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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Elvis Presley | That's All Right | Blue Moon of Kentucky

Rock 'n' Roll

Released: July 19, 1954
Recorded: Sun Studios, Memphis, July 5, 1954

Side A:That's All Right (Mama)

Side B:Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Released: September 1954
Recorded: Sun Studios, Memphis, September 9, 1954

Side A:Good Rockin' Tonight

Side B:I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine

***Elvis Presley***

WAV Audio, 63 mb

Elvis Presley - That's All Right (Mama)

Elvis Presley - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine

Ekrem and the Gypsy Groovz - Rivers of Happiness

Gypsy Brass, Ethno Jazz

In Vranjska Banja, a Roman-Gypsy village of about 600 families, situated in the border region between Serbia and Kosovo, music is played from generation to generation in order to survive. These people's lives are shaped around music. Their song is a universal explanation of life, their only true passion, their way of remembering and keeping the families together. Gypsy Groovz, the orchestra of Vranjska Banja's Ekrem Sajdic, has been selected as the most authentic live band in the history of the "Golden Brass Summit", a music festival that has taken place in Guca/Serbia for 41 years, being called "Serbian Woodstock". Every year in August, hundreds of thousands of people meet in Guca for the biggest brass party in the world. Dozens of bands try to win the title of the "Golden Trumpet" that guarantees them the best-paid gigs and gypsy weddings in the following year. The clue in the selection of this particular band was the warmth of their music and its ability to transfer emotions into the eruption of positive feelings.

The tunes on "Rivers Of Happiness" are played in a private or improvised style and represent the cheeriest rarity for the music gourmet. When recording this CD the fellows were in a very good mood for being able to incorporate live improvisations by Dusko Goykovich whom they met for the first time. Goykovich who had been dreaming about this for forty years was in a boyish mood and fresh as ever despite his seventy years. At the beginning both parties held back in mutual estimation but during the recording this changed into a creative explosion with laughter and cheering. An old bebop fox when it comes to improvisation, Goykovich very soon found his place in the music profile of the orchestra but stayed loyal to his own way of playing. In the music of Gypsy Groovz you can hear the historical relations to Indian ragas, Sufi trance music, Egyptian and Armenian melodies, Turkish, Bulgarian and Macedonian patterns, the temper of Spanish flamenco, Sardinian and Dalmatian melodic polyphony, Serbian and Romanian love for variation. Ramesh Shotham, the Indian percussion player from Madras, had never met Ekrem's orchestra before but immediately recognized their story and their music as his own - and added a touch of the ancient Gypsies' Indian roots.

Track List:

1. Procvetalo Nebo 04:56
2. Cocek Majka 04:22
3. Igra Prociscenja 02:46
4. Reka Zelja 05:35
5. Cocek Srece 05:58
6. Danguba 04:20
7. Molitva 04:32
8. Cigansko Veselje 04:40
9. Cocek Strasti 06:13
10. Gresnica 03:17
11. Ljubavni Ritam 06:10
12. Srcu Mome Radosti 05:51

*Ljubavni ritam*


Trumpets - Ekrem Sajdic, Ninoslav Demirovic, Dzafer Kurtic
Reeds - Aca Raimovic, Srba Raimovic
Tubas - Trajce Asanovic, Dragan Muslic, Aca Baterovic, Jemin Zecirovic, Branislav Sajdic Drums, Percussion - Siristar Kurtic, Nezet Asanovic, Goran Milosevic Guests
Solo Trumpet - Dusko Goykovich
Tabla, Percussion - Ramesh Shotham

Mamadou Diabate - Behmanka [2oo4]

Kora music, Mali

Track List:

1. Touma
2. Jamanadiera
3. Behmanka
4. Kora Boloba
5. Kita Baro
6. Diarabi Kele
7. Sanfene Foli
8. Djimbaseh

320 kbps

*Blue Moon of Kentucky*

Mamadou Diabate was born in 1975 in Kita, a Malian city long known as a center for the arts and culture of the Manding people of West Africa. As the name Diabate indicates, Mamadou comes from a family of griots, or jelis as they are known among the Manding. Jelis are more than just traditional musicians. They use music and sometimes oratory to preserve and sustain peoples' consciousness of the past, a past that stretches back to the 13th century when the Manding king Sunjata Keita consolidated the vast Empire of Mali, covering much of West Africa. The stories of these glory days and the times since remain important touchstones for people today, not only for the Manding, but for many citizens of Mali, Guinea, Gambia, and Senegal. So to be born to a distinguished jeli family in Kita is already an auspicious beginning.

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Alanis Morissette - Still

Track List:

1 Sister blister
2 Hand clean ( Acoustic Single Edit )
3 Fear of bliss
4 Unprodigal daughter
5 Symptoms
6 Awaking americans
7 Offer
8 Bent4U
9 Simple togehter
10 Purga torying
11 Sorry 2 myself
12 Joining you ( Melancholic Single Mix )
13 These are the thoughts
14 Pollyanna flower
15 Uninvited ( Acoustic Demo )
16 Still

192 Kbps



Alanis Morissette - Still lyrics

Alanis Morissette - Still lyrics (Turkish)

All About Alanis Morissette : Alanis Nadine Morissette (born in Ottawa, 1 June 1974) is a dual-citizen Canadian - American singer-songwriter, record producer, and occasional actress. She has won twelve Juno Awards and seven Grammy Awards, and has sold more than sixty million albums worldwide... Click to see more...

Nat King Cole Trio - Jack Costanzo

Vocal Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Vocal Jazz

Track List:

01. Yes, Sir That's My Baby
02. I Used To Love You
03. Laugh! Cool Clown
04. Exactly Like You
05. Bop-Kick
06. My Baby Just Cares For Me
07. Peaches
08. I Wake Up Screaming Dreaming Of You
09. Last But Not Least
10. A Little Yellow Ribbon
11. Top Hat Bop
12. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
13. Go Bongo
14. Etymology (The Language Of Love)
15. Rhumba Blues
16. Bang Bang Boogie
17. Lush Life
18. Deed I Do
19. Your Voice
20. Don't Shove, I'm Leaving
21. All Aboard
22. Ooh Kickeroonie
23. Calypso Blues

~L'epopee d'Anoucne~

~L'epopee d'Anoucne~

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A biography of Nat King Cole - By Roy Holmes

V.A. - Venus Lounge Vol. 1

Ambient, Chill Out

Track List:

CD 1:

01. Avido - Suggermoon
02. Handmade - Arped armonies
03. DJ Frenchkiss - Skin and juice
04. Revealed - Fantasies
05. Lipstick - Little bear
06. Cream DCO - Orchestral funk
07. Virtual Salon - Shifted melodies
08. Tom de Ville - Sunflower
09. Redcliff - First touch
10. Kiara - Forbidden fruit
11. Gio G. - Sensa te
12. Silk Kiss - Velvet

CD 2:

01.Ladyland - Venize tonight
02.DJ Amor - Wild taste
03.Voyage d'Agrement - Lemon beats
04.Adelle - Shaky mood
05.Mr Deep - Lick it
06.Villa Onyx - Wild roses
07.DrummaDUB - Dream inside
08.Funk O'Neilly - Organ experience
09.Odd - Even
10.Filled System - The lick
11.Pablo Sanchez - Behind her
12.Holy Chine - In a mood

~Waiting For My Lucky Monday ~

~Waiting For My Lucky Tuesday~

~Waiting For My Lucky Wednesday~

~Waiting For My Lucky Thursday~

Gothic Voices - Jerusalem Vision Of Peace

Track List:

1. Luto carens et latere
2. Jerusalem! grant damage me fais
3. Jerusalem accipitur
4. Te Deum
5. O levis aurula!
6. Hac in die Gedeonis
7. Guiot de Dijon - Chanterai pour mon coriage
8. In salvatoris - Ce fu en tres douz tens - In veritate - Veritatem
9. Gradual
10. Alleluia
11. Gospel
12. Veri vitis germine
13. Huon de St. Quentin - Jerusalem se plaint et li pais
14. Luget Rachel iterum
15. Invocantes Dominum: Psalm - Deus, qui venerunt
16. Congaudet hodie celestis curia
17. Hildegard Of Bingen - O Jerusalem


Gregorian Chant (Composer), Anonymous (Composer), Guiot de Dijon (Composer), Gothic Voices (Performer)








Click to see more about Jerusalem - Vision of Peace /Christopher Page, Gothic Voices!

Verdi - La Traviata / Sutherland, Pavarotti, Manuguerra, NPO, Bonynge

Track List:

CD: 1

1. Preludio
2. La Traviata: Atto I - Dell'invito trascorsa
3. La Traviata: Atto I - Brindisi: Libiamo, ne' lieti calici
4. La Traviata: Atto I - Che e cio?
5. La Traviata: Atto I - Un di felice, eterea
6. La Traviata: Atto I - E strano! e strano! ... Ah! fors'e lui
7. La Traviata: Atto I - Follie! ... Sempre libera
8. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena I - Lunge da lei...
9. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena I - De' miei bollenti spiriti
10. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena I - O mio rimorso!
11. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena I - Pura siccome un angelo
12. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena I - Dite alla giovine...Morro! La mia memoria
13. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena I - Dammi tu forza, o cielo!...Amami, Alfredo
14. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena I - Di Provenza il mar, il suol...
15. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena I - No, non udrai rimproveri

CD: 2

1. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena II - Avrem lieta di maschere la notte...Noi siamo zingarelle
2. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena II - Alfredo! Voi! ... Or tutti a me ... Ogni suo aver
3. La Traviata: Atto II - Scena II - Di sprezzo degno
4. La Traviata: Atto III - Annina? - Comandate?
5. La Traviata: Atto III - 'Teneste la promessa... ' E tardi... Addio del passato...
6. La Traviata: Atto III - Baccanale: Largo al quadrupede
7. La Traviata: Atto III - Signora -- Che t'accade?
8. La Traviata: Atto III - Parigi, o cara...Ah! Gran Dio! Morir si giovine
9. La Traviata: Atto III - Ah Violetta! ... Se una pudica vergine

We shall remain 1

Gira Y Que Gira 2

We shall remain 3

Gira Y Que Gira 4

We shall remain 5

Gira Y Que Gira 6

320 Kbps

Verdi - La Traviata / Sutherland, Pavarotti, Manuguerra, NPO, Bonynge:
Giuseppe Verdi (Artist), Richard Bonynge (Artist), Joan Sutherland (Artist), Luciano Pavarotti (Artist), National Philharmonic Orchestra (Artist), London Opera Chorus (Artist), Della Jones (Artist), Matteo Manuguerra (Artist), William Elvin (Artist), Marjon Lambriks (Artist)

''This is an intriguing version of "La Traviata." Joan Sutherland takes on the role of Violetta, something that does not appear to be a natural fit, near the end of her career. Other sopranos, such as Renata Scotto or Anna Moffo, appear more natural in this role. Luciano Pavarotti, at an earlier stage in his career, is fresh voiced in comparison. The rest of the cast is serviceable in their various roles. Richard Bonynge conducts. The overture illustrates the pathos of this opera. It is an affecting version.'' Click here to see more about this album

Madeleine Peyroux & William Galison - Got You On My Mind

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

Track List:

01. Back In Your Own Back Yard
02. J'Ai Deux Amours
03. Flambee Montalbanese
04. Got You On My Mind
05. Jealous Guy
06. The Way You Look Tonight
07. Rag For Madi
08. Playin'
09. Shoulda Known
10. Heaven To Me
11. Heaven Help Us All

Two accomplished, hard to classify musicians with a mutual history in street music spent some time together making what they thought would just be a "demo." But the results were too good, and while vocalist Madeleine Peyrous was already on her way to fame with a big contract deal and plenty of tour dates, her harmonica-wielding collaborator was still flying below the radar screen. So William Galison added a few more tracks and the result is the magnificent Got You On My Mind (2004, Waking Up Music). Initially available only through Galison's website, the recording has finally found the light of day, aka and other distributors.

I admit that, until a few months ago, I was a total stranger to the music and art of William Galison. An internationally acclaimed innovator on the unlikely jazz instrument, the harmonica, Galison was born and raised in New York City. After early study of classical piano, at age eight he switched to guitar, inspired by the Beatles. Developing a love of jazz in high school, he went on to Berklee College of Music in Boston where he again changed instruments because "I was one of a million guitarists at Berklee." With Toots Thielemans and Stevie Wonder as role models, he became Berklee’s only harmonica player and played "till I got dizzy." Click to see more...

Full Madeleine Peyroux Biography:
Peyroux (pronounced 'Peru' or 'Pear-roo') is noted for her vocal style, which is highly reminiscent of Billie Holiday.

Peyroux was born in Athens, Georgia. Her family was in academia, and she has described her parents as "hippies". Her father moved the family to Brooklyn when Peyroux was six, so he could pursue a career in acting. She grew up in New York City and southern California, and when her parents divorced, she moved with her mother to Paris. Click to see more... or Click here

Madeleine Peyroux — Official site for Madeleine Peyroux
Madeleine Peyroux on MySpace — Official MySpace page for Madeleine Peyroux
Madeleine Peyroux — Peyroux's UK record company site
Madeleine Peyroux — brief biography by Richard Skelly for All Music Guide
Madeleine Peyroux Fan site — Information on Madeleine and discussion board
Madeleine Peyroux singing I'm All Right on YouTube


David Antony Clark - The Leaving of Ireland [1999]

New Age, Instrumental, World Music, Ambient, Folk

Track List:

1) Shanachie
2) Eirin
3) A Hundred Shades of Green
4) Freeborn Man
5) Hills of Home
6) The Hunger
7) Celtic Cross
8) Kathleen
9) The Leaving of Ireland
10) Dreams of Freedom
11) A New and Blessed Land
12) New World

~That's Me! Zorba!~

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