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Bjork - Medúlla [2004]

15 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:11
Playlist length: 47 minutes 51 seconds
File-Size: 67,55 MB
Left-click Read More to save this Bjork - Medúlla [2001] file.

Album files:

1. Björk - Pleasure is all mine (3:26)
2. Björk - Show me forgiveness (1:23)
3. Björk - Where is the line (4:41)
4. Björk - Vokuro (3:14)
5. Björk - Oll birtan (1:52)
6. Björk - Who is it (3:57)
7. Björk - Submarine (3:13)
8. Björk - Desired constellation (4:55)
9. Björk - Oceania (3:24)
10. Björk - Sonnets - Unrealities XI (1:59)
11. Björk - Ancestors (4:08)
12. Björk - Mouth's cradle (3:59)
13. Björk - Midvikudags (1:24)
14. Björk - Triumph of a heart (4:04)
15. Björk - Komid (2:12)

I was in a funk all day after listening to this album for the first time. Being a Bjork fan (almost verging on obsessive) for over 11 years, to say that I anticipated Bjork's next release is an understatement.

I can tell that I am not going to be popular given all of the 5-star reviews already posted but can see that I am not entirely alone in being utterly disappointed. Bjork is truly one of my favorite artists but I am not so enamored by her that I will convince myself to like something that I don't just because she is the one who created it.

Most of the tracks would be listenable were it not for the hyperventilating, moans, cries, and wails that make some tracks almost laughable. In fact, some of them I did laugh (especially the track Ancestors!), thinking to myself "You've got to be kidding me!". Although some songs have stuck in my head and provide a glimpse of the "old" Bjork in all of her glory, I was hoping for an album that I couldn't wait to listen to over and over again, that would satiate me for the years of wait until her next album. I did not find this in Medulla.

She has said that she felt cleansed after completing this album and I sure hope she got it all out of her system because if the next album is like this one, I don't know what I'll do.....

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