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Coldplay ~ Parachutes [2000]

All songs written by Berryman, Buckland, Champion and Martin.
  1. "Don't Panic" – 2:17
  2. "Shiver" – 4:59
  3. "Spies" – 5:18
  4. "Sparks" – 3:47
  5. "Yellow" – 4:29
  6. "Trouble" – 4:30
  7. "Parachutes" – 0:46
  8. "High Speed" – 4:14
  9. "We Never Change" – 4:09
  10. "Everything's Not Lost" – 7:15
    "Life Is for Living" (hidden track starting at 5:39)
  11. "Careful Where You Stand" (Japanese bonus track) – 4:45
  12. "For You" (Japanese bonus track) – 5:42

"Parachutes" is a really astonishing debut album from the British band Coldplay. "Parachutes" is best described as a mood piece--mellow, melodic, acoustic guitar, mopey at times but ultimately convinced that "Everything's Not Lost."

Coldplay's sound is a mixture of shimmering guitars, keyboards, and Chris Martin's incredible voice. His voice is probably the cause of the many Thom Yorke, Fran Healy and Jeff Buckley comparisons--like those three singers, he makes very effective use of his falsetto. His voice just crackles with real emotion. They have a great tendency to pair rhythm acoustic and lead electric guitars, which produces a very specificly textured and meshed sound.

All the tracks on the album are worth a listen. Highlights include the sublime "Shiver" (truly swoon-worthy), "Yellow" (simply romantic), "Trouble," and the last track, "Everything's Not Lost."

Highly recommended to fans of Travis's "The Man Who" and Radiohead's "The Bends." Coldplay shares a general musical aesthetic with those two bands, but they also have their own sound and musical project. Listen to the sound clips, and you'll see how Coldplay is both familiar and unique. You won't be wasting your money if you pick this album up.

Parachutes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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