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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Fahir Atakoğlu - Istanbul in Blue

Track List:

1. Fahir Atakoğlu - Fuse On
2. Fahir Atakoğlu - op
3. Fahir Atakoğlu - Black Sea
4. Fahir Atakoğlu - Abeste
5. Fahir Atakoğlu - Connect
6. Fahir Atakoğlu - Ess
7. Fahir Atakoğlu - Gypsy In Me
8. Fahir Atakoğlu - Four Corners
9. Fahir Atakoğlu - Trapped
10. Fahir Atakoğlu - Istanbul In Blue

About Fahir Atakoğlu:

A native of Turkey,born in Istanbul, Fahir Atakoğlu is an international award winning composer and pianist, in the fields of large symphonic works and film music. His works have also been performed in various music festivals in Europe and across The United States to much acclaim. He is now finding a growing audience in Europe, Japan and in North America as well. His sensitivity as a composer deeply moves the audience by his unique rhythmic, melodic and harmonic sense. His music reflects his extraordinary talent in blending different musical cultures which make his compositions speak with striking originality, and always wonderfully connected to the culture of his motherland. Fahir Atakoğlu, since 1986, composed jingles, documentary and film music for many national and international productions. Following his first album in 1994 he released 8 albums in 17 countries including USA and sold over nearly 2 million copies since. Amongst his many awards, he won First prize for Documentary at the Milano Film Festival 2000 for "Exile in Buyukada" and the best Song Award of Mega Channel, Greece, 2002, with Telos Dios Telos, sold over 400.000 copies. Ahmet Ertegun, of Atlantic Records, referred to Fahir Atakoğlu as" .. one of the outstanding pianists and composers in Europe today ... at the cutting edge of the world music."


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