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FAIRUZ - [17 Albums ]

Fairuz (Arabic: فيروز‎, also spelled Fairouz or Fayrouz) is a distinguished Lebanese singer and legend. Born Nouhad Haddad (Arabic: نهاد حداد‎) in 'Jabal al Arz' ('Cedar Mountain'), Lebanon, on 21 November 1935, Fairuz is known as "Our (Lebanese) Ambassador to the Stars", "The Arabs' Ambassador", "Neighbour to the Moon", and "The Poet of the Voice".

Nouhad Haddad, later known as Fairuz, was born on 21 November 1935 in 'Jabal al Arz', Lebanon, to a modest Syriac Orthodox family. Wadi' Haddad, Fairuz's father, originally came from the city of Mardin, formerly in the Ottoman Empire, (now in Turkey), and settled in Lebanon after he married Lisa el Boustani (Fairuz's mother), a Maronite Lebanese. The family later moved to the cobblestone alley called 'Zuqaq el Blatt' in Beirut. They lived in a single room of a typical Lebanese stone house facing Beirut's Patriarchate school, and shared a kitchen with the neighbours. Wadi' worked as a typesetter in a nearby print shop and Lisa stayed home and took care of her four children, Nouhad, Youssef, Hoda and Amal. Read more...

The Fairuz-Rahbani collaboration produced the following musicals (in chronological order):

"Ayyam al Hassad" ('Days of Harvest' - 1957)
"Al 'Urs fi l’Qarya" ('The Wedding in the Village' - 1959)
"Al Ba'albakiya" ('The Girl from Baalbek' - 1961)
"Jisr el Amar" ('Bridge of the Moon' - 1962)
"'Awdet el 'Askar" ('The Return of the Soldiers' - 1962)
"Al Layl wal Qandil" ('The Night and the Lantern' - 1963)
"Biyya'el Khawatem" ('Rings for Sale' - 1964)
"Ayyam Fakhreddine" ('The Days of Fakhreddine' - 1966)
"Hala wal Malik" ('Hala and the King' - 1967)
"Ach Chakhs" ('The Person' - 1968-1969)
"Jibal Al Sawwan" ('Sawwan Mountains' - 1969)
"Ya'ich Ya'ich" ('Long Live, Long Live' - 1970)
"Sah Ennawm" ('Did you sleep well?' - 1970-1971)
"Nass min Wara'" ('People Made out of Paper' - 1971-1972)
"Natourit al Mafatih" ('The Guardian of the Keys' - 1972)
"Al Mahatta" ('The Station' - 1973)
"Loulou" - 1974
"Mais el Reem" ('The Deer's Meadow' - 1975)
"Petra" - 1977-1978
"Elissa" - 1979 (Never performed due to the separation of Fairuz and Assi)
"Habayeb Zaman" - 1979 (Never performed due to the separation of Fairuz and Assi)

Most of the musical plays were recorded and video-taped. Eighteen of them have been officially released on audio CD, two on DVD (Mais el Reem and Loulou). A pirated version of 'Petra' and one pirated live version of 'Mais el Reem' in black and white exist. 'Ayyam al Hassad' (Days of Harvest) was never recorded and 'Al 'Urs fi l’Qarya' (The Marriage in the Village) has not yet been released (yet a pirated audio record is available). Read More...

Discography :

At the Royal Festival Hall – London 1986
Ya Rayeh
The Arabs Ambassador
Sings Zaki Nassif
Mish Kayen Heyk Tkoun
Damascus International Festival
Oriental Evening (Sahret El Hub)

Oriental Evening (Sahret El Hub)

Ana Ou Sehrani
Ya Tura Neseena [A]
Ya Tura Neseena [B]
Sings Ziad Rahbani
To Assy
Legend The Best Of

Legend The Best Of

"To the Arab world Fairouz came suddenly, as a miracle. At a time when Arabic singing was weighed down with convention and predictability, and spirits were nationally at their lowest, her voice rang, as though from the beyond, the notes of salvation and joy. Arabic music has never been the same since. Nostalgic but vibrant, sad but defiant, folkloric and yet so new, hers has been for nearly 30 years perhaps the only voice that seems so capable of jubilation in an almost cosmic sense. By turns mystic and amorous, elegiac and fiery, her singing has expressed the whole emotional scale of Arab life with haunting intensity. Often singers give listeners pleasure, as they expect. She often gives them, beyond their expectation, ecstasy" Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

See also
Timeline of Fairuz
Fairuz Concerts
List of Fairuz awards
Rahbani brothers
Ziad Rahbani

External links
Fairuz Online - The Web Site Officially Celebrating Fairuz
Fairuz - Lebanon - Al Mashriq

Fairuz - A Legend

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Anonymous said...

The album titled Oriental Evening (Sahret El Hub)has this trcklist 1. Songs of the 1st Track
Tebka Beldena
Wardat Ain Al Roummane
Keber El Ankoud
Bekoulou Bekutub Al Hawa
Dar Eddouri Addayer
Kanou Zeghar
2. Dawa ElHawa kanadilou
3. Marakoul Hassadeen
4. Yamme Ma Bar'ref
5. Rah Halfak Y Tayr
6. Moussalaha
And you uploaded another album under the same title with this tracklist:
01.Yammi Ma Ba'arif
02.Yabqi Wayad
03.Q'atab Tu Ilayki
04.Assidat Loubnan Part I
05.Assidat Loubnan Part II
06.Ya Mirsan El Marassi
07.Ya'ddara Douri Finah
08.Ya Houmoum El Houb
09.Sakana Al Leyl Part I
10.Sakana Al Leyl Part II
11.Khabibi Baddoul Amar
12.Raja'in Ya Hawana
13.Ana Endi Hanin
14. Baatilak
15.Feyi ya Hawa
What is the title of the album of the last tracklist please?

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