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Jean - Marc Zelwer | Discography

Jean-Marc ZELWER

Jean-Marc Zelwer has always been fascinated by the numerous colors offered by many instruments from all over the world. "Discovering a new instrument is like discovering a different culture even if you end up making it yourself" and so Jean-Marc creates a singular universe thanks to the diversity. After two creations for choreographer Karine Saporta (Le Bal dans un couloir de fer in 1987 and La Fiancée aux yeux de bois in 1988). Jean-Marc started collaborating with Francesca Lattuada in 1989 performing the entire catalogue of the Festina Lente Company. He has also composed original soundtracks and circus music.

Meanwhile, he has run The Kumpania Zelwer, with 8 musicians (he plays various instruments himself while Francesca is the body and the voice of "their fancy" imaginary gypsie orchestra) re-introducing weird objects and unusual instruments(water-drums, magic lantern). These shows aim to tickle both senses of hearing and vision ("Les Montreurs d`ours sont partis" in 1991 and "Daissa, le salon des mendiants" in1998).

Jean-Marc Zelwer won the Romain Rolland prize and he then travelled to India where he has learned santour with maestro R.W. Wishweshwaran. He has focused on the link between music and traditions in Japan during his stay at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto. His creative works vary from more or less structured architectures to refined or tough frames but it always reflects the palette of human emotions..

Discography :
La fiancée aux yeux de bois, Crammed discs [1991]
Les Dieux sont fâchés, Crammed discs [1995]
Les Dieux sont fâchés, Crammed discs [1995]
Zirkus primitif opéra, Tangram [1996]
La tribu iota, L’empreinte digitale [2001]
Daïssa avec la Kumpania Zelwer

1995 : Découverte de la lenteur : musical création for indian santour, voice and percussions.
1991 : Les montreurs d'ours sont partis : international tour until 1998.
Street Shows
1997 : Mariages, Mariages : Street création for 50 musicians, 3 « Alpines cors » and 60 amateurs dansers, F.Lattuada,Annecy.
1995 : Carnaleva : in the streets of Metz, création for 40 musicians, 4 bagpipers et 60 dansers, F.Lattuada, Metz, l'Arsenal.
Stage musics
2000 : La Tribu iOta : Francesca Lattuada for the Circus National Center 12th issue.
2000 : La donna è mobile : Solo of Francesca Lattuada.
1997 : Le Testament d'Ismaël Zotos : Francesca Lattuada for 5 dansers and sing.
1996 : Zirkus, primitif opéra : Francesca Lattuada for 7 dansers & 4 musicians, Arsenal de Metz, Théâtre de la ville/Paris.
1994 : Les Dieux sont fâchés : F.Lattuada - Espace Malraux / Chambéry
1992 : Stultifera navis : F. Lattuada - Festival d'Avignon
1991 : Hilarotragedia : F.Lattuada - Théâtre Gérard Philipe / St-Denis
1990 : Simplicissimus : F.Lattuada - Théâtre de la Bastille / Paris
1989 : Hôtel des fraises : Caroline Marcadé - L'Arsenal / Metz
1988 : La Fiancée aux yeux de bois : Karine Saporta / Festival d'Avignon
1987 : Le Bal dans un couloir de fer : K. Saporta / Festival d’été de Seine-Maritime

Francesca Lattuada: vocals and dance
Set up in France for more than 15 years, this italian choregrapher has created more than 10 shows with her company Festina Lente, in collaboration with Jean-Marc Zelwer. These creations perfectly blend music, singing and costumes as phantasmagoric as her imagination. Her constant ambition of reaching the ideal balance between contemporary esthetism and the need of rituals and popular transmission of a rich common background never come without joy. In 12/00, Francesca Lattuada created "La Tribu iOta" for the Circus National Center 12th issue, she also directed "Paraboles for Church " by Benjamin Britten at the Opera du Rhin, in November 99. She was born in Italy where she first sang before flying to Southern India. There she discovered karnatic singing, and then harmony singing and other folk songs and traditions. Determined and fragile, corporal and entirely dedicated to movement, Francesca Lattuada is verything but predictable.

Dimitri Artemenko; violin, singing saw
This Russian virtuoso was born in Tallinn in 1974. He has since won many prizes (Estonian young violinists First Prize in 84 and 88, Special Prize at Seine Saint-Denis Regional Contest in 95) before starting performing in Europe with The Kumpania Zelwer and the Berry Hayward Consort playing bowed fiddle in ancient instruments recitals.

Pierre Rigopoulos: zarb, darbouka, washboard
Multi-drums percussionist not only does he collaborate with traditional musicians (Djamich Chemirani, Kolinda, Spondo) but also with contemporary artists like Rachel Des Bois.In 1999 he joined Pablo Cueco`s Transes Europeennes Company and started touring with Hari Prasad Chaurasia (Theatre de la Ville, Paris). He has worked with Kudsi Erguner at the Istanbul Festival and with Lebanese composer Zad Moultaka opening the Baalbek Festival in Lebanon. He is part of Nadil Khalidi Quartet(oriental jazz) and has also collaborated with drama directors Ariane Mnouchkine and Jean-Louis Hourdin and with choreographer Marcelline Lartigue.

Jean-Francois Ott: cello, stroviol
He has studied 10 years in France and Germany before starting concerts. He is part of several trios and played the Phonics instruments conceived by Bauhaus student, Jean Weinfeld. While he has been taking part in The Kumpania Zelwer Jean-Francois has played with Ad Novem Nonet and singer Bevinda since 96. He is part of "Pessoa Em Pessoa", Bevinda recital with two cellos.

Sylvie Jerusalem: tuba
Self-made musician with a shimmering instrumental color, Sylvie Jerusalem has worked with different companies (Domino 7, Les 3 Orphelines, L'ARFI in Lyons, Eddy Louis...) and different directors (Jean-Louis Hourdin) and choreographers (Dominique Bagouet). She has first collaborated with Jean-Marc Zelwer and Francesca Lattuada in 1996 ("Zirkus, Primitif Opera" for 7 dancers and 4 musicians).

Michel Feugere: trumpet
Self-made trumpeter then student at Lyons Musicology and Jazz AIMRA school, he is one of a kind ! He plays with Patrice Caratini, Eric Lelann and Denis Leloup and is part of the National Jazz Orchestra. He has performed with many salsa orchestra (Azuquita, Papaito, Alfredo Rodriguez, Mambomania) not to forget Manu Dibango. He also runs his own jazz septet.

Ore Solomon: keyboards, Toy-piano
Student of piano maestro Victor Derevianko, Tel-Aviv Music Academy director, Ore approaches piano and programmation with equal joy. Kumpania Zelwer's snapper, he also plays with atthieu Boggaerts, collaborates with African musician Magic Malik and with Mecanique-Vivante for street performances.("La Toupie et les rencontres")

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Fascinating biography. I am listening to samples now and I'm very intrigued. This is a great discovery. You have some of the most amazing music on this blog; goodness knows where you find it. THanks for sharing with us.

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