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Concha Buika - Mi Niña Lola "A Mi Manera"

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Bjork - Vespertine [2001]

12 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:32
Playlist length: 54 minutes 29 seconds
File-Size: 50,42 MB
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Album files:

1. Björk - Hidden Place (4:01)
2. Björk - Cocoon (4:28)
3. Björk - It's Not Up To You (5:14)
4. Björk - Undo (5:38)
5. Björk - Pagan Poetry (5:14)
6. Björk - Frosti (1:43)
7. Björk - Aurora (4:42)
8. Björk - An Echo A Stain (4:04)
9. Björk - Sun In My Mouth (2:40)
10. Björk - Heirloom (5:11)
11. Björk - Harm Of Will (4:45)
12. Björk - Unison (6:49)

I find it hard to even begin to describe how wonderful this album is, but let me just say that I have never heard anything quite like this, even from Bjork herself. This is not techno, or dance, or big band, or industrial, or anything definable. There are a few hints here and there: Aphex Twin, Radiohead circa Kid A, Brian Eno, but where Radiohead came at the minimalist-techno from a rock-based direction, complete with drums and guitars, Bjork has come to a similar point but from a totally different tradition, that of classical music. The only really helpful benchmarks I can think of are two of her own songs from previous albums: "Possibly Maybe", and "All Is Full of Love", but even those can't begin to express Vespertine. My favourite songs on the album are "It's Not Up to You", possibly the first anthem of the new millenium, "Pagan Poetry", which has a stunning bassline and a chilly, immense power to it, the gorgeous "Aurora", which literally make me break down and cry (which hasn't happened from music for me in years), and "Heirloom", a new kind of pop song, and the closest thing the album has for dance music. This album is the most beautiful thing you will hear all year, and I am tempted to say that it the holy grail of electronic music: the first album to fully merge transcendence and radiance with avant-garde music.

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Bjork günü mü? :D güzel discography e doğru gidiyorsun :D

maTTTT said...

Bence discography'e ulastım...

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