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Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II

Whole lotta love
What is and what should never be
The lemon song
Thank you
Living loving maind
Ramble on
Moby dick
Bring it on home

* Artist: Led Zeppelin
* Album: Led Zeppelin II
* Release: 1969
* Label: Atlantic
* Bitrate/Quality: 192 kbps
* Genre: Rock
* Length: 41 min 24 sec

The fathers of heavy metal, one of the greatest and well-sold bands of the previous century Led Zeppelin was founded on the wrecks of The Yardbirds. In 1967, The Yardbirds recorded their last album Little Games and were on the brink of extinction. The band's members Jimmy Page and John Paul Johns became friends and Johns volunteered to take part in Jimmy's sessions and projects. By that moment, The Yardbirds lost their vocalist and guitarist, and Page got into a difficult situation. He started looking for the substitutes and soon found Robert Plant, singing in Hobbstweedle command. However, the bassist also left the band and John Paul Johns took his place, while Page hired John Bonham as a drummer. As Page got the scenic name and all obligatories of The Yardbirds, he and his collective worked under the name of the New Yardbirds until late September of 1968, when all the previous engagements were fulfilled. In October 1968, they switched their name to Led Zeppelin and recorded the debut self-titled album, also known as Led Zeppelin I, in less than 30 hours. The same year they got a contract with the American label Atlantic records and in 1969 headed to their first tour across the USA.

Led Zeppelin became famous at once in Europe and Northern America. During their constant touring in 1969, the musicians recorded Led Zeppelin II, which also became a hit. With the third album, titled Led Zeppelin III, the sound of the artists deepened and acquired a noticeable English folk influence. The band's obsession with mythology and folk got its climax on their forth album Led Zeppelin IV, which saw light in 1971 and emerged their greatest song - the 8 minute rock ballad Stairway To Heaven. The album of 1973 Houses Of The Holy was one more band's musical experiment and featured rock-with-folk material, seasoned with funk and reggae. In 1973, Led Zeppelin made a huge tour across America. 1974 was quiet, though the same year the musicians organized their own recording studio called Swan Song. In 1975, the double album Physical Graffiti became the first thing to be recorded at Swan Songs. The support tour was cancelled due to a serious car crash, in which Robert Plant and his wife were seriously injured. Therefore, Led Zeppelin were able to record a new disc only in 1976 and called it Presence. During the tour Plant's little son died of an infection. The tour was immediately cancelled. For some time the future of the band was under question, as Plant spent about 2 years in solitude.

Anyway, in late 1978, Led Zeppelin got down to the new full-length record at the ABBA's studio in Sweden. In 1979, the band made a short tour across Europe and at last released their much-delayed album In Through The Out Door. In May 1980, Led Zeppelin went on the final European tour. During the rehearsals of the American farewell concerts 32-year-old Bonham was found dead in his bed, choked with his own vomit due to alcohol abuse. Other participants announced their disbanding, as they could no longer proceed without Bonham. After the breakup Plant, Page and Johns all started their solo careers. Jimmy Page released a Led Zeppelin songs compilation Coda in 1982, and in spite of the reunion rumors, Led Zeppelin former members gathered only accidentally for some big musical events. In 1990, the three-disc compilation of Led Zeppelin heredity was released - it became the biggest-selling multi-disc box of all times. It was followed by the ten-disc collection The Complete Studio Records three years later. In the fall of 1994, Page and Plant recorded a duo concert for MTV Unplugged, called No Quarter. Their duet resulted in one more record, Walking Into Clarksdale of 1998. 90's and 00's saw several releases of Led Zeppelin sessions. The surviving members also softened their position about the use of Led Zeppelin material in soundtracks. In 2007 the musical legends allowed releasing their best hits collection Mothership in electronic format and performed a reunion concert in London.

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