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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Scorpions - Moment Of Glory
1. Hurricane 2000
2. Moment of Glory
3. You and I
4. We Don't Own the World
5. Here in My Heart
6. Burn the Sky
7. Big City Nights
8. Deadly Sting Suite (I. Crossfire II. He's a Woman, She's a Man III. Dynamite)
9. Wind of Change
10. Still Loving You
11. Moment of Glory (Encore)


10,000 B.C. (2008)
User Rating: 5.0/10 (5,771 votes) [Date:14.03.08]
Director:Roland Emmerich
Writers :Roland Emmerich (written by) & Harald Kloser

Track List of 10000 BC. [SOUNDTRACK]

01.Front Titles (02:47)
02.Mountain Of The Gods (01:57)
03.Spoken Truth (03:03)
04.Passage Of Time (02:44)
05.The Hunt (02:09)
06.Celebrating (01:27)
07.Never Brave (01:51)
08.Eve Of The Tiger (01:42)
09.A Leader Comes (02:28)
10.Terror Birds Attack (03:24)
11.The Blood Of Hunter (01:52)
12.Food Found (01:58)
13.Moving (01:15)
14.Oceans Of Sand (02:42)
15.Wisdom Earned (01:42)
16.My Father (01:07)
17.Sign Of The Hunter (02:48)
18.The Mannaks (01:50)
19.End Credits (02:58)

Death Proof [SOUNDTRACK] [2007] (Updated)

Death Proof (2007)
User Rating: 7.4/10 (38,342 votes) [14.03.08]
Director:Quentin Tarantino
Writer:Quentin Tarantino (written by)

Track List of Death Proof [SOUNDTRACK]
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 88 MB | Soundtrack | RS
1. The Last Race Jack Nitzsche 2:37
2. Baby It's You Smith 3:21
3. Paranoia Prima Ennio Morricone 3:19
4. Planning & Scheming Eli Roth & Michael Bacall 1:00
5. Jeepster T. Rex 4:09 $0.99
6. Stuntman Mike Rose McGowan & Kurt Russell 0:19
7. Staggolee Pacific Gas & Electric 3:50
8. The Love You Save [May Be Your Own] Joe Tex 2:55
9. Good Love, Bad Love Eddie Floyd 2:09
10. Down In Mexico (LP Version) The Coasters 3:22
11. Hold Tight! Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich 2:45
12. Sally And Jack [From The Motion Picture Blow Out] Pino Donaggio 1:24
13. It's So Easy Willy Deville 2:10
14. Whatever-However Tracie Thoms & Zoe Bell 0:36
15. Riot In Thunder Alley Eddie Beram 2:04
16. Chick Habit

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Colosseum - Tomorrow Blues [2003]

Colosseum is a British jazz fusion band considered also to be part of early progressive rock. The band was formed in 1968 by founding members drummer Jon Hiseman, tenor sax player Dick Heckstall-Smith and bass player Tony Reeves. All three had previously played together in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Dave Greenslade, (organ), was immediately recruited, and the line-up was completed by Jim Roche on (guitar). Roche only recorded one track before being replaced by James Litherland, (guitar and vocals). Learn More about Colosseum

Track list of Colosseum - Tomorrow Blues :

1.Tomorrow's Blues"(Clempson/Bell) – 6:41
2.Come Right Back" (Greenslade) – 4:32
3.In the Heat of the Night" (Jones/Bergman/Bergman) – 5:37
4.Hard Times Rising" (Clempson/Brown) – 6:41
5.Arena in the Sun" (Greenslade) – 3:25
6.Thief in the Night" (Clempson/Brown) – 5:47
7.Take the Dark Times With the Sun" (Greenslade) – 5:12
8.The Net Man" (Greenslade) – 5:39
9.Leisure Complex Blues" (Heckstall-Smith/Brown) – 5:12
10.No Demons" (Greenslade) – 4:31

Colosseum - Tomorrow Blues [2003]

Mark Clarke - Bass, Vocals, Lead vocal on track 9
Dave "Clem" Clempson - Guitars, Vocals
Chris Farlowe - Vocals
Dave Greenslade - Synthesizer, Piano, Hammond Organ
Jon Hiseman - Drums, Cymbals
Dick Heckstall-Smith - Saxophones

Amanda Martinez - Sola

Born in Canada to a Mexican father and South African mother, Amanda grew up in a house that loved music. "Coming home from school our living room would be filled with the music of Sylvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes and Mercedes Sosa. I would spend hours in my bedroom singing along to an imaginary audience". Her most vivid memories were family gatherings in Mexico City, the smell of fresh tortillas and being mesmerized by the guitar of her uncle and cousin. Read More about Amanda Martinez

Track List of Amanda Martinez - Sola

1. Cántame
2. Guajira Sola
3. Diciembre
4. Gracias a La Vida
5. Llorona
6. Manhã de Carnaval
7. Dragon
8. Volar
9. Alfonsina y el Mar
10. Look to the Rainbow

Amanda Martinez - Sola

Offical Page

Mafalda Arnauth - Diario

Mafalda Arnauth is a fado singer. She was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in October 1974 and started her career in 1995 when invited by João Braga (an important fado singer) to participate in a concert at S. Luis's Theater. What initially was a single experience became a way of life. Learn More About Mafalda Arnauth

Diário is the fourth album by portuguese fado singer Mafalda Arnauth, released in 2005 on Universal Music Portugal. ...

Track List of Mafalda Arnauth - Diario :

01 Parea Maria
02 Andacia
03 Foi Deus
04 O Qu Tinha De Ser
05 Da Cor Da Noite
06 O No Que Nos Ata
07 Milonga Do Chiado
08 Por Ondo Me Levar O Vento
09 La Boheme
10 Da Solidao
11 Rasgo De Luz
12 Por Dentro De Mim
13 Fado Dos Fados
14 Meu Amor De Antigamente
15 Instrumental

Mafalda Arnauth - Diario

Mafalda Arnauth

Dá-me um pedacinho mais de coragem
E põe nos meus gestos audácia
Diz que sou capaz de ser e fazer melhor
Que eu não acredito
Que isto seja tudo
E que fique mudo este meu pensar.

Tira-me este frágil conforto
Que me traz em paz simulada
Nada é intocável na vida
Que eu prefiro o cruel da verdade
Que andar à toa e doer bem mais
Descobrir a vida tarde demais.

Já lá vai o fado escuro
Já lá vai o medo em muro
Já lá vai não querer dizer o que aí vem
Já lá vai não querer saber p’ra onde vai
Já lá vai o não querer ver
Que é sem segredo
Que damos cabo do medo.

Sou um pé de vento contido
Procurando a rosa dos ventos
Que todos trazemos na alma
Eu não sei caminhar sem um norte
Quero o como, por onde o porquê também
Eu não vivo só entregue à minha sorte.

Levanto a poeira das estradas
Numa inquietante ansiedade
De quem tem a sede do mundo
E a explosão que acompanha a partida
Faz-me crer que lá vai a tristeza
Faz-me ter certeza que a noite está vencida.

Eric Clapton - Behind The Sun [1985]

Behind the Sun

1. She's Waiting
2. See What Love Can Do
3. Same Old Blues
4. Knock On Wood
5. Something's Happening
6. Forever Man
7. It All Depends
8. Tangled In Love
9. Never Make You Cry
10. Just Like A Prisoner
11. Behind The Sun

Nino Varon - Ninovari

Track List of Nino Varon - Ninovari :

1-Sigara İçilebilir Alan
2-Hoşgeldin Efkar
6-Bir Kadın Bu Kadar Özlenmez Ki
7-Ah O Hatırlar
8-Ankara Vapuru
9-Var Mısın?
10-Ne Dedin?
11-Bu Sabah
13-Üç Dakika Antrakt
14-Unutulur Blues
15-Beyoglu 1961

Nino Varon - Ninovari

External Links:
Ekşi Sözlük - Nino Varon
About Nino Varon - Ninovari

Yves Montand - Les Feuilles Mortes

Yves Montand (October 13, 1921 – November 9, 1991) was an Italian-born French actor and singer.

Montand was born Ivo Livi in Monsummano Terme, Italy to Josephine and Giovanni, poor peasants. Montand's family left Italy for France. Montand grew up in Marseille, where as a young man he worked in his sister's barber shop, and later on the docks. He began a career in show business as a music-hall singer. In 1944 he was discovered by Édith Piaf in Paris and she made him part of her act, becoming his mentor and lover.Learn More about Yves Montand

Track List of Yves Montand - Les Feuilles Mortes :

1- Les Feuilles Mortes
2- C'est Si Bon
3- Les enfants qui s'aiment
4- Clementine
5- Jolie comme une rose
6- Parce que ça me donne du courage
7- J'ai de la veine
8- Les cireurs de souliers de Broadway
9- Flaner tous les deux
10- Champion du monde
11- Maitre Pierre
12- Feu de bois
13- Rien dans les mains rien dans les poches
14- Metro
15- Et la fête continue
16- La p'tite suzon (C'est pas qu'elle est belle
17- Quand elle est là
18- Ma prairie
19- Cornet de fraites
20- Bal, petit bal

Yves Montand - Les Feuilles Mortes

Gilbert Becaud - Spectacle de l'Olympia 97 (Live)

Gilbert Bécaud (24 October 1927 – 18 December 2001) was a French singer, composer and actor, known as Monsieur 100,000 Volts for his energetic performances. His best-known hits are probably Nathalie and Et maintenant, a 1961 release that became an English language hit after being translated into "What Now My Love?". Learn More About Gilbert Becaud

Track List of Gilbert Becaud - Spectacle de l'Olympia 97 (Live) :

CD 1
1. La Vente Aux Encheres
2. Seul Sur Son Etoile
3. Je T'Appartiens
4. De Only You A Maintenant
5. Le Petit Oiseau De Toutes Les Couleurs
6. Desperado
7. Un Peu D'Amour Et D'Amitie
8. Madame Roza
9. Quand Jules Est Au Violon
10. De L'Autre Cote De La Riviere
See all 11 tracks on this disc

CD 2
1. Dimanche A Orly
2. Le Bain De Minuit
3. L'Indien
4. L'Indifference
5. La Solitude, Ca N' Existe Pas
6. L'Olympia
7. Je Reviens Te Chercher
8. Nathalie
9. Et Maintenant
10. L' Important C'Est La Rose

Gilbert Becaud - Spectacle de l'Olympia 97 (Live)

Gilbert Becaud - Spectacle de l'Olympia 97 (Live)

Aretha Louise Franklin - Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs

The Queen Of Soul Aretha Louise Franklin (born March 25, 1942) is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. She is known to the music world as "The Queen of Soul" and is affectionately called "Sister Ree" by her fans. She is renowned for her soul recordings but is also adept at jazz, rock, blues, pop, gospel, and even opera. She is widely acclaimed for her passionate, soulful vocal style, which is aided by a massive and powerful vocal range. Learn More About Aretha Franklin

Track List of Aretha Franklin - Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs :

1. (It's Just) Your Love
2. Love Pang
3. I Got Your Love
4. You Are My Joy
5. Misty
6. Freeway Of Love
7. This Is For Real
8. Love Me Right
9. Every Girl (Wants My Guy)
10. When You Love Me Like That
11. Unforgettable
12. Gimme Your Love - Duet With James Brown
13. A Rose Is Still A Rose
14. Never Leave You Again
15. Until You Say You Love Me
16. Giving In

Aretha Franklin - Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs

External links
Official site
Aretha Franklin at the Internet Movie Database
Aretha Franklin at the Memorable Music Hall of Fame at Memorable TV

Ray Charles - Berlin [1962]

Ray Charles Robinson (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004), known by his stage name Ray Charles, was a pioneering American pianist and musician who shaped the sound of rhythm and blues. He brought a soulful sound to country music, pop standards, and a rendition of "America the Beautiful" that Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes called the "definitive version of the song, an American anthem — a classic, just as the man who sang it." Read More about Ray Charles Robinson

Track List of Ray Charles – Berlin [1962]

1.Band Intro
2.Strike Up the Band
3.One Mint Julep
4.I Got a Woman
5.Georgia on My Mind
7.The Danger Zone
8.Hallelujah I Love Her So
9.Come Rain or Come Shine
10.Hide nor Hair
11.Alexander's Ragtime Band
12.I Believe to My Soul
13.Hit the Road, Jack
14.The Right Time
15.Bye, Bye Love
16.Unchain My Heart
17.What'd I Say

Ray Charles - Berlin 1962

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