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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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City Of Angels ~ [SOUNDTRACK]

1. If God Will Send His Angels - U2
2. Uninvited - Alanis Morissette
3. Red House - Jimi Hendrix
4. Feelin' Love - Paula Cole
5. Mama, You Got A Daughter - John Lee Hooker
6. Angel - Sarah McLachlan
7. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
8. I Grieve - Peter Gabriel
9. I Know - Jude
10. Further Up On The Road - Eric Clapton
11. An Angel Falls - Gabriel Yared
12. The Unfeeling Kiss - Gabriel Yared
13. Spreading Wings - Gabriel Yared
14. City Of Angels - Gabriel Yared

this CD is one of my top 5 favorite CDs. as far as soundtracks go - this one and one other are my favs. (the other? you want to know? it's Boys on the Side) it's not that I even like the movie - cause I don't. just that the soundtrack is soooooooo good!

my dear husband, Norman, and I have had great sex to this CD more times than I can count. and I fall asleep to it several times a month. I keep it next to my bed.

the songs -

If God Will Send His Angels - very soft, sweet, sultry, kind.
Uninvited - Alanis Morissette, haunting, sultry, memorable.
Mama, You Got A Daughter - love it! I want a whole CD with just this guy! John Lee Hooker - New Orleans kinda blues - so good. Angel - sweet, Sarah McLachlan. yummy good.
Iris - beyond beautiful. Goo Goo Dolls.

the rest, all good. Jimmi, U2, what a cast! as a compilation - it is very very good.

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