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Michael Jackson - Bad [1987]


01. Bad | 04:07 |
02. The Way You Make Me Feel | 05:00 |
03. Speed Demon | 04:01 |
04. Liberian Girl | 03:54 |
05. Just Good Friends | 04:08 |
06. Another Part Of Me | 03:55 |
07. Man In The Mirror | 05:20 |
08. I Just Can't Stop Loving You | 04:25 |
09. Dirty Diana | 04:52 |
10. Smooth Criminal | 04:19 |
11. Leave Me Alone | 04:39 |

Wouldn't you have hated to be Michael Jackson around 1986 to 1987? You're fixing to release your 3rd solo album and the official follow-up to the most successful album ever in Thriller. The resulting work would be Bad which would sell around 20 million or roughly half what Thriller sold. Bad would be the first album ever to have 5 #1's on it. However, in my opinion unlike Off the Wall and Thriller in which every track was good there were some forgettable tracks on Bad. This would start an alarming pattern for Jackson as his following albums after Bad would be uneven at best. I really feel that he was never the same after Bad and alot of that had to do with the unrealistic expectations he had in topping Thriller. The best tracks in my opinion on the album are as follows:

1) Bad -- A great up-tempo song, it was a smart choice to kick off the album.

7) Man in the Mirror -- One of my all-time favorite MJ songs. It may be his greatest ballad as only She's Out of my Life gives it any competition. Great background vocals by MJ, Siedah Garrett (who co-wrote the song), the Winans, and the Andrae Crouch Choir (who MJ would use on other songs in the future).

8) I Just Can't Stop Loving You -- A song that I swear that I do not remember hearing when it first came out. MJ's vocals sound alot like his partner's, Siedah Garrett.

9) Dirty Diana -- A great rockin' track that was sort of the sequel to Beat It. Steve Stevens, who was Billy Idol's guitarist, gives a great performance here and he tells one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. In a book on Billboard #1 hits, he tells how Quincy Jones has all these unusual sayings including the classic, "Steve, could you put a little more custard in your cone, man?" (Q meant that Steve was playing behind the beat).

10) Smooth Criminal -- Great overall feel to this song as MJ sings the vocals in machine gun like fashion.

11) Leave Me Alone -- A bonus track, I just like the overall feel of this song. However, I did not like the video. It (the video) sorta enhanced MJ's weirdness.

IMHO, Bad was the last great Michael Jackson album. I really feel that since Bad he has put out mediocre material.

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