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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Louis Delgado - El Sueno De Al-Zaqqaq (Updated)

Luis Delgado has worked with all kinds of groups, like "Iman" (Andalusian rock), "Atrium Musicae" (antique music), "Babia" (east-west-fusion), "Finis Africae" (ethnic fusion), "Cálamus" (Spanish medieval music), "La Musgaña" (traditional music), Spanish-Moroccan group "Ibn Baya" etc.

Born July 16, 1956 in the Chamberi quarter of Madrid, Luis Delgado did his first concert at the age of fourteen with the orchestra of Laúdes, "Gaspar Sanz", whose director, D. Manuel Grandío, taught him most of what he knows about music. Luis also took classes in Hindu, Iranian and Andalusian music, as well as in African percussion. Read More...

Louis Delgado - El Sueno De Al-Zaqqaq
Mp3 | 192 Kbps | 77,50 MB | Covers | RS
01. Balansiya
02. The Greeting
03. The Nocturnal Dawn
04. The New Moon
05. Drinking At Dawn
06. The Belt And The Bracelet
07. The Light Of Axarquia
08. Roses In The Pool
09. The Look
10. Dawn Over The Sea
11. The Route Of Black Ivory
12. Epitaph

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Anonymous said...

Hello there. I'm sorry, but the link doesn't work. D'you mind fixing it because I really would like to download this album. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

yes, sure. REuploading.

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Anonymous said...

The secret word is "mbmc". (lower case) Album titles, if not self-evident, are in the files.

Anonymous said...

cant download

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