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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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90 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:51
Playlist length: 5 hours 47 minutes 21 seconds

Playlist files:

Doors - Break On Through (To the Other Side)
Doors - Soul Kitchen
Doors - The Crystal Ship
Doors - Twentieth Century Fox
Doors - Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Doors - Light My Fire
Doors - Back Door Man
Doors - I Looked At You
Doors - End Of the Night
Doors - Take It As It Comes
Doors - The End
Doors - Moonlight Drive (Version 1)
Doors - Moonlight Drive (Version 2)
Doors - Indian Summer (8.19.66 Vocal)
Doors - Strange Days
Doors - You're Lost Little Girl
Doors - Love Me Two Times
Doors - Unhappy Girl
Doors - Horse Lattitudes
Doors - Moonlight Drive
Doors - People Are Strange
Doors - My Eyes Have Seen You
Doors - I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
Doors - When the Music's Over
Doors - People Are Strange (False Starts & Studio Dialogue)
Doors - Love Me Two Times (Take 3)
Doors - Hello, I Love You
Doors - Love Street
Doors - Not To Touch the Earth
Doors - Summer's Almost Gone
Doors - Wintertime Love
Doors - The Unknown Soldier
Doors - Spanish Caravan
Doors - My Wild Love
Doors - We Could Be So Good Together
Doors - Yes, the River Knows
Doors - Five To One
Doors - Albinoni's Adagio In G Minor
Doors - Not To Touch the Earth (Dialogue)
Doors - Not To Touch the Earth (Take 1)
Doors - Not To Touch the Earth (Take 2)
Doors - Celebration Of the Lizard (An Experiment Work In Progress)
Doors - Tell All the People
Doors - Touch Me
Doors - Shaman's Blues
Doors - Do It
Doors - Easy Ride
Doors - Wild Child
Doors - Runnin' Blue
Doors - Wishful Sinful
Doors - The Soft Parade
Doors - Who Scared You
Doors - Whiskey, Mystics and Men (Version 1)
Doors - Whiskey, Mystics and Men (Version 2)
Doors - Push Push
Doors - Touch Me (Dialogue)
Doors - Touch Me (Take 3)
Doors - Roadhouse Blues
Doors - Waiting For the Sun
Doors - You Make Me Real
Doors - Peace Frog
Doors - Blue Sunday
Doors - Ship Of Fools
Doors - Land Ho
Doors - The Spy
Doors - Queen Of the Highway
Doors - Indian Summer
Doors - Maggie M'Gill
Doors - Talking Blues
Doors - Roadhouse Blues (11.4.69, Takes 1-3)
Doors - Roadhouse Blues (11.4.69, Take 6)
Doors - Carol (11.4.69)
Doors - Roadhouse Blues (11.5.69, Take 1)
Doors - Money Beats the Soul (11.5.69)
Doors - Roadhouse Blues (11.5.69, Takes 13-15)
Doors - Peace Frog (False Starts & Dialogue)
Doors - The Spy (Version 2)
Doors - Queen Of the Highway (Jazz Version)
Doors - The Changeling
Doors - Love Her Madly
Doors - Been Down So Long
Doors - Cars Hiss By My Window
Doors - L.A. Woman
Doors - L'America
Doors - Hyacinth House
Doors - Crawling King Snake
Doors - The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)
Doors - Riders On the Storm
Doors - Orange County Suite
Doors - (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further

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4 Comment:

maTTTT said...

If you are a Doors' fan then this is a new way of listening to them. Out takes and new versions of old favorites.enJOY it...

Anonymous said...


muharrem said...

harika bir paylaşım. çok teşekkür ederim.

Unknown said...

Hi!, the links don't work. Is possible re-upload... Thanks in advance!

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