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Bjork - Drawing Restraint 9 [SOUNDTRACK]

12 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:50
Playlist length: 58 minutes 11 seconds
File-Size: 53,95 MB
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Playlist files:

1. Björk - Gratitude (4:59)
2. Björk - Petrolatum (6:08)
3. Björk - Pearl (3:43)
4. Björk - Ambergris March (3:57)
5. Björk - Bath (5:07)
6. Björk - Hunter Vessel (6:36)
7. Björk - Shimenawa (2:48)
8. Björk - Vessel Shimenawa (1:54)
9. Björk - Storm (5:32)
10. Björk - Holographic Entrypoint (9:57)
11. Björk - Cetacea (3:12)
12. Björk - Antarctic Return (4:18)

I really love this album, though I can see why it may not have mass appeal.
Musically, it is a highly imaginative work, cramming seemingly chaotic but beautifully constructed compositions into an organic whole, dressed up with complex rhythms, strange sounds and sound effects- on Bath, Bjork manages to make her voice sound like a tea kettle! Add Japanese theatre antics, occasional bizarre lyrics and you get a very vivid aural experience. It is a soundtrack, but for me it works just fine without the actual visual part- it would be interesting to see it, but I don't feel that anything is missing.
I can't really point out a favourite track, every song has its extreme wicked charms, but if I had to choose, the bells, glass and spoons adorned Ambergris March and the rain drenched, wailing, reverb filled Storm are the strongest, most original statements; Hunter Vessel, with its majestic brass sound, is the one I keep returning to a lot.
Certainly, casual fans and admirers of Bjork's pop side might be freaked out, and many people may just not get it. This is not to say that this work needs any particularly deep thinking on anyone's part in order to be appreciated- if anything, soft spot for all things primal might be useful here- but it certainly helps if you are in a mood for strange, unhinged music. For serious Bjork fans, this is a great dish, for anybody else, it's really worth taking a plunge in these whale fishing waters. It's not a safe, orderly and conventionally pleasant musical experience, but at the very least, it may inspire an intense (and verbose?) reaction, good or bad, but certainly strong.

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