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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Burhan Öçal ~ Istanbul Oriantal Ensemble Sultan's Secret Door

1. Mahur Oriental
2. Nihavent Oriental
3. Nihavent Oyun Havasi
4. Roman II
5. Fasulye
6. Sultaniyegah Sirto
7. Roxelana
8. Eve Donus
9. Ke Jati Den Ma To Les-Ta Lefta/Indim Havuz Basina

Arabian flavour signifies Turkish music and culture.But, European influence gives it a difference from other middle-eastern cultures and musics.It isn't as rigid in its rhythm as Bellydance music, and nor is it as contemplative as Sufi music.
Long stretches of improvisation and mood (always Turkish scales, not jazz), where instruments (percussion,clarinet,oud,violin etc...) enjoyably drift in and out of each other, inevitably find their way into distinctive rhythmic melodylines.You can hear each instrument's texture so clearly, thanks to great production and highest quality instruments -which are played amazingly well.This music is hypnotic because it just 'flows'.There's no sense of effort, despite it being virtuosic.It perfectly fits the Arabian fantasy-world imagery from films and stories, aswell as being authentic folk music.
For a Turkish cd that is back to back melodylines, "Gypsy Rum" and "Caravanserai" would be better choices.But for a cd that shares the catchy parts between long sequences of Turkish mood, this one is perfect.
I'm glad Burhan Ocal didn't keep this secret as well as the Sultan had intended to.

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