde [2003]

1. Tranquilisate - Benny Velarde - 5:39
2. Viva Velarde - Benny Velarde - 5:33
3. Tenderly - Benny Velarde - 7:14
4. Baila Mi Guaguanco - Benny Velarde - 5:34
5. No Somos Nada - Benny Velarde - 4:52
6. El Divorcio - Benny Velarde - 4:08
7. Viva Cepeda - Benny Velarde - 6:37
8. Yolanda Pachanga - Benny Velarde - 6:24

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Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Deluxe - Complete Edition [SOUNDTRACK]

Stephen Sondheim's Grand-Guignol blend of opera and musical theater is a perfect match for director Tim Burton's gothic sensibility. The result of their encounter is a superb screen musical that, despite early fears from the show's fans, preserves most of the score ("The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" being the most egregious loss) and, perhaps even more importantly, its spirit (regular Sondheim orchestrator Jonathan Tunick did the new arrangements). And yes, Johnny Depp can sing. Granted, singing in a movie is easier than it is onstage, but still, Depp is at ease with the material, if a little thin-voiced. Helena Bonham Carter is a bit more problematic as Mrs. Lovett (there's a reason this character has been played by the likes of Angela Lansbury and Patti LuPone on stage) and her take on "The Worst Pies in London" tries hard but lacks gleeful gusto (she fares better on "By the Sea"). More convincing are Sacha Baron Cohen, appropriately outlandish as Pirelli ("The Contest"), Jayne Wisener as Johanna ("Green Finch and Linnet Bird"), and Alan Rickman as Judge Turpin (a good duet with Depp on "Pretty Women"). Sondheim fans won't be disappointed, and the film should also bring new converts into his world.

Track list of Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street [SOUNDTRACK]

1. Opening Title Listen Listen
2. No Place Like London Listen Listen
3. The Worst Pies in London Listen Listen
4. Poor Thing Listen Listen
5. My Friends Listen Listen
6. Green Finch & Linnett Bird Listen Listen
7. Alms Alms Listen Listen
8. Johanna Listen Listen
9. Pirelli s Miracle Elixir Listen Listen
10. The Contest Listen Listen
11. Wait Listen Listen
12. Ladies and Their Sensitivities Listen Listen
13. Pretty Women Listen Listen
14. Epiphany Listen Listen
15. A Little Priest Listen Listen
16. Johanna Listen Listen
17. God, That s Good! Listen Listen
18. By the Sea Listen Listen
19. Not While I m Around Listen Listen
20. Final Scene

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Sex And The City: Music From the Original Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK]

Sex And The City: Music From the Original Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK]

1. Labels or Love (Fergie)
2. All Dressed In Love (Jennifer Hudson)
3. The Look Of Love -Madison Park vs Lenny B Remix (Nina Simone)
4. New York Girls (Morningwood)
5. All This Beauty (The Weepies)
6. I Like The Way (Kaskade)
7. It's Amazing (Jem)
8. How Deep Is Your Love (The Bird & The Bee)
9. The Heart Of The Matter (India.Arie)
10. Auld Lang Syne (Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis)
11. Kissing (Bliss)
12. . How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Al Green featuring Joss Stone)
13. Walk This Way (Run-D.M.C. featuring Steve Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith)
14. Sex and the City Movie Theme (The Pfeifer Broz. Orchestra)

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Kitaro - The Definitive Collection [2007]

Track List of Kitaro - The Definitive Collection

1. Planet 2:40
2. Kuu 5:04
3. Wave of Sand 4:53
4. Mercury 6:04
5. Field 4:54
6. Caravansary 6:02
7. Floating Lotus 5:33
8. Spirt of Harp 3:00
9. Oasis 6:04
10. Nageki 5:42

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DeVotchKa Discography

DeVotchKa - Super Melodrama [2002]

1.Danglin' Feet
2.De Vot Chka!
3.Gasoline Serpent
4.Head Honcho
5.Dark Eyes
6.Whiskey Breath
7.Sunrise On Cicero
8.Cuba Libre
9.Jaws Of The World, The
10.Life Is Short
12.Curse Your Little Heart
13.In The Tower

DeVotchKa - Una Volta [2003]
1.C'est Ce La
2.Oblivion, The
3.Death By Blonde
4.Queen Of The Surface Streets
5.One Last Vow
6.Venge! Vengo!
8.Ocean Of Lust
9.C'est Ce La Part II
10.Commerce City Sister
11.La Llorrona

DeVotchKa - How It Ends [2004]

1.You Love Me
2.Enemy Guns, The
3.No One Is Watching
4.Twenty-Six Temptations
5.How It Ends
6.Charlotte Mittnacht (The Fabulous Destiny Of)
7.We're Leaving
8.Dearly Departed
9.Such A Lovely Thing
10.Too Tired
11.Viens Avec Moi
12.This Place Is Haunted
13.Lunnaya Pogonka

DeVotchKa - Curse Your Little Heart [2006]

1.I Cried Like A Silly Boy
2.Curse Your Little Heart
3.Last Beat Of My Heart, The
4.Somethin' Stupid
5.Venus In Furs
6.El Zopilote Mojado

DeVotchKa - Little Miss Sunshine [Soundtrack] [2006]

1. The Winner Is - Mychael Danna 3:04
2. Til The End Of Time - Devotchka 3:56
3. You Love Me - Devotchka 4:02
4. First Push - Mychael Danna 1:05
5. No Man's Land - Sufjan Stevens 4:47
6. Let's Go - Mychael Danna 3:21
7. No One Gets Left Behind - Mychael Danna 1:14
8. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens 6:07
9. We're Gonna Make It - Mychael Danna 2:32
10. Do You Think There's a Heaven? - Mychael Danna 1:23
11. Catwalkin' - Tony Tisdale 1:38
12. Superfreak (Roca Sound Remix) - Rick James 4:13
13. La Llorona - Devotchka 3:24
14. How It Ends - Devotchka 5:39

DeVotchKa - A Mad & Faithful Telling [2008]

1. Basso Profundo 5:13
2. Along the Way 3:59
3. The Clockwise Witness 4:37
4. Head Honcho 3:45
5. Comrade Z 2:23
6. Transliterator 4:30
7. Blessing in Disguise 5:48
8. Undone 5:01
9. Strizzalo 1:30
10. New World 5:14

VA - Best Of Country & Western [2007]

Track List of Best Of Country Western

01 Take Me Home Country Road 03:11
02 Rose Garden 02:52
03 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 02:41
04 Ruby Dont Take Your Love To Town 02:42
05 El Paso 04:52
06 Ode Billy Joe 04:20
07 Arms Of Mary 02:38
08 Galveston 02:47
09 Big Bad John 03:01
10 I Know A Heartache When I See One 03:23
11 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree 03:12
12 Mississippi 04:32
13 Green Green Grass Of Home 03:06
14 Rhinestone Cowboy 02:59

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