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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Factotum [SOUNDTRACK] [2006] by Kristin Asbjornsen

''This cd is so freakin' good. I LOVE it. Kirstin Asbjornsen was the perfect choice for the music for this film. She captures the grit and depression of Bukowski... features two Bukowski poems set to music. Sparse, raspy, and sad... this truly is music for a "slow day, moving into a slow night".''
By jto "apsht!"

Track List of Factotum [SOUNDTRACK] by Kristin Asbjørnsen

128 Kbps | MP3 | 52 MB
1.On The Bus (1:20)
2.Reunion (2:50)
3.I Wish To Weep (2:32)
4.Farewell I (1:46)
5.Slow Day (3:41)
6.Ice Plant Overture (1:24)
7.Pickles (2:40)
8.Still Awake (2:11)
9.Quirky Waltz (1:29)
10.Dreamland II (4:18)
11.Slow Day Fragments (2:13)
12.My Garden (2:02)
13.In The Kitchen (2:31)
14.Beside You (1:43)
15.Drunk Driving (1:54)
16.Remembering (1:44)
17.Shoes (1:41)
18.If You're Going To Try (3:41)
19.Horse Race Groove (1:32)
20.Farewell II (1:49)
21.Slow Day II (5:36)

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