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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Divna Ljubojevic - Slavoslovije & Zivonosni Istocnik [2 Albums]

Track Lists of 2 albums and more

Track List of Divna Ljubojevic - Slavoslovije

01 Veliko Slavoslovlje
02 Gavrilu Vjescavsu
03 Dostojno Jest (Vizantinski Napev)
04 Polijelej
05 Statije
06 Angelskij sobor
07 Hristos Anesti
08 Iz Molbenog Kanona Presvetoj Bogorodici
09 Dostojno Jest (Ruski Napev)
10 Defte Lai
11 Poveljenoje
12 Vozbranoj Vojevodje

Track List of Divna Ljubojevic - Zivonosni Istocnik

01 Bogorodice Djevo
02 Volsvi Persidstviji
03 S Nami Bog
04 Blagoslovi Duse Moja Gospoda
05 Kirie Eleison
06 Stihire Pashe
07 Plotiju Usnuv
08 Jelici Vo Hrista Krestistesja
09 Tebe Pojem
10 Dostojne Jest
11 Bogorodice Djevo
12 Aksion Estin

Divna Ljubojevic - Slavoslovije & Zivonosni Istocnik

Divna Ljubojevic - Slavoslovije & Zivonosni Istocnik

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4 Comment:

eugenionuț said...

hello! please,can you tell me the password for the rar archives you uploaded on rapidshare? i am a romanian guy i i like Divna's music,but it's so hard to find. please send me an email at this adress Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Mail has been sent.. Do not try to extract files, before inspect RAR files!
you would see Password when you open RAR file;)
we write down password in RAR comment section and not Encrypt files names.
PASS: mbmc

eugenionuț said...

Thany you very much! I want to congratulate you for promoting such beautiful music like Divana's. I becomed atracted by her music when i discovered those horible things wich happen with the ortodoxe churches in KOSOVO. Backthen I listened one of Divana's song!

Again: congratulations and thank you!

Anonymous said...

you're welcome Prodiaspora. She gave amazing performances.

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