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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Fariborz Lachini - Golden Autumn 1 & 2

He started his career in Iran by writing music for children by creating Avaz Faslha va Rangha at the age of 18 which caught the attention of royal family of the time. The title of national Iranian TV's children programming for more than two decades, was one of his earlier works. Before Iran's Islamic Revolution, he also created music for some of Iran's pop icons.

After Islamic Revolution he moved to Europe to study Musicology in Universite de Paris - Sorbonne. It was then when his music got influenced by the European styles. He returned home and created one of the best loved contemporary solo piano albums of all in Iran with a unique style which was a combination of Persian and European classical styles called Paeez Talaee aka. Golden Autumn, which has been the number one seller for years in Iran and attracted fans from all around the world. Read more...

Track List of Golden Autumn 1 :

1.Autumn, Autumn, Autumn 4:06
2.Autumn Lightness 5:29
3.Autumn was lost in the leaves 4:49
4.In Autumn, the Leaves Came to Our House 4:39
5.Perplexed, I reached the Edge of Autumn 3:17
6.Faces Lost in the Autumn Leaves 4:00
7.In my Little Autumn, the trees had Only One Leaf 4:19
8.In a Corner of the Sky, were the leaves of Autumn 4:25
9.Confused, the Leaves went to the Sea 3:37
10.You were a Guest in Our House in Autumn 4:02
11.The Autumn Leaves went Towards Winter 3:39
12.The End of Autumn 3:04
13.Me without the Autumn 3:53
14.The End of Autumn
15.Me without the Autumn

Track List of Golden Autumn 2:

1. Dance of Leaves
2. Memories of Autumn
3. Whirlwind in Autumn
4. Stellar Silence
5. Loneliness
6. Desire to Stay
7. Childhood
8. I remember...
9. Staring at a mirror
10. Stranger
11. The trail of Loneliness
12. What must have been
13. Autumn Slumber
14. Reincarnation

Fariborz Lachini - Golden Autumn 1

Fariborz Lachini - Golden Autumn 2

External links :

Fariborz Lachini Official Site
Fariborz Lachini at MySpace
Fariborz Lachini at the Internet Movie Database

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