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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Baba Zula [Discography] [UPDATED]

Love & Kisses - How much I love you [1978]

Disco, Euro-Dance

While Love and Kisses' self-titled debut album was likable in spite of its excesses, How Much, How Much I Love You is marred by weaker material and ends up being suffocated by its excesses. The 16-minute title song, which takes up all of side one, drags on way too long for a tune that isn't very memorable and sounds like a poor man's "I've Found Love (Now That I Have Found You)." If a song is going to last that long, it should have an above-average groove, but this tune doesn't. Meanwhile, most of side two is devoted to "Beauty and the Beast," producer Alec R. Costandinos' cheesy 14-minute disco adaptation of the fairy tale. Costandinos was never one to shy away from camp, but his "Beauty and the Beast" is beyond campy -- it's silly and just plain corny. Side two ends on a surprising note with "Maybe," a decent, if unremarkable, pop ballad that is a major departure from the sort of hyper Eurodisco Love and Kisses was known for. What you won't hear is the theme song from Thank God It's Friday, which came out in 1978 but was only released as a single and isn't on any of Love and Kisses' LPs. And that's regrettable, because "Thank God It's Friday" is arguably the best song the group recorded. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

Track List of How Much, How Much I Love You:

1.How Much, How Much I Love You

2.Beauty and the Beast

*How much I love you*

Manu Chao - Esperanza [2001]

La ResurrecciOn del Angel

Track list of Manu Chao - Esperanza :

1. Merry Blues
2. Bixo
3. El Dorado 1997
4. Promiscuity
5. La Primavera
6. Me Gustas Tu
7. Denia
8. Mi Vida
9. Trapped by Love
10. Le Rendez Vous
11. Mr. Bobby
12. Papito
13. La Chinita
14. La Marea
15. Homens
16. La Vacaloca
17. Infinita Tristeza

Manu Chao - Siberie metait contee [2005]

Manu Chao - Esperanza [2001]

Manu Chao - Clandestino [1998]

Manu Chao - Clandestino [1998]

Adios nonino

Track List of Manu Chao - Clandestino :

1. Clandestino
2. Desaparecido
3. Bong Bong
4. Je Ne T’Aime Plus
5. Mentira
6. Lagrimas De Oro
7. Mama Call
8. Luna Y Sol
9. Por El Suelo
10. Welcome to Tijuana
11. Dia Luna..Dia Pena
12. Malegria
13. La Vie A 2
14. Minha Galera
15. La Despedida
15. El Viento

Manu Chao - Siberie metait contee [2005]

Manu Chao - Esperanza [2001]

Slonovski Bal - Balkanska Rumba

Track List of Slonovski Bal - Balkanska Rumba :

2.Hocemo li u Sabac
3.Arabis Orient
7.Bulgar Roman(live)

Immigrant Child

Clik here to see Slonovski Bal - Balkan Merak

Manu Chao- Siberie m'etait contee [2005]

Track List of Manu Chao - SibErie m'Etait contEe :

01 - Le P'TIT Jardin
02 - Petite blonde du bld Brune
03 - La Valse a Sale Temps
04 - Les mille Paillettes
05 - Il faut manger
06 - Helno est mOrt
07 - J'ai besoin de la lunE
08 - L'automne esT las
09 - Si loin DE te joue...
10 - 100.000 remords
11 - Trop tot, trop tard...
12 - Te Tromper
13 - Madame Banquise
14 - Les rues de l'Hiver...
15 - Siberie fleuve amour
16 - Les petites Planètes
17 - Te souviens tu ...
18 - J'ai besoin de la lune mix
19 - Dans mon jardin
20 - Merci bonsoir....
21 - Fou de toi
22 - Les yeux turquoise
23 - ...siberie...

So Glad You're Mine

Diggin' My Potatoes

Manu Chao - Siberie metait contee [2005]

Manu Chao - Esperanza [2001]

Manu Chao - Clandestino [1998]

Slonovski BaL - Balkan merak

Track List of Slonovski BaL - Balkan merak :

1 Uvod
2 Merak Cocek
3 Rumunski Swing
4 Hocemo li u Sabac
5 Sabacko Kolo
6 Kerta Mange Dae
7 ussak taksim
8 Numara
9 Sano Duso
10 Ciganska Terga
11 Burgarska balada
12 Cacak
13 Ganci Kolo
14 Revisko Oro

***Wear my ring around your neck***

Dirty Blues Band

Track List of Dirty Blues Band:

1.Don't start me talkin
2.What is soul,babe?
3.Hound dog
4.New orleans woman
5.I'll do anything babe
6.Checkin' up on my babe
7.Shake ıt babe
8.Wory wory blues
9.Born under a bad sign
11.Chicken shack


Music Of Cyprus - Kibris'in Sesi

Track List of Music Of Cyprus - Kibris'in Sesi:

01 - Dugun Muzikleri: Kozan Marsi / Syrtos
02 - Dugun Muzikleri: To Tragoudi You Gamou
03 - Ask sarkilari: Sabahin Seher Vahdinda
04 - Ask sarkilari: Dolama / Na Sou Goraso Mihanin
05 - Kibris'ta Dini Muzik: T'ai Giorki
06 - Kibris'ta Dini Muzik: sem-i Ruhuna
07 - Köy: Abdal Zeybegi / Aptalikos
08 - Kibris'ta Geçmise Yolculuk: Kartal
09 - Kibris'ta Geçmise Yolculuk: Sousta
10 - Zeybekler: Varys Zeybekikos
11 - Zeybekler: Sarhos Seybegi / Ime Tze Ganomatris
12 - Kibris'in Sesi: Agapisa Tin Pou Karkias
13 - Kibris'in Sesi: Feslikan / Syrtos
14 - Kibris'in Sesi: Orak / To Mashairin
15 - Kibris'in Sesi: Dillirga / Tillyrkatissa


Yuri Yunakov, Salif Ali, Ivo Papasov, Neshko Neshev - Together Again

Track List:

1. Oriental - Papasov, Ivo
2. Lenorije Chaje - Papasov, Ivo
3. Filips Kyuchek - Papasov, Ivo
4. Belomorsko Horo - Papasov, Ivo
5. Na Trapeza - Papasov, Ivo
6. Kurdzhaliiska Ruchenica - Papasov, Ivo
7. Star Dimo and Mama Radojcho Gulsceshe - Papasov, Ivo
8. Balkanski Kyuchek - Papasov, Ivo

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