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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Dazkarieh Discography (4 Albums) [2001 - 2009]

Dazkarieh Discography (4 Albums)

Dazkarieh is a recent surprise in Portuguese traditional and folk music. […] “Dazkarieh” is not a Portuguese word, nor is it from any other known language. According to the band, it's a «magical word of unknown origin. It might have something to do with the energies that are released when several worlds, essences and influences touch each other.» That is probably also the best definition one can come up with for the music of this group. In their repertoire, Dazkarieh travel through the musical universe of the Mediterranean, of the North of Portugal and Galicia, of the Middle-East, and of Africa. There they gather the sounds that they weave into tunes that can be calm and introspective […], but can also change suddenly into real explosions of energy and rhythm, where the spiritual and emotional component is always present.[...]

1. Dazkarieh - Dazkarieh (2001)
2. Dazkarieh - Incognita Alquimia (2002)
3. Dazkarieh - Espanta Espiritos (2003)
4. Dazkarieh - Hemisférios (2009)

Dazkarieh - Dazkarieh (2001)
01. Abour Safar
02. Kriamideah 1
03. Kriamideah 2
04. Kriamideah 3
05. Elgtue
06. Gherunaai
07. Troligh Ol Jighil 1
08. Troligh Ol Jighil 2
09. Miafarê Boi
10. Cly

Dazkarieh - Incognita Alquimia (2002)
01. Senhora da Azenha
02. Nyckel Power
03. Meninas Vamos a Murta
04. Agua Mae
05. Olhos de Mare
06. Cantaria
07. Na Boca do Lobo
08. Cadafalso
09. Jig From Hell
10. Estrela de Cinco Pontas
11. Incognita Alquimia
12. Vitorina

Dazkarieh - Espanta Espiritos (2003)
01. Sansorgui
02. Orubamba
03. Rosa De Lava
04. Zahrany
05. Nangbar
06. Mìura
07. Dazambra
08. Naty
09. Rosa De Lava

Dazkarieh - Hemisférios (2009)
01. Caminhos Turvos
02. Baile de Meia Volta
03. Virgem
04. Coroar
05. Sáfaro
06. Leve Acordar
07. Instantes
08. Eras Tão Bonita





Youtube - Dazkarieh: Nangbar (live)

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The secret word is "mbmc". (lower case) Album titles, if not self-evident, are in the files.

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Dazkarieh albums pass ???

Anonymous said...

I was tryin' to get those albuns for quite a while. Thanks

muharrem said...

very good. tanks.

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