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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Queen ~ Innuendo [1991]

Track listing
  1. "Innuendo" (Queen) – 6:29
  2. "I'm Going Slightly Mad" (Queen) – 4:22
  3. "Headlong" (Queen) – 4:39
  4. "I Can't Live with You" (Queen) – 4:35
  5. "Don't Try So Hard" (Queen) – 3:39
  6. "Ride the Wild Wind" (Queen) – 4:41
  7. "All God's People" (Queen/Mike Moran) – 4:19
  8. "These Are the Days of Our Lives" (Queen) – 4:12
  9. "Delilah" (Queen) – 3:32
  10. "The Hitman" (Queen) – 4:52
  11. "Bijou" (Queen) – 3:36
  12. "The Show Must Go On" (Queen) – 4:24

You know you're dying. You have to give birth to as much quality music as you possibly can, and the pressure and unknown time constraints are enough to kill you anyway. So what do you do? You do the only thing you can do, which is justify why music exists: you create a work of music that can live forever. The album is Innuendo. Queen was and is popular, but always deserved much more. This album manifests why. "The Show Must Go On" is one of the top 10 greatest songs ever written (in my book), if not the best, and it gives you an out of body experience. The opening title track reminds us why Queen (along with Bon Jovi) is the best rock band to ever exist. "Don't try so hard" makes me feel it was written just for me. "These are the Days of Our Lives" will make you cry. The video was the last captured footage of him, ever. Do music history a favor and buy this album.

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