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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Fanfare Ciocarlia - Baro Biao - World Wide Wedding [1999]

Fanfare Ciocărlia... (alternate spelling Ciocârlia) is a popular twelve-piece Roma brass band from the northeastern Romanian village of Zece Prăjini. The band began as a loose assemblage of part-time musicians playing at local weddings and baptisms. more...

This is truly intoxicating and heady music. If you imagine a brass band (usually synonomous with 'military' music), shaken hard, a rhythm section as tight as can be, playing what can only be equated to a gypsy version of speed metal - you still don't come anywhere close to describing how breathtaking this group plays. I saw them live 3 months ago in london, and the nearest description i can give is like being in a east european rhythmic earthquake. This band plays on the edge of the believable and is probably what the devil listens to when throwing a party. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... more...

Track List of Fanfare Ciocărlia... - Baro Biao - World Wide Wedding

Over 400 Kbps | 79,34 MB | Mp3 | Asphalt Tango | Romania/Gypsy
1. Asfalt Tango 6:12
2. Manuela oh Manuela 4:05
3. Sirba de la lasi 1:40
4. Hora de la monastirea 1:48
5. Mariana 3:23
6. Manea cu voca 4:37
7. Mr. Lobaloba 2:21
8. Tiganeasca 1:59
9. Doina si cintec 3:23
10. Hora lui Pusac 1:25
11. Hai Romale! 1:53
12. Piece de Tarita 3:03
13. Lume, lume si Hora 6:52
14. Balaseanca de 8 ore 2:31
15. Sirba fluierate 2:30
16. Manea tiganilor 3:07
17. Casablanca 2:39
18. Baro Biao 5:31

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