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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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DeVotchKa [4 ALBUMS]

DeVotchKa is a four piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, and Mariachi music with American punk and folk roots. They take their name from Anthony Burgess' Nadsat word for "young girl," which is itself derived from the Russian word (девочка) of the same meaning. Based in Denver, Colorado, the quartet is made up of Nick Urata, who sings and plays theremin, guitar, bouzouki, piano, and trumpet; Tom Hagerman, who plays violin, accordion, and piano; Jeanie Schroder, who sings and plays sousaphone and double bass; and Shawn King, who plays percussion and trumpet. Read More...

Super Melodrama [2002]

1.Danglin' Feet
2.De Vot Chka!
3.Gasoline Serpent
4.Head Honcho
5.Dark Eyes
6.Whiskey Breath
7.Sunrise On Cicero
8.Cuba Libre
9.Jaws Of The World, The
10.Life Is Short
12.Curse Your Little Heart
13.In The Tower

Una Volta [2003]

1.C'est Ce La
2.Oblivion, The
3.Death By Blonde
4.Queen Of The Surface Streets
5.One Last Vow
6.Venge! Vengo!
8.Ocean Of Lust
9.C'est Ce La Part II
10.Commerce City Sister
11.La Llorrona

How It Ends [2004]

1.You Love Me
2.Enemy Guns, The
3.No One Is Watching
4.Twenty-Six Temptations
5.How It Ends
6.Charlotte Mittnacht (The Fabulous Destiny Of)
7.We're Leaving
8.Dearly Departed
9.Such A Lovely Thing
10.Too Tired
11.Viens Avec Moi
12.This Place Is Haunted
13.Lunnaya Pogonka

Curse Your Little Heart [2006]

1.I Cried Like A Silly Boy
2.Curse Your Little Heart
3.Last Beat Of My Heart, The
4.Somethin' Stupid
5.Venus In Furs
6.El Zopilote Mojado

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Joel said...

thanks for this awesome collection!


You're welcome. One more DeVotchKa album is on the way. In our upload list.

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