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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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DuOud - Ping Kong (2009)

DuOud (Jean-Pierre Smadja and Mehdi Haddab) - Ping Kong (2009)
MP3 256 VBR Instrumental, Alternative, Ethnic, Electronic, Oud (Ud) RS
Arabic, French
Algeria, Tunisia, France
01. Johnny Guitar
02. Nude for Death
03. Missy Nouackshott
04. Genjiskan
05. Intros
06. Luthausore
07. Sable mouvant
08. Introm
09. Border Line
10. Must
11. Oud Art Corps

The oud, one of the most beautiful and oldest of instruments in the world is brought into the 21st Century in Smadj’s new project . DuOud mix the North African lute with electronic technology, and do it with an imaginative freedom that sets them apart from their contemporaries. They build a musical cycle that looks both to African roots while absorbing elements of contemporary French music - break beats, jazz grooves and metal guitar are all invited to join the party.+

Wild serenade(label bleu - 2002)
Sakat (label bleu - 2006)
Ping Kong (World Village - 2009)

Youtube - DuOuD - Chase

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DuOud - Serenade (2003)

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