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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Katia Guerreiro - Tudo Ou Nada [2006]

Track List of Katia Guerreiro - Tudo Ou Nada :

01. Disse-te Adeus à Paretida, O Mar Acaba Ao Teu Lado
02. Despedida
03. Ser Tudo Ou Nada
04. Muda Tudo, Até O Mundo
05. Minha Senhora Das Dores
06. Canto Da Fantasia
07. Vaga
08. Dulce Caravela
09. Quando
10. Menina Do Alto Da Serra
11. Saudades Do Brasil Em Portugal
12. O Meu Navio
13. Talvez Não Saibas
14. Tenho Uma Saia Rodada

Katia Guerreiro - Tudo Ou Nada [2006]

Katia Guerreiro - Nas Maos do Fado [2003]

Katia Guerreiro (born South Africa 1976) is a Portuguese fado singer.

Early years
Born in South Africa from Portuguese parents, Katia went to the Portuguese Azores islands when she still was a child. In 1994 went to Lisbon where she studied medicine at the University of Lisbon.

Her first contact with music started in the Azores where she played the traditional instrument of the islands, "viola da terra" (typical instrument of the island), in a folk group of São Miguel Island.

In Lisbon she founded a musical group of students where she played and sang and also integrated a rock band with music from the 1960's - "Os Charruas" - as their lead vocalist.

It was with all her musical friends, from folk to the rock band, that she found Fado. It was in 2000 in a concert in the Coliseu de Lisboa in memory to Amália Rodrigues that she embraced her career in Fado.

Her first album, "Fado Maior", was edited in 2001. This CD was Silver Prize and nominee to the Jose Alfonso Prize. Top of Sales in South Korea was edited in Europe by Empreinte Digitale.

In 2003 "Nas Maos do Fado", her second album, was once more nominee to the Jose Alfonso Prize. In this album she sang the poetry of most important names in Portugal such as Luis de Camoes, Ary dos Santos, Florbela Espanca and Antonio Lodo Antunes.

In October 2005 Katia released her third album of originals called "'Tudo ou nada" ("All or Nothing") which included poems by Vinicius de Moraes, Sophia de Mello Breyner, António Lobo Antunes among others, as well as Katia herself. Bernardo Sassetti, highly respected pianist and composer from Portugal, played the piano in the song "Minha Senhora das Dores".

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