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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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No Smoking Orchestra - Life Is A Miracle (Emir Kusturica) [Soundtrack]

Music inspired and taken from the film by Emir Kusturica
Composed by Dejan Saparavalo and Emir Kusturica
Performed by the No Smoking Orchestra

Formed in 1980, Sarajevo, ‘No Smoking’ found considerable success with their first two albums (84/85). After a misunderstanding during a concert, the group suffered Titoist censorship and most of its members left.

Emir Kusturica, an ex-punk rocker from Sarajevo who had just received his first Palme d’Or Award, became the band’s official bass player. Emir had just time to record the third album and contribute to the development of this Balkan inn and multiple pile-up of latitudes before he had to leave, having just signed the contract for the movie ‘Le Temps des Gitans’.

In 1994, Dr Nelle Karallic (the leader of the band) decided to reform ‘No Smoking’ with younger musicians, including Kusturica’s son. This new blood allowed them to explore new horizons on their fifth album dedicated to all the victims of the war. Country beats, Turkish marches, Italian classical, Gypsy trumpets, South American sounds, techno-pop loops, accordeon, Balkan base-punk, Tzigane tradition, etc… : this Balkanised roar bears the self-proclaimed name of ‘unza unza’ and they see it as the most important musical style since reggae.

Since 1998, after the original soundtrack of ‘Black cat, White cat’, Kusturica went back to the band, having simply swapped his bass for a guitar. On record as well as on stage, he seems intent on polishing off the entire history of manic-depressive guitar in hat and work-jacket. The album ‘Unza Unza time’ was released in 2000 and was a huge success in France and abroad, the performances of the group being wildly applauded by the public. In 2004, they released the OST of Kusturica’s movie ‘Life is a miracle’. ~ French Music

Track List:

01 No Smoking Orchestra - In The Beginning
02 No Smoking Orchestra - Evergreen
03 No Smoking Orchestra - Wanted Man
04 No Smoking Orchestra - Kiss The Mother
05 No Smoking Orchestra - Moldavian Song
06 No Smoking Orchestra - Vasja
07 No Smoking Orchestra - Dying Song
08 No Smoking Orchestra - Looking For Luka
09 No Smoking Orchestra - Ovo Je Muski Svet
10 No Smoking Orchestra - Fatal Wounds
11 No Smoking Orchestra - Who Killed The D.J.
12 No Smoking Orchestra - Karakaj
13 No Smoking Orchestra - The Waterfall
14 No Smoking Orchestra - Gladno Srce
15 No Smoking Orchestra - Looking For Sabaha
16 No Smoking Orchestra - Whe Life Was A Miracle
17 No Smoking Orchestra - Moldavian Song


Isihia - Orisiya (Исихия - Орисия) [2003]

Isihia (Bulgarian: Исихия, "hesychia") are a Bulgarian music band founded in 2000, the style of which unites elements of Bulgarian folklore and Hesychast Christian chant of the 14th century to create an atmosphere of Balkan spiritual mysticism.

Track List:

01 - Ключ/Klyuch (06:49 min.) [671kbp/s]
02 - Rodopa/Родопа (10:33 min.) [797kbp/s]
03 - Угар/Ugar (07:36 min.) [870kbp/s]
04 - Kosti/Кости (06:59 min.) [915kbp/s]
05 - Турски танц/Turkish dance (05:10 min.) [770kbp/s]
06 - The Curse/Проклятието (06:01 min.) [797kbp/s]
07 - Чакрък/Chakrak (04:58 min.) [911kbp/s]
08 - Introduction/Въведение (05:01 min.) [738kbp/s]
09 - Арамии/Aramii (03:25 min.) [790kbp/s]
10 - Gospodi Vozvah/Господи возвах... (09:21 min.) [854kbp/s]
11 - Ветре/Vetre (05:03 min.) [829kbp/s]

Total time : 70:56 min.

The tracks in this album were written and recorded to be used as music to a dance show by Neshka Robeva. In the beginning the whole idea for the show was different but during the rehearsals the idea changed and finally the new show now named Orisiya appeared. Neshka Robeva is a Bulgarian trainer in Rhythmic Gymnastics. After her retirement as a coach she started building a dance show, named Twin Kingdoms. It was a great success for her and her troupe - the show was presented over 150 times in Bulgaria and world wide.Orisiya is a dramatic look towards the history of Bulgaria. The lead character - a young Bulgarian girl runs through the history if the country seeing the blinded soldiers of Tzar Samuil, the fire dancers and the crows, the Ottoman invaders, the praying women and the foretellers...The Show was directed, choreographed and scripted by Neshka Robeva Stage design by Elena Ivanova Lights by Georgi Buyukliev and Momchil KaterovProduced by Neshka Robeva and Vlado ShteryanovMusic written and performed by Isihia, produced by AveNew Productions.

Isihia :
Evgeni Nikolov (lead vocals, tapan),
Vesselin Mitev (vocals, kaval, gaida, horns),
Vlado Chiflidjanov (vocals, kaval, gaida, zurna),
Tatyana Yossifova (vocals, keyboards),
Peter Delchev (tambura, cello tambura, acoustic guitars, bass, santur),
Panayot Angelov (percussions, tapan), Moni Monchev (drums)

“Isihia (Bulgarian: Исихия, "hesychia") are a Bulgarian music band founded in 2000, the style of which unites elements of Bulgarian folklore and Hesychast Christian chant of the 14th century to create an atmosphere of Balkan spiritual mysticism. Many of the group's songs cover topics of the medieval history of Bulgaria, mostly the period of the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans and the attempts on its repulsion and the early Ottoman rule of Bulgaria, i.e. the 14th-15th century, but also other moments of hardship such as the tragic Battle of Klyuch of 1014.Isihia have released two separate albums, the eponymous Isihia from 2001 and Orisiya ("Doom") that was used as the music of Neshka Robeva's dance show by the same name. A compilation of Isihia music also served as the soundtrack of the 2000 film Isihia by the Bulgarian National Television. In addition, the band's eponymous album was re-released by the Austrian company Polyglobe Music










JaimeTorres - Electroplano [2oo7]

Track list:

01. El Humahuaqueno
02. Palomitay
03. Zelma
04. El Condor Pasa
05. Lobos
06. Ecuador
07. El Angosto Del Perchel
08. Ciudad Blanca
09. Electroplano
10. La Vida La
11. Malambo
12. Subzonda

World Etnic

Passion Sources [1993]

Track List:

1. Shamas-Ud-Doha Bader-Ud-Doja - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan And Party
2. Call To Prayer - Baaba Maal
3. Sankarabaranam Pancha Nadai Pallavi - Shankar And The Epidemics
4. Ulvi - Kudsi Erguner
5. Fallahi - Hossam Ramzy
6. Sabahiya - Banga
7. Tejbeit - Unknown Ethiopian Musicians
8. Prelude In Tchahargah - Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh
9. Wedding Song - Unknown Moroccan Musicians
10. Magdelene's House - Abdul Aziz El-Sayed
11. Yoky - Fatala
12. Ya Sah - Nass El Ghiwane
13. Al Nahla Al 'Ali - Les Musiciens Du Nil
14. Song of Complaint - Antranik Askarian And Khatchadour Khatchaturian

World Ethnic

PASS: elmali

Gare du Nord - Kind Of Cool

Track List:

1. Kind Of Cool 1 - Inner City Groove 5:11
2. Sold My Soul 5:49
3. Lhotel Beat 4:14
4. Panchira - Rasa Clinic, 1962 6:08
5. Profondo Blu 5:29
6. Dark Chill 4:13
7. Kind Of Cool 2 - Miles Et Juliette 4:59
8. Chinese Wispers, Japanese Strings 4:35
9. Youre So Tight 3:38
10. Yo Que Pasa? 4:45
11. Im Not A Woman, Im Not A Man - Berlin Beat 4:27
12. Tres Cool 1:13

Electronic, Jazz

Bugge Wesseltoft: New Conception Of Jazz

Track List:

1. Somewhere in Between
2. New Conception of Jazz
3. Spectre Supreme
4. Trouble
5. New Conception of Jazz, Pt. 2
6. Trio
7. Poem
8. My Street
9. Modular
10. Endless

Bolivian Jazz - Jazz Andino

Stan Getz - Cafe Montmartre

Many of the current flock of compilations of Stan Getz come from earlier music, especially from the 1960's. This group is taken from his last recordings, late 80's-90's, including, arguably, his finest album "Anniversary", and "Serenity" recorded on his sixtieth birthday, at the apex of his abilities, and "People Time" recorded months before his death, some four years after. All were recorded live at the "Cafe Montmartre", one of his favorite venues from his ex-patriot days.

The music is all ballads: breathtakingly beautiful, heartfelt and poignant, deeply expressive, romantic, and sad. Ballads, of course, were his forte. The magnificent "Sound" is still there, as always, but the "Cool", aloof style of his earlier years has been replaced by deep emotional truth. While up tempo songs may are technically difficult, ballads expose the depth of the soul.

While this is a great album and a wonderful introduction to his work, if you like the music here, do buy the original albums listed above. In concert, Stan always offset the ballads with upbeat songs, which made them stand out in relief. I feel they are more meaningful when presented this way.

I should add that Jazz's greatest trumpeter, Miles Davis, everything he recorded is currently available. Sadly for Stan, the Jazz's greatest sax man, the original albums are vanishing to be replaced by a series of overlaping "best of's". ''rash67''

Track List:

1. People Time
2. I Thought About You
3. Soul Eyes
4. I Can't Get Started
5. I'm Okay
6. Falling In Love
7. I Remember Clifford
8. Blood Count
9. First Song

David "Fathead" Newman - The Gift

Track List:

1. Gift
2. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
3. Off the Hook
4. Unspeakable Times
5. Little Sonny's Tune
6. Lady Day
7. Unchain My Heart
8. Ksue

Gandalf - Invisible Power

Heinz STOBL (aka GANDALF) can be called a "PAINTER OF MUSICAL LANDSCAPES", he is a composer, musician and producer of meanwhile numerous album releases. Taking his name from the good-hearted wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy "Lord of the Rings", GANDALF's work often reflects his love of nature, as well as his commitment to preserving the environment. He plays a great variety of instruments (various guitars, sax, piano, keyboards such as lead and string-synths, and percussion) and blends acoustic, electronic and spherical sounds and weaves folk elements into a symphonic structure to create his unmistakable and unique musical style. The sound is full, rich, and colourful. In his travels, GANDALF has been touched by the realization that far more things unite than separate the various people and cultures of the world, and his goal in composing and recording is to create music that dissolves boundaries.

The goal of this multi-sided musician is, to dissolve the boundaries between musical categories and styles and to create a cross-cultural global music. On his journeys through Europe, North and South America and Asia he came in touch with most different cultures and found out, that there are more things that unite than seperate the folks on this planet.

His first few albums - 1980's "Journey to an Imaginary Land", 1981's "Visions", 1982's "To Another Horizon" (conceptual), 1983's "Magic Theatre" (conceptual), and 1984's "Tale From a Long Forgotten Kingdom" (concept work) contained a definite prog rock edge, before adding such instruments as flutes and saxophones to the equation and heading in a more new age-ish direction. "Reflection" is a collection of essential pieces from 1986 to 1990. It is a fine introduction to one of the foremost Austrian synthesists. "From Source to Sea" (1988) is still one of top selling imports, but overall is probably more NewAgey than most folks here would like. You could try "Gallery of Dreams" (1992), with Steve HACKETT on guitars. The result is quite majestic with an energy that favours relaxation. "Fountain of Secrets" (2002) is surely destined to become another top seller. It is a stunning flowing, mix of melodic variety and sound layering where the music travels but never loses sight of its functions.

"Between Earth and Sky" (2003) is a harmonious and meditative compilation of the artist´s most beautiful tracks recorded between 1994 and 2001, collected from various albums that had been formerly released in European territories, a peaceful and enchanting journey through GANDALF´s colourful musical landscapes. For those new to the man; If you can just imagine a cross between Mike OLDFIELD, and classic HACKETT era GENESIS that might give you some idea of what this..

New Age


Gandalf - Magical Voyage

Track List:

01 - Stones Of Wisdom
02 - Lady Of The Golden Forest
03 - Lotus Blossom
04 - Between Different Worlds (Part 2)
05 - Earthbound
06 - Secret Of The Ancient Tree
07 - Willowman - Watcher Of The Waters
08 - End Of The Rainbow
09 - The Lonesome Wanderer
10 - Dreamscapes (Part 1)
11 - Where The Mountains Meet The Sky (Part 5)
12 - Wings Of Love
13 - The Eternal Song Of The Ocean Waves (Part 1)
14 - The Eternal Song Of The Ocean Waves (Part 2)

New Age

Gandalf - Sacred River

Track List:

1. Morning at the River Bench 3:44
2. Sacred River 6:15
3. Blossoms Falling Like Snow 7:31
4. Silent Joy 6:40
5. The Ferryman's Tale 4:16
6. Take Me Gently Across the Water 5:47
7. Confidently Floating Seawards 2:51
8. A Visionary Passage 5:07
9. Flow, Water, Flow 6:06
10. Where the River Joins the Ocean 7:10

New Age Meditative




Asha (Dennis Quinn) - Love is the Only Prayer

Track List:
1. Love is the Only Prayer
2. Adoro Te
3. Hymn of the Universe
4. Shakespeare
5. Prayer for the World
6. Love's Philosophy
7. Gayon
8. Love Call
9. Moon
10. The Moon is Coming
11. An Angel Watching Over You

New Age


Bandari - Emerald Valley [2oo7]

The BANDARI Orchestra consists of a group of young composers, instrumentalists and sound recording engineers.It was founded in Switzerland in 1990 and is led by Oliver Schwartz.Deeply influenced by the beautiful Swiss wilderness of mountains and lakes that he's especially apt in portraying nature through music to produce the BANDARI signature sound that the world has come to love.To create the clean and natural atmosphere in their music, the orchestra located a hi-tech, state-of-the-art studio in the mountains,drawing inspiration from the rustic environment around them. All Bandari albums are produced at this studio-the whole orchestra lives there from the beginning till the end of each production.

New Age,Medidative



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