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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Enigma - Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits [2001]

Track Listing
1.The Landing
2.Turn Around
3.Gravity Of Love
4.T.N.T. For The Brain
5.Modern Crusaders
6.Shadows In Silence
7.Return To Innocence
8.I Love You ... I'll Kill You
9.Principles Of Lust
10.Sadeness (Part I)
11.Silence Must Be Heard
12.Smell Of Desire
13.Mea Culpa
14.Push The Limits
15.Beyond The Invisible
16.Age Of Loneliness
17.Morphing Thru Time
18.The Cross Of Changes

Look back at the history of Enigma. It did something no one else did. It was something nothing else could be. It changed the way we looked at pop music.

With Enigma's first album, MCMXC a.D., Enigma took hip-hop / dance floor beats, and melded them with Gregorian chants, which resulted in such #1 hits as Sadeness and Mea Culpa. The reason for the success of the album is that these songs were different. They were original. They took chances. Enigma had been born.

With Enigma's 2nd album, The Cross of Changes, Michael Cretu (Engima's mastermind) took a much poppier sound than the previous album, and infused it with ethnic chants from around the world, which resulted in hits such as Return to Innocence and I Love You, I'll Kill You.

Enigma's third album, Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi, marked the 'end of a chapter' to Cretu. Enigma took the elements that made the first two albums so successful, and combined them, while adding in the voice of Cretu himself. This resulted in a more laid back, relxaing, yet captivating 'look at life', says the German composer.

Enigma's latest album, The Screen Behind the Mirror, used samples of Carl Orff's famous opera Carmina Burana, namely O Fortuna, perhaps the most well known work of Orff's. Enigma blended this with slow and fast electronic beats, and gave the songs a bit more of a 'rock edge', to create what is perhaps the best Enigma work to date.

Now, along with the release of a brand new single, Turn Around, Michael Cretu has released Love - Sensuality - Devotion (LSD), a compilation that reflects his 'memory of the future'. Taking from the first four Enigma works 15 tracks, and adding in a new introduction and Turn Around, LSD is a must have for anyone who likes music in general. There is such a wide variety of music in this compilation, yet many people have not heard Enigma before.

This compilation marks the end of the 1st world of Enigma. But Cretu assures as that there will be another world - he won't be out of ideas for a long, long while.

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Enigma - Hello and Welcome [SINGLE] [2006]

Track Listing
1. Hello + Welcome [Radio Edit]
2. Hello + Welcome [Thunderstorm Mix]
3. Hello + Welcome [After the Storm Mix]
4. Hello + Welcome [Multimedia Track]

I had low expectations for this single, but I was very surprised. Having a very complete collection of Enigma's singles, I'd put this near the top. Although simple in it's
architecture, it leaves you breathlessly awaiting the full album
promised by year's end. Those that disapprove of this new material are probably only familiar with Cretu's work as Enigma, but he's been around many years before that entity and he has always had a unique sound. His releases starting with
Voyageur (IMO) are returning to his earlier sound; frankly I love the path he's taking.

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Enigma - A Priori - L.S.D. Revisited [2006]

1. The Landing
2. Turn Around
3. The Roundabout
4. Callas Went Away
5. Push The Limits
6. Return To Innocence (Midnight Remix)
7. The Screen Behind The Mirror
8. The Eyes Of Truth
9. Beyond The Invisible (Edit)
10. Light Of Your Smile (Edit)
11. Endless Quest Camera Obscura
12. Mea Culpa (Part One)
13. I'll Love You, I'll Kill You
14. Sadeness (Edit)
15. Mea Culpa (Part Two)
16. Rivers Of Belief

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Enigma - Sleep [2003]

Track Listing
1. Damascus
2. Center Of The Sun
3. Tears From The Moon
4. Tidal Pool
5. Manic Star
6. Redemption
7. Years
8. Make a Wisb
9. Pandora
10. Sleep
11. Premonition Reprise
12. Premonition
13. Tears From The Moon (Hybrid's Twisted On The Terrance)
14. Sleep (Ian Van Dahl Mix)
15. Sleep (Solarstone's Afterhour's Mix)

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