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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Daniela Mercury - O Canto Da Cidade [1992]

Daniela Mercury - O Canto Da Cidade [1992]
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 102,1 MB | Brazil, Latin | RS
1. O Canto da Cidade - Daniela Mercury, Gira, Tote
2. Batuque - Daniela Mercury, Evangelista, Geniva
3. Você Não Entende Nada/Cotidiano - Daniela Mercury, Buarque, Jorge
4. Bandidos da América - Daniela Mercury, Portugal, Jorge
5. Geracão Perdida - Daniela Mercury, Augusto, Toni
6. Só Pra Te Mostrar - Daniela Mercury, Vianna, Herbert
7. O Mais Belo Dos Belos (A Verdade Do Ilê/O Charme da Liberdade) - Daniela Mercury, Guiguio
8. Rosa Negra - Daniela Mercury, Xareu, Jorge
9. Vem Morar Comigo - Daniela Mercury, Lellis, Durval
10. Exótica das Artes - Daniela Mercury, Caroso, Edmundo
11. Rimas Irmãs - Daniela Mercury, Brown, Carlinhos
12. Monumento Vivo - Daniela Mercury, Moraes, Dari

I agree that this album isn't Daniela's best album. All the same, it's still brilliant. Brazilians can often be heard lamenting the 'decline' of wonderful Brazilian music, but Daniela Mercury proves that this pessimism is unjustified. Brazilian football might be in decline, but Brazilian music isn't! I think that Daniela Mercury is one of the best singers Brazil has produced since Elis Regina. Yes, she really is that good! And like all Brazilian music, the combination of driving, complex rhythm and haunting, sensuous melody is remarkable and invigorating. Saying that this album isn't as good as her others is like saying that sapphires aren't as good as rubies, diamonds and emeralds -- all are very good! I don't believe that Daniela could ever produce something which isn't fantastic. She is a marvellous talent. I love her. When she breaks through into the US and British markets, she will blow everybody else off the stage! by Rhys Hughes


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